Abundance Codes


Distribution range deducted from map, not actual record.


Present, abundance not determined.


Within its range, varying from common to occasional


Rare, wandered outside of its normal range but still may be expected from time to time. Between 10 - 100 records.


Vagrant, accidental, species far out of its normal distribution range. >10 records.


Introduced species.


Not verified.




Extinct in country

Status of Permanence Codes


Resident, present  year around.


Nests in the area but absent during part of the year.


Migrant, non-breeding. May spend a short period or the entire winter.


Wintering; stays in the area, while its primary nesting range is elsewhere.


National endemic.


National bird.

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Macrocephalon maleo Maleo
Megapodius cumingii Tabon Scrubfowl or Philippine S.F.
Megapodius bernsteinii Sula Scrubfowl
Megapodius reinwardt Orange-footed Scrubfowl
Coturnix adansonii Blue Quail
Gallus gallus Red Junglefowl
Dendrocygna guttata Spotted Whistling-Duck
Dendrocygna arcuata Wandering Whistling-Duck
Nettapus pulchellus Green Pygmy-goose
Nettapus coromandelianus Cotton Pygmy-goose
Anas penelope Eurasian Wigeon
Anas superciliosa Pacific Black Duck
Anas gibberifrons Sunda Teal
Anas querquedula Garganey
Aythya australis Hardhead or Australian Pochard
Aythya fuligula Tufted Duck
Turnix maculosa Red-backed Buttonquail
Turnix suscitator Barred Buttonquail
Dendrocopos temminckii Sulawesi Woodpecker
Mulleripicus fulvus Ashy Woodpecker
Penelopides exarhatus Sulawesi Hornbill
Aceros cassidix Knobbed or Red-knobbed Hornbill
Coracias temminckii Purple-winged Roller
Eurystomus orientalis Dollarbird or Common Dollarbird
Alcedo atthis Common Kingfisher
Alcedo meninting Blue-eared Kingfisher
Ceyx rufidorsa Rufous-backed Kingfisher
Ceyx fallax Sulawesi Kingfisher
Cittura cyanotis Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher
Pelargopsis melanorhyncha Black-billed Kingfisher
Halcyon coromanda Ruddy Kingfisher
Halcyon pileata Black-capped Kingfisher
Todirhamphus chloris Collared Kingfisher
Todirhamphus sanctus Sacred Kingfisher
Actenoides monachus Green-backed Kingfisher
Actenoides princeps Scaly or Scaly-breasted Kingfisher
Meropogon forsteni Purple-bearded Bee-eater
Merops philippinus Blue-tailed Bee-eater
Merops ornatus Rainbow Bee-eater
Clamator coromandus Chestnut-winged Cuckoo
Cuculus crassirostris Sulawesi Hawk-Cuckoo
Cuculus sparverioides Large Hawk-Cuckoo
Cuculus fugax Hodgson's Hawk-Cuckoo
Cuculus saturatus Oriental Cuckoo
Cacomantis merulinus Plaintive Cuckoo
Cacomantis sepulcralis Rusty-breasted Cuckoo
Chrysococcyx minutillus Little Bronze-Cuckoo
Chrysococcyx russatus Gould's Bronze-Cuckoo
Chrysococcyx basalis Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
Surniculus lugubris Drongo Cuckoo
Eudynamys scolopacea Asian Koel
Eudynamys melanorhyncha Black-billed Koel
Scythrops novaehollandiae Channel-billed Cuckoo
Phaenicophaeus calyorhynchus Yellow-billed Malkoha
Centropus bengalensis Lesser Coucal
Centropus celebensis Bay Coucal
Eos histrio Red-and-blue Lory
Trichoglossus ornatus Ornate Lorikeet
Trichoglossus haematodus Rainbow Lorikeet
Trichoglossus flavoviridis Yellow-and-green Lorikeet
Cacatua sulphurea Yellow-crested Cockatoo
Prioniturus flavicans Yellowish-breasted Racquet-tail
Prioniturus platurus Golden-mantled Racquet-tail
Tanygnathus megalorynchos Great-billed Parrot
Tanygnathus lucionensis Blue-naped Parrot
Tanygnathus sumatranus Blue-backed Parrot
Alisterus amboinensis Moluccan King-Parrot
Loriculus stigmatus Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot
Loriculus amabilis Moluccan Hanging-Parrot
Loriculus catamene Sangihe Hanging-Parrot
Loriculus exilis Red-billed Hanging-Parrot
Collocalia esculenta Glossy or White Bellied Swiflet Swiftlet
Collocalia vanikorensis Uniform Swiftlet
Collocalia fuciphaga Edible-nest Swiftlet
Hirundapus caudacutus White-throated Needletail
Hirundapus celebensis Purple Needletail
Cypsiurus balasiensis Asian Palm-Swift
Apus pacificus Fork-tailed Swift
Apus affinis Little Swift
Hemiprocne longipennis Grey-rumped Treeswift
Tyto inexspectata Minahassa Masked-Owl
Tyto rosenbergii Sulawesi Owl
Tyto alba Barn Owl
Tyto capensis African Grass-Owl or Eastern Grass-Owl
Otus manadensis Sulawesi Scops-Owl
Otus magicus Moluccan Scops-Owl
Ninox scutulata Brown Boobook or Hawk-Owl
Ninox ochracea Ochre-bellied Boobook or Hawk-Owl
Ninox punctulata Speckled Hawk-Owl
Eurostopodus diabolicus Satanic Eared-Nightjar or Diabolical Nightjar
Eurostopodus macrotis Great Eared-Nightjar
Caprimulgus macrurus Large-tailed Nightjar
Caprimulgus celebensis Sulawesi Nightjar
Caprimulgus affinis Savanna Nightjar
Columba livia Rock Pigeon
Columba vitiensis Metallic Pigeon
Streptopelia chinensis Spotted Dove
Macropygia amboinensis Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove
Turacoena manadensis White-faced Cuckoo-Dove or Sulawesi Black Pigeon
Chalcophaps indica Emerald Dove
Chalcophaps stephani Stephan's Dove
Geopelia striata Zebra Dove
Geopelia maugeus Barred Dove
Caloenas nicobarica Nicobar Pigeon
Gallicolumba tristigmata Sulawesi Ground-Dove
Treron vernans Pink-necked Green-Pigeon
Treron griseicauda Grey-cheeked Green-Pigeon
Ptilinopus fischeri Red-eared Fruit-Dove
Ptilinopus subgularis Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove
Ptilinopus superbus Superb Fruit-Dove
Ptilinopus melanospila Black-naped Fruit-Dove
Ducula forsteni White-bellied Imperial-Pigeon
Ducula radiata Grey-headed Imperial-Pigeon
Ducula aenea Green Imperial-Pigeon
Ducula concinna Elegant or Blue Tailed Imperial-Pigeon
Ducula rosacea Pink-headed Imperial-Pigeon
Ducula pickeringii Grey Imperial-Pigeon
Ducula bicolor Pied Imperial-Pigeon
Ducula luctuosa White Imperial-Pigeon
Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa Sombre Pigeon
Rallina eurizonoides Slaty-legged Crake
Gallirallus torquatus Barred Rail
Gallirallus philippensis Buff-banded Rail
Gallirallus striatus Slaty-breasted Rail
Aramidopsis plateni Snoring Rail
Gymnocrex rosenbergii Blue or Bald-faced Rail
Amaurornis olivaceus Common Bush-hen or Bush-hen
Amaurornis isabellinus Isabelline Waterhen or Bush-hen
Amaurornis phoenicurus White-breasted Waterhen
Porzana parva Little Crake
Porzana pusilla Baillon's Crake
Porzana fusca Ruddy-breasted Crake
Porzana paykullii Band-bellied or Band bewed Crake
Porzana cinerea White-browed Crake
Gallicrex cinerea Watercock
Porphyrio porphyrio Purple Swamphen
Gallinula chloropus Common Moorhen
Gallinula tenebrosa Dusky Moorhen
Scolopax celebensis Sulawesi Woodcock
Gallinago stenura Pintail Snipe
Gallinago megala Swinhoe's Snipe
Limosa limosa Black-tailed Godwit
Limosa lapponica Bar-tailed Godwit
Numenius minutus Little Curlew
Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel
Numenius madagascariensis Far Eastern Curlew
Tringa totanus Common Redshank
Tringa stagnatilis Marsh Sandpiper
Tringa nebularia Common Greenshank
Tringa ochropus Green Sandpiper
Tringa glareola Wood Sandpiper
Tringa cinerea Terek Sandpiper
Tringa hypoleucos Common Sandpiper
Tringa brevipes Grey-tailed Tattler
Arenaria interpres Ruddy Turnstone
Limnodromus semipalmatus Asian Dowitcher
Calidris tenuirostris Great Knot
Calidris canutus Red Knot
Calidris alba Sanderling
Calidris ruficollis Rufous- or Red-necked Stint
Calidris subminuta Long-toed Stint
Calidris acuminata Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Calidris ferruginea Curlew Sandpiper
Limicola falcinellus Broad-billed Sandpiper
Philomachus pugnax Ruff
Phalaropus lobatus Red-necked Phalarope
Irediparra gallinacea Comb-crested Jacana
Burhinus giganteus Beach Thick-knee
Himantopus leucocephalus White-headed Stilt
Pluvialis fulva Pacific Golden-Plover
Pluvialis squatarola Grey Plover
Charadrius dubius Little Ringed Plover
Charadrius peronii Malaysian Plover
Charadrius mongolus Mongolian Plover
Charadrius leschenaultii Greater Sand Plover
Charadrius veredus Oriental Plover
Vanellus cinereus Grey-headed Lapwing
Glareola maldivarum Oriental Pratincole
Stiltia isabella Australian Pratincole
Stercorarius pomarinus Pomarine Jaeger
Stercorarius parasiticus Parasitic or Artic Jaeger
Gelochelidon nilotica Gull-billed Tern
Sterna bengalensis Lesser Crested-Tern
Sterna bergii Great Crested-Tern
Sterna sumatrana Black-naped Tern
Sterna hirundo Common Tern
Sterna saundersii Saunders's Tern
Chlidonias hybridus Whiskered Tern
Chlidonias leucopterus White-winged Tern
Anous stolidus Brown Noddy
Anous minutus Black Noddy
Pandion haliaetus Osprey
Aviceda jerdoni Jerdon's Baza
Aviceda subcristata Pacific Baza
Pernis ptilorhyncus Oriental Honey-buzzard
Pernis celebensis Barred Honey-buzzard
Macheiramphus alcinus Bat Hawk
Elanus caeruleus Black-winged / Black-Shouldered Kite
Milvus migrans Black Kite
Haliastur indus Brahminy Kite
Haliaeetus leucogaster White-bellied Fish- / Sea-Eagle
Ichthyophaga humilis Lesser Fish-Eagle
Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus Grey-headed Fish-Eagle
Spilornis rufipectus Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle
Circus assimilis Spotted Harrier
Accipiter griseiceps Sulawesi Goshawk
Accipiter badius Shikra
Accipiter soloensis Chinese Goshawk or Sparrowhawk
Accipiter trinotatus Spot-tailed Goshawk
Accipiter fasciatus Brown Goshawk
Accipiter gularis Japanese Sparrowhawk
Accipiter nanus Small Sparrowhawk
Accipiter rhodogaster Vinous-breasted Sparrowhawk
Butastur liventer Rufous-winged Buzzard
Butastur indicus Grey-faced Buzzard
Ictinaetus malayensis Black Eagle
Spizaetus lanceolatus Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle
Falco moluccensis Spotted Kestrel
Falco severus Oriental Hobby
Falco longipennis Australian Hobby
Falco peregrinus Peregrine Falcon
Tachybaptus ruficollis Little Grebe
Tachybaptus novaehollandiae Australasian Grebe
Phaethon lepturus White-tailed Tropicbird
Sula dactylatra Masked Booby
Sula sula Red-footed Booby
Sula leucogaster Brown Booby
Anhinga melanogaster Oriental Darter / Darter
Phalacrocorax melanoleucos Little Pied Cormorant
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris Little Black Cormorant
Egretta novaehollandiae White-faced Heron
Egretta garzetta Little Egret
Egretta eulophotes Chinese Egret or Swinhoe's Egret
Egretta sacra Pacific Reef-Egret
Ardea sumatrana Great-billed Heron
Ardea purpurea Purple Heron
Ardea picata Pied Heron
Casmerodius albus Great Egret
Mesophoyx intermedia Intermediate Egret
Bubulcus ibis Cattle Egret
Ardeola speciosa Javan Pond-Heron
Butorides striatus Striated / Little Heron
Nycticorax nycticorax Black-crowned Night-Heron
Nycticorax caledonicus Rufous Night-Heron
Gorsachius goisagi Japanese Night-Heron
Gorsachius melanolophus Malayan Night-Heron
Ixobrychus sinensis Yellow Bittern
Ixobrychus eurhythmus Schrenck's / Von Schrenk's Bittern
Ixobrychus cinnamomeus Cinnamon Bittern
Dupetor flavicollis Black Bittern
Plegadis falcinellus Glossy Ibis
Platalea regia Royal Spoonbill
Pelecanus conspicillatus Australian Pelican
Mycteria cinerea Milky Stork
Ciconia episcopus Woolly-necked Stork
Fregata minor Great Frigatebird
Fregata ariel Lesser Frigatebird
Bulweria bulwerii Bulwer's Petrel
Calonectris leucomelas Streaked Shearwater
Puffinus pacificus Wedge-tailed Shearwater
Oceanites oceanicus Wilson's Storm-Petrel
Pitta sordida Hooded Pitta
Pitta erythrogaster Red-bellied Pitta
Pitta moluccensis Blue-winged Pitta
Pitta elegans Elegant Pitta
Melipotes ater Spangled Honeyeater
Myza celebensis Dark-eared Myza
Gerygone tenebrosa Dusky Gerygone
Gerygone inornata Plain Gerygone
Pomatostomus ruficeps Chestnut-crowned Babbler
Lanius isabellinus Rufous-tailed Shrike
Pachycare flavogrisea Goldenface
Hylocitrea bonensis Olive-flanked Whistler
Pachycephala hypoxantha Bornean Whistler
Pachycephala orpheus Fawn-breasted Whistler
Corvus moneduloides New Caledonian Crow
Corvus enca Slender-billed Crow
Corvus typicus Piping Crow
Artamus fuscus Ashy Woodswallow
Artamus leucorynchus White-breasted Woodswallow
Oriolus auratus African Golden-Oriole
Coracina javensis Javan Cuckooshrike or Malaysian
Coracina caledonica Melanesian Cuckooshrike
Coracina caeruleogrisea Stout-billed Cuckooshrike
Coracina striata Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike
Coracina boyeri Boyer's Cuckooshrike
Coracina parvula Halmahera Cuckooshrike
Coracina coerulescens Blackish Cuckooshrike
Coracina mindanensis Black-bibbed Cicadabird
Lalage nigra Pied Triller
Lalage leucopygialis White-rumped or Sulawesi Triller
Pericrocotus cantonensis Brown-rumped or Swinhoe's Minivet
Rhipidura brachyrhyncha Dimorphic Fantail
Rhipidura kubaryi Pohnpei Fantail
Dicrurus remifer Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo
Dicrurus hottentottus Hair-crested or Spangled Drongo
Dicrurus sumatranus Sumatran Drongo
Hypothymis coelestis Celestial Monarch
Hypothymis azurea Black-naped Monarch
Terpsiphone atrocaudata Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher
Monarcha rubiensis Rufous Monarch
Monarcha sacerdotum Flores Monarch
Myiagra azureocapilla Blue-crested Flycatcher
Monticola rufiventris Chestnut-bellied Rock-Thrush
Monticola solitarius Blue Rock-Thrush
Myophonus insularis Formosan Whistling-Thrush
Zoothera interpres Chestnut-capped Thrush
Zoothera terrestris Bonin Thrush
Turdus merula Eurasian Blackbird
Turdus feae Grey-sided Thrush
Brachypteryx montana White-browed Shortwing
Rhinomyias ruficauda Rufous-tailed Jungle-Flycatcher
Muscicapa gambagae Gambaga Flycatcher
Muscicapa sibirica Dark-sided Flycatcher
Ficedula narcissina Narcissus Flycatcher or Green-backed Flycatcher
Ficedula mugimaki Mugimaki Flycatcher
Ficedula solitaris Rufous-browed Flycatcher
Ficedula dumetoria Rufous-chested Flycatcher
Ficedula crypta Cryptic Flycatcher
Ficedula bonthaina Lompobattang Flycatcher
Eumyias sordida Dull-blue Flycatcher
Niltava vivida Vivid Niltava
Cyornis sanfordi Matinan Flycatcher
Cyornis tickelliae Tickell's Blue-Flycatcher
Cyornis rufigaster Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher
Culicicapa ceylonensis Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher
Saxicola leucura White-tailed Stonechat
Saxicola caprata Pied Bushchat
Aplonis dichroa San Cristobal Starling
Aplonis mysolensis Moluccan Starling
Aplonis minor Short-tailed Starling
Aplonis panayensis Asian Glossy Starling
Sturnus sturninus Purple-backed Starling
Sturnus philippensis Chestnut-cheeked Starling
Acridotheres grandis White-vented Myna
Mino dumontii Yellow-faced Myna
Basilornis celebensis Sulawesi Myna
Basilornis miranda Apo Myna
Streptocitta albicollis White-necked Myna
Gracula religiosa Hill Myna
Enodes erythrophris Fiery-browed Myna
Sitta frontalis Velvet-fronted Nuthatch
Parus major Great Tit
Hirundo concolor Dusky Crag-Martin
Hirundo domicola Hill Swallow
Hirundo tahitica Pacific Swallow
Hirundo striolata Striated Swallow
Delichon dasypus Asian or Asian House-Martin
Pycnonotus zeylanicus Straw-headed Bulbul
Pycnonotus cafer Red-vented Bulbul
Pycnonotus aurigaster Sooty-headed Bulbul
Pycnonotus luteolus White-browed Bulbul
Pycnonotus plumosus Olive-winged Bulbul
Alophoixus phaeocephalus Yellow-bellied Bulbul
Neolestes torquatus Black-collared Bulbul
Cisticola incanus Socotra Cisticola
Cisticola juncidis Zitting Cisticola
Cisticola ayresii Wing-snapping Cisticola
Cisticola exilis Golden- or Bright-headed Cisticola
Prinia flaviventris Yellow-bellied Prinia
Zosterops palpebrosus Oriental White-eye
Zosterops atricapillus Black-capped White-eye
Zosterops nigrorum Golden-yellow White-eye
Zosterops flavus Javan White-eye
Zosterops uropygialis Golden-bellied White-eye
Zosterops consobrinorum Pale-bellied White-eye
Zosterops wallacei Yellow-spectacled White-eye
Lophozosterops javanicus Javan Grey-throated White-eye
Bradypterus accentor Friendly Bush-Warbler
Locustella naevia Common Grasshopper-Warbler
Locustella certhiola Pallas's Grasshopper-Warbler or Rusty-Rumped Warbler
Locustella luscinioides Savi's Warbler
Acrocephalus arundinaceus Great Reed-Warbler
Acrocephalus stentoreus Clamorous Reed-Warbler
Orthotomus moreaui Long-billed Tailorbird
Orthotomus cuculatus Mountain Tailorbird
Phylloscopus inornatus Inornate Warbler or Yellow-Browed Warbler
Phylloscopus trivirgatus Mountain Leaf-Warbler
Abroscopus superciliaris Yellow-bellied Warbler
Megalurus pryeri Marsh Grassbird
Trichastoma rostratum White-chested Babbler
Pomatorhinus montanus Chestnut-backed Scimitar-Babbler
Napothera epilepidota Eyebrowed Wren-Babbler
Macronous gularis Striped Tit-Babbler
Pteruthius flaviscapis White-browed Shrike-Babbler
Dicaeum chrysorrheum Yellow-vented Flowerpecker
Dicaeum vincens White-throated Flowerpecker
Dicaeum trigonostigma Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
Dicaeum concolor Plain Flowerpecker
Dicaeum pygmaeum Pygmy Flowerpecker
Dicaeum igniferum Black-fronted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum monticolum Black-sided Flowerpecker
Anthreptes simplex Plain Sunbird
Nectarinia sperata Purple-throated Sunbird
Nectarinia calcostetha Copper-throated Sunbird
Nectarinia jugularis Olive-backed Sunbird
Aethopyga pulcherrima Metallic-winged Sunbird
Aethopyga saturata Black-throated Sunbird
Aethopyga siparaja Crimson Sunbird
Arachnothera longirostra Little Spiderhunter
Passer simplex Desert Sparrow
Dendronanthus indicus Forest Wagtail
Motacilla citreola Citrine Wagtail
Motacilla flava Yellow Wagtail
Motacilla cinerea Grey Wagtail
Anthus rufulus Paddyfield Pipit
Anthus hodgsoni Olive-backed Pipit
Anthus pratensis Meadow Pipit
Anthus cervinus Red-throated Pipit
Erythrura tricolor Tricolored Parrotfinch
Lonchura fuscans Dusky Munia
Lonchura kelaarti Black-throated Munia
Lonchura punctulata Scaly-breasted Munia
Lonchura leucosticta White-spotted Munia
Lonchura malacca Black-headed Munia
Lonchura maja White-headed Munia
Heteromunia pectoralis Pictorella Munia
Acrocephalus orientalis Oriental Reed-Warbler