On the next sets of pages we have listed the complete list of the bird names of the world in:

Besides this you can find the bird checklists of all countries of the world: Just go to In many of them you can find the bird names in its native language as well.

How many bird species?

We have composed a list of what the University of California and WICE consider to be the complete lists of bird species of the world. You may find other bird lists with different numbers.  Why is that? The answer is that there are several "species concepts" and those who adhere to one typically fight vigorously against those who adhere to another, and there is no real end in sight to the argument. In this issue there is no real right of wrong. After all, we're trying to fit millions of years of evolution into a series of nice, tidily organised list of bird species, and the world is not now nor has it ever been nice or tidy. So, if you find a longer or shorter list elsewhere, those lists are just slightly different from our bird list, but not better or worse.

If you want to read a bit more about how taxonomists deal with species, you can read about some international initiatives which focus in biodiversity/taxonomic issues. Species 2000 and ITIS are now working closely together, with collaboration from GBIF and All Species Foundation, to accelerate the process of assembling a "Catalogue of Life", i.e. a database of all known organisms, with complete synonymies. Among them:

GBIF:  They recently hosted a taxonomic workshop in Sydney

Species 2000:

All Species Foundation

Several conceptual discussions you may find at:

Another discussion is at:



We are providing non-English bird names for 20 languages. 

For lists that by far exceed national bird names, we offer lists in this section:

For your convenience and rapid page loading, they are cut up into ten pages each.

We have the following native language bird lists:

Non-english bird names are found on several European websites, usually only for European birds. The best one is: None of those site however have more names than we currently are showing in this website. We intend to list more and if you want the names of your country on your country's web page, just send us the list and we will put it up.

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