ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT is part of the nature conservation webnet of WICE dedicated to nature, "NATURE WORLDWIDE". It has more than 2000 pages on a large variety of themes related to nature. In our ecosystems section we deal with:

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NATURE WORLDWIDE is a webnet of integrated websites. It provides:

  1. Worldwide biodiversity information, like checklists of birds and mammals for all countries of the world;

  2. Links to nature conservation and national websites on nature by country;

  3. National parks, nature reserves and other protected areas of most countries of the world;

  4. Ecotravel information;

  5. Free Digital tools and documents for conservation management;

  6. Free downloadable digital manuals and and technical documents on nature conservation;

  7. Information on GIS and satellite data;

  8. Free GIS software: ILWIS, the World's most user-friendly and affordable raster and vector GIS

  9. The the famous protected areas analysis tool MICOSYS with manual  for free downloading;

  10. The Land Cover Classification System, LCCS classification tool for downloading; 

  11. Monitoring: Methods and tools ;

  12. Technical terminology for natural resources management;

For finding your way in our almost 2,000 pages, we invite you to our site map where you can choose from many themes on nature. 

checklists of birds of all countries of the world