Park wardens  help reduce climate change

Supporting park wardens may probably be one of the most important contributions you can make to combat climate change! The common practice for turning forest into agricultural land, is by burning! Natural forests not only have the highest concentration of fixed carbon possible in nature, they also have a cooling effect on the climate. By supporting park wardens, you help fight global warming

Support the economies of developing countries

When national parks and nature reserves of a country become effectively protected, many people can visit those areas and enjoy them. Park wardens stimulate the economies in a developing countries and create jobs.

Park Wardens and communities

Park wardens are crucial for neighbouring communities of national parks. Often park wardens are the only government representatives in a village, and they get consulted by the local people on many issues.


Direct employment

Park Wardens need to be hired. The majority of park wardens come from the area where they work and by hiring park wardens, Adopt A Ranger creates many direct employment opportunities in areas that otherwise have no or very little employment opportunities. These park wardens spend a good part of their income on local products, thus stimulating the local micro-economies. For local communities, that is a very important benefit

Nature and environmental education

Park wardens play a crucial role in the education of children.  Park wardens organize classes and excursions for both children and parents!

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