DVHi, my name is Daan Vreugdenhil; I have a PhD in conservation ecology and dedicated my career of 4 decades to conservation, for which I visited more than 80 countries and learned 6 languages. I have always felt that conservation is a passion, not a profession.

As a child, my father would take me on his bicycle into the meadows in Holland, where he taught me to identify birds and plants. I caught frogs, butterflies and lizards as pets. As a teenager, I joined a youth club for nature study; every weekend, my fellow club  members and I we rode our bikes to study in nature reserves. Little wonder, when time came, I studied ecology and natural resources management.

I never got over my love for nature, wild places, forests, deserts and wild animals. I still love hitting the trail, kayaking down a river, the wind in my ears when skiing down a slope or riding my bike. Often people ask me if I don't get tired of traveling. How can one ever get tired of the beauty of the bright colours of Indian Summer (autumn), the thrill of an eagle soaring in the sky, the thunder of Iguaçu Falls, the smell of flowers, a jubilant Sky Lark in the spring, Elephants roaming the plains. My entire life has been dedicated to nature conservation.

This website - the result of 15 years of unpaid work - is my gift to you, so you can follow me in my passion and carry on the flame of conservation. If this website in any way was useful to you, then I invite you to make a donation to the  Adopt A Ranger  Foundation. The Adopt A Ranger Foundation is my latest contribution in my quest to save 10% of our planet as a home for birds, other animals and plants. Help spread the word with your "FB likes", etc.

Distribution of birds


You can find the the distribution of birds in our checklists of all countries of the world: Just go to In many of them you can find the bird names in its native language as well.


On the following sets of pages we have listed the complete lists of the 10,0032 bird species of the world in:

  1. English

  2. Français

  3. Español

  4. Nederlands

  5. Deutsch

  6. Português


How many species of birds are there?

We have composed a list of what the University of California and WICE consider to be the complete lists of bird species of the world. You may find other bird lists with different numbers.  Why is that? The answer is that there are several "species concepts" and those who adhere to one typically fight vigorously against those who adhere to another, and there is no real end in sight to the argument. In this issue there is no real right of wrong. After all, we're trying to fit millions of years of evolution into a series of nice, tidily organised list of bird species, and the world is not now nor has it ever been nice or tidy. So, if you find a longer or shorter list elsewhere, those lists are just slightly different from our bird list, but not better or worse.


If you want to read a bit more about how taxonomists deal with species, you can read about some international initiatives which focus in biodiversity/taxonomic issues. Species 2000 and ITIS are now working closely together, with collaboration from GBIF and All Species Foundation, to accelerate the process of assembling a "Catalogue of Life", i.e. a database of all known organisms, with complete synonymies. Among them:


All Species Foundation:

Several conceptual discussions you may find at:

Another discussion is at:



For your convenience and rapid page loading, they are cut up into ten pages each.

We have the following native language bird lists:

  • Bird list in Norwegian, 

  • Bird list in Finish, Swedish, 

  • Bird list in Danish, 

  • Bird list in Icelandic, Russian, 

  • Bird list in Estian, 

  • Bird list in Latvian, 

  • Bird list in Polish, 

  • Bird list in Hungarian, 

  • Bird list in Serbian, 

  • Bird list in Turkish, 

  • Bird list in Japanese, 

  • Bird list in Italian,

  • Bird list in Zuidafrikaans.

Non-english bird names are found on several European websites, usually only for European birds. The best one is: None of those site however have more names than we currently are showing in this website. We intend to list more and if you want the names of your country on your country's web page, just send us the list and we will put it up.

Translator - Birds of the Western Palearctic
Scientific, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish 

Bird Names - A Translation Index, Species of the European Union
Scientific, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Itialiano, Nederlands 

Multilingual Bird search Engine (9716 species)
Scientific, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Dutch, Esperanto, French, Hungarian, 
Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, Portuguese, Estonian 

Babel Birdy - Bird Name Translation (Western Palearctic and World)
Scientific, German, English, French, Spanish 

Dutch - English - Scientific bird names 

Swedish - Dutch - English bird names 

Birds of Sweden (in 17 languages) 


Welcome to BIRDLIST WORLDWIDE with the birds of this country or territory. Many of our tables are coded for abundance and presence. If letters in foreign languages show as "?", go to "view" in your browser, change your character encoding to "Western ISO 8859-1" or "Western European". For printing a paper copy to take with you to your destination: here is how you can print a table. To learn about how we acquired the information, see our Methodology page. Click here if you are curious about who we are. We have about 2000 pages, not only on birds but also on, mammals and national parks as well as nature related links by country. For the list of mammals or national parks of this country or for the links, press the related country link at the bottom of the page. National Parks in developing countries need YOUR help. Learn more about the most important rescue effort ever made to rescue nature and about our crusade to rescue nature in the tropics from annihilation!



BIRD LISTS WORLDWIDE is a website of the World Institute for Conservation and Environment, WICE. It is an integrated network of web sites dealing with different topics on nature, nature conservation and natural resources management. Read here why we created  BIRD LISTS WORLWIDE. Our Methodology explains how we produced our information. Our Web Map helps you find your way in the website and the sitemap has all pages. We made this website out of passion for conservation. We spent our own salaries and free time gatheingrinformation and publish it online, in total valuing hundreds of thousands of dollars of professional time. Nobody pays us to do this. We simply want to contribute to conservation. If you appreciate our work, PLEASE visit our site Adopt A Ranger and see how you can make a difference for conservation most effectively: By paying one day of the salary of a ranger, you will make a difference in conserving the lives of thousands of birds, other critters and entire forests. Check our sitemap. Enjoy!

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Parks Man Dr. Daan Vreugdenhil is author of this website. He dedicated his life to the conservation of nature., He was part of the team that selected the first 39 protected areas of Ecuador, including. Yasuní and Cuyabeno, the latter of which he he later recommended to be expanded from originally 150,000ha to 600,000ha, together with then Cuyabeno director Prof. Dr. Flavio Coello and Parks and Tribes partner. Daan is also the founding father of the Cuyabeno Lodge and co-manager of the Cofan Lodge.