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Indians take you in their agile dug-out canoes along winding rivers.


Start your Cuyabeno journey on Ecuador's most scenic wide Amazon tributary, the Aguarico River. Spend 3 nights in the Cofan Lodge, exploring the lower Cuyabeno and Zábalo Rivers.



Price: $ 499

 4 days

Children learning about the rainforest.


The Cuyabeno Loop explores the breathtaking scenery of lower Cuyabeno and Zábalo Rivers and the Cuyabeno Lake. Watch the amazing birds and wildlife. Pass 2 nights with the amazing Cofan Indians in the Cofan Lodge and enjoy 2 nights of comfort in the famous Cuyabeno Lodge.

Price: $ 799

5 days


Birdwatching by visitors of the Amazon in Ecuador


The Lagarto Cocha Expedition on hidden creeks and lakes is the best Amazon journey in Ecuador! Discover Indian tribes in Ecuador, Monkeys, Sloths, Dolphins. No other Amazon rainforest in any of the Amazon-Andean countries can match the wildlife viewing of Cuyabeno and it is far better than Yasuní!


Price: $ 1099

7 days

excursion on Lake Cuyabeno


The Cuyabeno Lake Program explores all the wild places surrounding the Cuyabeno Lake. Bonsai-shaped Macrolobia trees with the whispering of the mysterious prehistoric Hoatzin birds and the noisy Blue and Yellow Macaws. Our Cuyabeno Lodge is on the best location, because we were the first and chose the best location on a seasonal island in the Cuyabeno Lake itself.

Price: from $ 410

4 - 5 days


Alpacas in Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve are the domesticated form of the vicuñas.


Our Northern Andes Tour lets you get a taste of some of the best Andean National Parks, visiting the highest groves in the world: the Polylepis trees, the highest mountain in the world calculated from the center of the Earth, the Chimborazo with Vecuñas and Lamas, the highest active volcano in the world, the Cotopaxi.



Price: from $1149

5 days

San Rafael Falls


Our National Parks Tours take you on a fantastic journey along the best possible sample of Andean and coastal parks. They have been designed to complement Galapagos and/or Amazon cruises. They can start from different places, particularly Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. While the full program lasts 9 days, it is possible to make a limited selection of parks, like the 6 days' "Andes and Coast" module.

Price: $ 1999

9 days


Bartelome Island at Galapagos National Park


We have a fabulous selection of Galapagos programs, including cruises, island hopping, scuba diving or relaxing on one of the many different hotels varying from modest inns to deluxe resorts.



Price: from $ 550

from 3 days

Inca wall in Cusco.


A fabulous program for visiting the most famous cultural highlights Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. At the same time it serves as the Lima hub for the Peru National Parks Tour. This module is an extension to our National Parks Tour Ecuador and/or Galapagos National Park and/or Amazon Cruises.

Price: $ 1199

7 days

Continuation of the current page theme

Birds of French Guiana

Birds of French Guiana coded for abundance, breeding, migration, wintering, endemic, rare, etc.; 2000 pages on birds, nature, birdwatching, where to go birding, birds and nature pictures, nature conservation, equipment, bird feeding, etc. Welcome to the bird list of French Guiana.

French Guiana is home to an impressive number of species of birds that vary from residents, that stay all year around, to breeding birds, that spend a good part of the growing season in French Guiana to raise their young, migrants who pass through French Guiana with the seasons, to wintering birds who like to spend a good part of the winter in French Guiana to escape colder conditions up north. While many species of birds are relatively common as they are part of the ecosystems of the state, it is always a thrill to stumble upon a rare bird or vagrant, that does not really form part of any the French Guiana ecosystems. Maybe it got lost during its travels between its summer and winter residence or it got displaced by bad weather.

Among the species of the Check list of the birds of French Guiana you can find  waterfowl and wading birds, a large suite of song birds, raptors, game birds, swifts and nighthawks, etc., many of which occupy several ecosystems simultaneously, as they fly to and from forests, meadows, shorelines of waters, cities and and urban green spaces. At Birdlist, we have developed a coding system that can help you predict when you may expect a certain species, with a code for seasonality, such as resident, nesting, wintering, etc. A code for abundance will give you a clue on the likelihood that you may actually see a certain species of bird. As we progressed with the coding, we realized that there should be a differentiation in the coding for "common", such as less common, common and very common birds. However, this would require reliable quantative data, which for most states, are not revealed by the commission of bird records. We hope to provide those in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the current Check list of the birds of French Guiana.









Crypturellus brevirostris

Rusty Tinamou

Tinamou rubigineux


Crypturellus cinereus

Cinereous Tinamou

Tinamou cendré


Crypturellus erythropus

Red-legged Tinamou

Tinamou à pieds rouges


Crypturellus soui

Little Tinamou

Tinamou soui


Crypturellus undulatus

Undulated Tinamou

Tinamou vermiculé


Crypturellus variegatus

Variegated Tinamou

Tinamou varié


Tinamus major

Great Tinamou

Grand Tinamou


Crax alector

Black Curassow

Hocco alector


Ortalis motmot

Little Chachalaca

Ortalide motmot


Pipile cumanensis

Blue-throated Piping-Guan

Pénélope à gorge bleue


Colinus cristatus

Crested Bobwhite

Colin huppé


Odontophorus gujanensis

Marbled Wood-Quail

Tocro de Guyane


Anhima cornuta

Horned Screamer

Kamichi cornu


Dendrocygna autumnalis

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

Dendrocygne à ventre noir


Dendrocygna bicolor

Fulvous Whistling-Duck

Dendrocygne fauve


Dendrocygna viduata

White-faced Whistling-Duck

Dendrocygne veuf


Anas bahamensis

White-cheeked Pintail

Canard des Bahamas


Anas discors

Blue-winged Teal

Sarcelle à ailes bleues


Cairina moschata

Muscovy Duck

Canard musqué


Neochen jubata

Orinoco Goose

Ouette de l'Orénoque


Nomonyx dominica

Masked Duck

Érismature routoutou


Campephilus melanoleucos

Crimson-crested Woodpecker

Pic de Malherbe


Campephilus rubricollis

Red-necked Woodpecker

Pic à cou rouge


Celeus elegans

Chestnut Woodpecker

Pic mordoré


Celeus flavus

Cream-colored Woodpecker

Pic jaune


Celeus grammicus

Scaly-breasted Woodpecker

Pic de Verreaux


Celeus torquatus

Ringed Woodpecker

Pic à cravate noire


Celeus undatus

Waved Woodpecker

Pic ondé


Colaptes punctigula

Spot-breasted Woodpecker

Pic de Cayenne


Dryocopus lineatus

Lineated Woodpecker

Pic ouentou


Melanerpes candidus

White Woodpecker

Pic dominicain


Melanerpes cruentatus

Yellow-tufted Woodpecker

Pic à chevron d'or


Piculus chrysochloros

Golden-green Woodpecker

Pic vert-doré


Piculus flavigula

Yellow-throated Woodpecker

Pic à gorge jaune


Piculus rubiginosus

Golden-olive Woodpecker

Pic or-olive


Picumnus cirratus

White-barred Piculet

Picumne frangé


Picumnus exilis

Golden-spangled Piculet

Picumne de Buffon


Picumnus minutissimus

Guianan Piculet

Picumne de Cayenne


Picumnus spilogaster

White-bellied Piculet

Picumne à ventre blanc


Veniliornis cassini

Golden-collared Woodpecker

Pic de Cassin


Veniliornis passerinus

Little Woodpecker

Pic passerin


Veniliornis sanguineus

Blood-colored Woodpecker

Pic rougeâtre


Capito niger

Black-spotted Barbet

Cabézon tacheté


Pteroglossus aracari

Black-necked Aracari

Araçari grigri


Pteroglossus viridis

Green Aracari

Araçari vert


Ramphastos toco

Toco Toucan

Toucan toco


Ramphastos tucanus

Red-billed Toucan

Toucan à bec rouge


Ramphastos vitellinus

Channel-billed Toucan

Toucan ariel


Selenidera culik

Guianan Toucanet

Toucanet koulik


Selenidera nattereri

Tawny-tufted Toucanet

Toucanet de Natterer


Brachygalba lugubris

Brown Jacamar

Jacamar brun


Galbula albirostris

Yellow-billed Jacamar

Jacamar à bec jaune


Galbula dea

Paradise Jacamar

Jacamar à longue queue


Galbula galbula

Green-tailed Jacamar

Jacamar vert


Galbula leucogastra

Bronzy Jacamar

Jacamar à ventre blanc


Galbula ruficauda

Rufous-tailed Jacamar

Jacamar à queue rousse


Jacamerops aureus

Great Jacamar

Grand Jacamar


Bucco capensis

Collared Puffbird

Tamatia à collier


Bucco tamatia

Spotted Puffbird

Tamatia tacheté


Chelidoptera tenebrosa


Barbacou à croupion blanc


Malacoptila fusca

White-chested Puffbird

Tamatia brun


Monasa atra

Black Nunbird

Barbacou noir


Nonnula rubecula

Rusty-breasted Nunlet

Barbacou rufalbin


Notharchus macrorhynchos

White-necked Puffbird

Tamatia à gros bec


Notharchus tectus

Pied Puffbird

Tamatia pie


Trogon collaris

Collared Trogon

Trogon rosalba


Trogon melanurus

Black-tailed Trogon

Trogon à queue noire


Trogon rufus

Black-throated Trogon

Trogon aurore


Trogon violaceus

Violaceous Trogon

Trogon violacé


Trogon viridis

White-tailed Trogon

Trogon à queue blanche


Chloroceryle aenea

American Pygmy Kingfisher

Martin-pêcheur nain


Chloroceryle amazona

Amazon Kingfisher

Martin-pêcheur d'Amazonie


Chloroceryle americana

Green Kingfisher

Martin-pêcheur vert


Chloroceryle inda

Green-and-rufous Kingfisher

Martin-pêcheur bicolore


Megaceryle torquata

Ringed Kingfisher

Martin-pêcheur à ventre roux


Coccyzus americanus

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Coulicou à bec jaune


Coccyzus euleri

Pearly-breasted Cuckoo

Coulicou d'Euler


Coccyzus melacoryphus

Dark-billed Cuckoo

Coulicou de Vieillot


Coccyzus minor

Mangrove Cuckoo

Coulicou manioc


Piaya cayana

Squirrel Cuckoo

Piaye écureuil


Piaya minuta

Little Cuckoo

Petit Piaye


Crotophaga ani

Smooth-billed Ani

Ani à bec lisse


Crotophaga major

Greater Ani

Ani des palétuviers


Tapera naevia

Striped Cuckoo

Géocoucou tacheté


Opisthocomus hoazin


Hoazin huppé


Amazona amazonica

Orange-winged Parrot

Amazone aourou


Amazona dufresniana

Blue-cheeked Parrot

Amazone de Dufresne


Amazona farinosa

Mealy Parrot

Amazone poudrée


Amazona ochrocephala

Yellow-crowned Parrot

Amazone à front jaune


Ara ararauna

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Ara bleu


Ara chloropterus

Red-and-green Macaw

Ara chloroptère


Ara macao

Scarlet Macaw

Ara rouge


Ara manilata

Red-bellied Macaw

Ara macavouanne


Ara nobilis

Red-shouldered Macaw

Ara noble


Ara severa

Chestnut-fronted Macaw

Ara vert


Aratinga leucophthalmus

White-eyed Parakeet

Conure pavouane


Aratinga pertinax

Brown-throated Parakeet

Conure cuivrée


Aratinga solstitialis

Sun Parakeet

Conure soleil


Brotogeris chrysopterus

Golden-winged Parakeet

Toui para


Brotogeris versicolurus

Canary-winged Parakeet

Toui à ailes variées


Deroptyus accipitrinus

Red-fan Parrot

Papegeai maillé


Forpus passerinus

Green-rumped Parrotlet

Toui été


Forpus sclateri

Dusky-billed Parrotlet

Toui de Sclater


Graydidascalus brachyurus

Short-tailed Parrot

Caïque à queue courte


Pionites melanocephala

Black-headed Parrot

Caïque maïpourri


Pionopsitta caica

Caica Parrot

Caïque à tête noire


Pionus fuscus

Dusky Parrot

Pione violette


Pionus menstruus

Blue-headed Parrot

Pione à tête bleue


Pyrrhura picta

Painted Parakeet

Conure versicolore


Touit batavica

Lilac-tailed Parrotlet

Toui à sept couleurs


Touit purpurata

Sapphire-rumped Parrotlet

Toui à queue pourprée


Chaetura andrei

Ashy-tailed Swift

Martinet d'André


Chaetura brachyura

Short-tailed Swift

Martinet polioure


Chaetura chapmani

Chapman's Swift

Martinet de Chapman


Chaetura spinicauda

Band-rumped Swift

Martinet spinicaude


Panyptila cayennensis

Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift

Martinet de Cayenne


Streptoprocne rutila

Chestnut-collared Swift

Martinet à collier roux


Streptoprocne zonaris

White-collared Swift

Martinet à collier blanc


Tachornis squamata

Fork-tailed Palm-Swift

Martinet claudia


Amazilia chionopectus

White-chested Emerald

Ariane à poitrine blanche


Amazilia fimbriata

Glittering-throated Emerald

Ariane de Linné


Amazilia leucogaster

Plain-bellied Emerald

Ariane vert-doré


Anthracothorax nigricollis

Black-throated Mango

Mango à cravate noire


Anthracothorax viridigula

Green-throated Mango

Mango à cravate verte


Avocettula recurvirostris

Fiery-tailed Awlbill

Colibri avocette


Calliphlox amethystina

Amethyst Woodstar

Colibri améthyste


Campylopterus largipennis

Grey-breasted Sabrewing

Campyloptère à ventre gris


Chlorestes notatus

Blue-chinned Sapphire

Colibri à menton bleu


Chlorostilbon mellisugus

Blue-tailed Emerald

Émeraude orvert


Chrysolampis mosquitus

Ruby-topaz Hummingbird

Colibri rubis-topaze


Discosura longicauda

Racket-tailed Coquette

Coquette à raquettes


Eupetomena macroura

Swallow-tailed Hummingbird

Colibri hirondelle


Florisuga mellivora

White-necked Jacobin

Colibri jacobin


Glaucis hirsuta

Rufous-breasted Hermit

Ermite hirsute


Heliomaster longirostris

Long-billed Starthroat

Colibri corinne


Heliothryx aurita

Black-eared Fairy

Colibri oreillard


Hylocharis cyanus

White-chinned Sapphire

Saphir azuré


Hylocharis sapphirina

Rufous-throated Sapphire

Saphir à gorge rousse


Lophornis ornatus

Tufted Coquette

Coquette huppe-col


Phaethornis bourcieri

Straight-billed Hermit

Ermite de Bourcier


Phaethornis longuemareus

Little Hermit

Ermite nain


Phaethornis malaris

Great-billed Hermit

Ermite à long bec


Phaethornis ruber

Reddish Hermit

Ermite roussâtre


Phaethornis superciliosus

Long-tailed Hermit

Ermite à brins blancs


Polytmus theresiae

Green-tailed Goldenthroat

Colibri tout-vert


Thalurania furcata

Fork-tailed Woodnymph

Dryade à queue fourchue


Threnetes niger

Sooty Barbthroat

Ermite d'Antonie


Topaza pella

Crimson Topaz

Colibri topaze


Tyto alba

Barn Owl

Effraie des clochers


Asio flammeus

Short-eared Owl

Hibou des marais


Bubo virginianus

Great Horned Owl

Grand-duc d'Amérique


Ciccaba huhula

Black-banded Owl

Chouette huhul


Ciccaba virgata

Mottled Owl

Chouette mouchetée


Glaucidium brasilianum

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Henderson Island


Glaucidium hardyi

Hardy's Pygmy-Owl

Anjouan Brush-Warbler


Lophostrix cristata

Crested Owl

Duc à aigrettes


Otus choliba

Tropical Screech-Owl

Petit-duc choliba


Pseudoscops clamator

Striped Owl

Hibou strié


Pulsatrix perspicillata

Spectacled Owl

Chouette à lunettes


Nyctibius grandis

Great Potoo

Grand Ibijau


Nyctibius griseus

Common Potoo

Ibijau gris


Caprimulgus carolinensis


Engoulevent de Caroline


Caprimulgus cayennensis

White-tailed Nightjar

Engoulevent coré


Caprimulgus maculicaudus

Spot-tailed Nightjar

Engoulevent à queue étoilée


Caprimulgus maculosus

Cayenne Nightjar

Engoulevent de Guyane


Caprimulgus nigrescens

Blackish Nightjar

Engoulevent noirâtre


Caprimulgus rufus

Rufous Nightjar

Engoulevent roux


Chordeiles acutipennis

Lesser Nighthawk

Henderson Island


Hydropsalis climacocerca

Ladder-tailed Nightjar

Engoulevent trifide


Lurocalis semitorquatus

Short-tailed Nighthawk

Engoulevent à queue courte


Nyctidromus albicollis


Moreau's Sunbird


Nyctiprogne leucopyga

Band-tailed Nighthawk

Pale-rumped Warbler


Podager nacunda

Nacunda Nighthawk

Ludlow's Fulvetta


Claravis pretiosa

Blue Ground-Dove

Colombe bleutée


Columba cayennensis

Pale-vented Pigeon

Pigeon rousset


Columba plumbea

Plumbeous Pigeon

Pigeon plombé


Columba speciosa

Scaled Pigeon

Pigeon ramiret


Columba subvinacea

Ruddy Pigeon

Pigeon vineux


Columbina minuta

Plain-breasted Ground-Dove

Colombe pygmée


Columbina passerina

Common Ground-Dove

Colombe à queue noire


Columbina squammata

Scaled Dove

Colombe écaillée


Columbina talpacoti

Ruddy Ground-Dove

Colombe rousse


Geotrygon montana

Ruddy Quail-Dove

Colombe rouviolette


Leptotila rufaxilla

Grey-fronted Dove

Colombe à front gris


Leptotila verreauxi

White-tipped Dove

Colombe de Verreaux


Zenaida auriculata

Eared Dove

Tourterelle oreillarde


Eurypyga helias


Caurale soleil


Aramus guarauna


Courlan brun


Heliornis fulica


Grébifoulque d'Amérique


Psophia crepitans

Grey-winged Trumpeter

Agami trompette


Amaurolimnas concolor

Uniform Crake

Râle concolore


Anurolimnas viridis

Russet-crowned Crake

Râle kiolo


Aramides axillaris

Rufous-necked Wood-Rail

Râle à cou roux


Aramides cajanea

Grey-necked Wood-Rail

Râle de Cayenne


Gallinula chloropus

Common Moorhen

Gallinule poule-d'eau


Laterallus exilis

Grey-breasted Crake

Râle grêle


Micropygia schomburgkii

Ocellated Crake

Râle ocellé


Neocrex erythrops

Paint-billed Crake

Râle à bec peint


Pardirallus maculatus

Spotted Rail

Râle tacheté


Porphyrio flavirostris

Azure Gallinule

Talève favorite


Porphyrio martinicus

Purple Gallinule

Talève violacée


Porzana albicollis

Ash-throated Crake

Marouette plombée


Porzana flaviventer

Yellow-breasted Crake

Marouette à sourcils blancs


Rallus longirostris

Clapper Rail

Râle gris


Actitis macularia

Spotted Sandpiper

Chevalier grivelé


Arenaria interpres

Ruddy Turnstone

Tournepierre à collier


Bartramia longicauda

Upland Sandpiper

Maubèche des champs


Calidris alba


Bécasseau sanderling


Calidris alpina


Bécasseau variable


Calidris bairdii

Baird's Sandpiper

Bécasseau de Baird


Calidris canutus

Red Knot

Bécasseau maubèche


Calidris fuscicollis

White-rumped Sandpiper

Bécasseau à croupion blanc


Calidris mauri

Western Sandpiper

Bécasseau d'Alaska


Calidris melanotos

Pectoral Sandpiper

Bécasseau à poitrine cendrée


Calidris minutilla

Least Sandpiper

Bécasseau minuscule


Calidris pusilla

Semipalmated Sandpiper

Bécasseau semipalmé


Catoptrophorus semipalmatus


Chevalier semipalmé


Gallinago paraguaiae

South American Snipe

Bécassine de Magellan


Gallinago undulata

Giant Snipe

Bécassine géante


Limnodromus griseus

Short-billed Dowitcher

Bécassin roux


Limosa haemastica

Hudsonian Godwit

Barge hudsonienne


Numenius americanus

Long-billed Curlew

Courlis à long bec


Numenius phaeopus


Courlis corlieu


Tringa flavipes

Lesser Yellowlegs

Petit Chevalier


Tringa melanoleuca

Greater Yellowlegs

Grand Chevalier


Tringa solitaria

Solitary Sandpiper

Chevalier solitaire


Tryngites subruficollis

Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Bécasseau roussâtre


Jacana jacana

Wattled Jacana

Jacana noir


Charadrius collaris

Collared Plover

Pluvier d'Azara


Charadrius semipalmatus

Semipalmated Plover

Pluvier semipalmé


Charadrius wilsonia

Wilson's Plover

Pluvier de Wilson


Haematopus palliatus

American Oystercatcher

Huîtrier d'Amérique


Himantopus himantopus

Black-winged Stilt

Bécasseau à échasses


Himantopus mexicanus

Black-necked Stilt

Échasse d'Amérique


Pluvialis dominica

American Golden-Plover

Pluvier bronzé


Pluvialis squatarola

Grey Plover

Pluvier argenté


Vanellus cayanus

Pied Lapwing

Vanneau de Cayenne


Vanellus chilensis

Southern Lapwing

Vanneau téro


Anous stolidus

Brown Noddy

Noddi brun


Catharacta maccormicki

South Polar Skua

Labbe de McCormick


Catharacta skua

Great Skua

Grand Labbe


Chlidonias niger

Black Tern

Guifette noire


Larus atricilla

Laughing Gull

Mouette atricille


Larus fuscus

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Goéland brun


Larus pipixcan

Franklin's Gull

Mouette de Franklin


Larus ridibundus

Black-headed Gull

Mouette rieuse


Phaetusa simplex

Large-billed Tern

Sterne à gros bec


Rynchops niger

Black Skimmer

Bec-en-ciseaux noir


Stercorarius parasiticus

Parasitic Jaeger

Labbe parasite


Stercorarius pomarinus

Pomarine Jaeger

Labbe pomarin


Sterna antillarum

Least Tern

Petite Sterne


Sterna caspia

Caspian Tern

Sterne caspienne


Sterna dougallii

Roseate Tern

Sterne de Dougall


Sterna elegans

Elegant Tern

Sterne élégante


Sterna fuscata

Sooty Tern

Sterne fuligineuse


Sterna hirundo

Common Tern

Sterne pierregarin


Sterna maxima

Royal Tern

Sterne royale


Sterna nilotica

Gull-billed Tern

Sterne hansel


Sterna sandvicensis

Sandwich Tern

Sterne caugek


Sterna superciliaris

Yellow-billed Tern

Sterne argentée


Accipiter bicolor

Bicolored Hawk

Épervier bicolore


Accipiter poliogaster

Grey-bellied Goshawk

Autour à ventre gris


Busarellus nigricollis

Black-collared Hawk

Buse à tête blanche


Buteo albicaudatus

White-tailed Hawk

Buse à queue blanche


Buteo albonotatus

Zone-tailed Hawk

Buse à queue barrée


Buteo brachyurus

Short-tailed Hawk

Buse à queue courte


Buteo magnirostris

Roadside Hawk

Buse à gros bec


Buteo nitidus

Grey-lined Hawk


Buteo platypterus

Broad-winged Hawk

Petite Buse


Buteogallus aequinoctialis

Rufous Crab-Hawk

Buse buson


Buteogallus anthracinus

Common Black-Hawk

Buse noire


Buteogallus meridionalis

Savanna Hawk

Buse roussâtre


Buteogallus urubitinga

Great Black-Hawk

Buse urubu


Chondrohierax uncinatus

Hook-billed Kite

Milan bec-en-croc


Circus buffoni

Long-winged Harrier

Busard de Buffon


Elanoides forficatus

Swallow-tailed Kite

Milan à queue fourchue


Gampsonyx swainsonii

Pearl Kite

Élanion perle


Harpagus bidentatus

Double-toothed Kite

Milan bidenté


Harpagus diodon

Rufous-thighed Kite

Milan diodon


Harpia harpyja

Harpy Eagle

Harpie féroce


Ictinia plumbea

Plumbeous Kite

Milan bleuâtre


Leptodon cayanensis

Grey-headed Kite

Milan de Cayenne


Leucopternis melanops

Black-faced Hawk

Buse à face noire


Leucopternis schistacea

Slate-colored Hawk

Buse ardoisée


Morphnus guianensis

Crested Eagle

Harpie huppée


Pandion haliaetus


Balbuzard pêcheur


Rostrhamus hamatus

Slender-billed Kite

Milan à long bec


Rostrhamus sociabilis

Snail Kite

Milan des marais


Spizaetus tyrannus

Black Hawk-Eagle

Aigle tyran


Spizastur melanoleucus

Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle

Aigle noir et blanc


Caracara plancus

Southern Caracara

Caracara huppé


Daptrius americanus

Red-throated Caracara

Caracara à gorge rouge


Daptrius ater

Black Caracara

Caracara noir


Falco columbarius


Faucon émerillon


Falco deiroleucus

Orange-breasted Falcon

Faucon orangé


Falco peregrinus

Peregrine Falcon

Faucon pèlerin


Falco rufigularis

Bat Falcon

Faucon des chauves-souris


Falco sparverius

American Kestrel

Crécerelle d'Amérique


Falco tinnunculus

Common Kestrel

Faucon crécerelle


Herpetotheres cachinnans

Laughing Falcon

Macagua rieur


Micrastur gilvicollis

Lined Forest-Falcon

Carnifex à gorge cendrée


Micrastur mirandollei

Slaty-backed Forest-Falcon

Carnifex ardoisé


Micrastur ruficollis

Barred Forest-Falcon

Carnifex barré


Micrastur semitorquatus

Collared Forest-Falcon

Carnifex à collier


Milvago chimachima

Yellow-headed Caracara

Caracara à tête jaune


Podilymbus podiceps

Pied-billed Grebe

Grèbe à bec bigarré


Tachybaptus dominicus

Least Grebe

Grèbe minime


Phaethon aethereus @ 523

Red-billed Tropicbird

Phaéton à bec rouge


Anhinga anhinga


Anhinga d'Amérique


Sula leucogaster @

Brown Booby

Fou brun


Sula sula @527

Red-footed Booby

Fou à pieds rouges


Phalacrocorax brasilianus

Neotropic Cormorant

Cormoran vigua


Agamia agami

Agami Heron

Héron agami


Ardea alba

Great Egret

Grande Aigrette


Ardea cocoi

Cocoi Heron

Héron cocoi


Botaurus pinnatus

Pinnated Bittern

Butor mirasol


Bubulcus ibis

Cattle Egret

Héron garde-boeufs


Butorides striatus

Striated Heron

Héron strié


Butorides virescens

Green Heron

Héron vert


Cochlearius cochlearia

Boat-billed Heron

Savacou huppé


Egretta caerulea

Little Blue Heron

Aigrette bleue


Egretta thula

Snowy Egret

Aigrette neigeuse


Egretta tricolor

Tricolored Heron

Aigrette tricolore


Ixobrychus exilis

Least Bittern

Petit Blongios


Ixobrychus involucris

Stripe-backed Bittern

Blongios varié


Nyctanassa violacea

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Bihoreau violacé


Nycticorax nycticorax

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Bihoreau gris


Pilherodius pileatus

Capped Heron

Héron coiffé


Tigrisoma lineatum

Rufescent Tiger-Heron

Onoré rayé


Zebrilus undulatus

Zigzag Heron

Onoré zigzag


Phoenicopterus ruber

Greater Flamingo

Flamant rose


Ajaia ajaja

Roseate Spoonbill

Spatule rosée


Eudocimus ruber

Scarlet Ibis

Ibis rouge


Mesembrinibis cayennensis

Green Ibis

Ibis vert


Theristicus caudatus

Buff-necked Ibis

Ibis mandore


Pelecanus occidentalis

Brown Pelican

Pélican brun


Cathartes aura

Turkey Vulture

Urubu à tête rouge


Cathartes burrovianus

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture

Urubu à tête jaune


Cathartes melambrotus

Greater Yellow-headed Vulture

Grand Urubu


Ciconia maguari

Maguari Stork

Cigogne maguari


Coragyps atratus

Black Vulture

Urubu noir


Jabiru mycteria


Jabiru d'Amérique


Mycteria americana

Wood Stork

Tantale d'Amérique


Sarcoramphus papa

King Vulture

Sarcoramphe roi


Fregata magnificens

Magnificent Frigatebird

Frégate superbe


Bulweria bulwerii

Bulwer's Petrel

Pétrel de Bulwer


Calonectris diomedea

Cory's Shearwater

Puffin cendré


Oceanites oceanicus

Wilson's Storm-Petrel

Océanite de Wilson


Oceanodroma leucorhoa

Leach's Storm-Petrel

Océanite cul-blanc


Puffinus assimilis

Little Shearwater

Petit Puffin


Puffinus gravis

Great Shearwater

Puffin majeur


Puffinus puffinus

Manx Shearwater

Puffin des Anglais


Arundinicola leucocephala

White-headed Marsh-Tyrant

Moucherolle à tête blanche


Attila cinnamomeus

Cinnamon Attila

Attila cannelle


Attila spadiceus

Bright-rumped Attila

Attila à croupion jaune


Camptostoma obsoletum

Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet

Tyranneau passegris


Capsiempis flaveola

Yellow Tyrannulet

Tyranneau flavéole


Chiroxiphia pareola

Blue-backed Manakin

Manakin tijé


Cnemotriccus fuscatus

Fuscous Flycatcher

Moucherolle fuligineux


Colonia colonus

Long-tailed Tyrant

Moucherolle à longs brins


Conopias parva

Yellow-throated Flycatcher

Tyran de Pelzeln


Contopus albogularis

White-throated Pewee

Moucherolle à bavette blanche


Contopus cinereus

Tropical Pewee

Moucherolle cendré


Contopus cooperi


Moucherolle à côtés olive


Contopus virens

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Pioui de l'Est


Corapipo gutturalis

White-throated Manakin

Manakin à gorge blanche


Corythopis torquata

Ringed Antpipit

Corythopis à collier


Cotinga cayana

Spangled Cotinga

Cotinga de Cayenne


Cotinga cotinga

Purple-breasted Cotinga

Cotinga de Daubenton


Elaenia chiriquensis

Lesser Elaenia

Élénie menue


Elaenia cristata

Plain-crested Elaenia

Élénie huppée


Elaenia flavogaster

Yellow-bellied Elaenia

Élénie à ventre jaune


Elaenia parvirostris

Small-billed Elaenia

Élénie à bec court


Elaenia ruficeps

Rufous-crowned Elaenia

Élénie tête-de-feu


Empidonomus varius

Variegated Flycatcher

Tyran tacheté


Fluvicola pica

Pied Water-Tyrant

Moucherolle pie


Gymnoderus foetidus

Bare-necked Fruitcrow

Coracine à col nu


Haematoderus militaris

Crimson Fruitcrow

Coracine rouge


Hemitriccus josephinae

Boat-billed Tody-Tyrant

Todirostre de Joséphine


Hemitriccus zosterops

White-eyed Tody-Tyrant

Todirostre zostérops


Hirundinea ferruginea

Cliff Flycatcher

Moucherolle hirondelle


Inezia subflava

Pale-tipped Tyrannulet

Tyranneau givré


Iodopleura fusca

Dusky Purpletuft

Cotinga brun


Laniocera hypopyrra

Cinereous Mourner

Aulia cendré


Lathrotriccus euleri

Euler's Flycatcher

Moucherolle d'Euler


Legatus leucophaius

Piratic Flycatcher

Tyran pirate


Leptopogon amaurocephalus

Sepia-capped Flycatcher

Pipromorphe à tête brune


Lipaugus vociferans

Screaming Piha

Piauhau hurleur


Lophotriccus galeatus

Helmeted Pygmy-Tyrant

Microtyran casqué


Lophotriccus vitiosus

Double-banded Pygmy-Tyrant

Microtyran bifascié


Manacus manacus

White-bearded Manakin

Manakin casse-noisette


Megarynchus pitangua

Boat-billed Flycatcher

Tyran pitangua


Mionectes macconnelli

MacConnell's Flycatcher

Pipromorphe de McConnell


Mionectes oleagineus

Ochre-bellied Flycatcher

Pipromorphe roussâtre


Myiarchus ferox

Short-crested Flycatcher

Tyran féroce


Myiarchus swainsoni

Swainson's Flycatcher

Tyran de Swainson


Myiarchus tuberculifer

Dusky-capped Flycatcher

Tyran olivâtre


Myiarchus tyrannulus

Brown-crested Flycatcher

Tyran de Wied


Myiobius barbatus

Sulphur-rumped Flycatcher

Moucherolle à croupion jaune


Myiobius erythrurus

Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher

Moucherolle rougequeue


Myiodynastes maculatus

Streaked Flycatcher

Tyran audacieux


Myiopagis caniceps

Grey Elaenia

Élénie grise


Myiopagis flavivertex

Yellow-crowned Elaenia

Élénie à couronne d'or


Myiopagis gaimardii

Forest Elaenia

Élénie de Gaimard


Myiophobus fasciatus

Bran-colored Flycatcher

Moucherolle fascié


Myiornis ecaudatus

Short-tailed Pygmy-Tyrant

Microtyran à queue courte


Myiozetetes cayanensis

Rusty-margined Flycatcher

Tyran de Cayenne


Myiozetetes luteiventris

Dusky-chested Flycatcher

Tyran à gorge rayée


Myiozetetes similis

Social Flycatcher

Tyran sociable


Neopelma chrysocephalum

Saffron-crested Tyrant-Manakin

Manakin à panache doré


Neopipo cinnamomea

Cinnamon Tyrant

Manakin cannelle


Ochthornis littoralis

Drab Water-Tyrant

Moucherolle riverain


Onychorhynchus coronatus

Royal Flycatcher

Moucherolle royal


Ornithion inerme

White-lored Tyrannulet

Tyranneau minute


Oxyruncus cristatus


Oxyrhynque huppé


Pachyramphus marginatus

Black-capped Becard

Bécarde à calotte noire


Pachyramphus minor

Pink-throated Becard

Bécarde de Lesson


Pachyramphus polychopterus

White-winged Becard

Bécarde à ailes blanches


Pachyramphus rufus

Cinereous Becard

Bécarde cendrée


Pachyramphus surinamus

Glossy-backed Becard

Bécarde du Surinam


Perissocephalus tricolor


Coracine chauve


Phaeomyias murina

Mouse-colored Tyrannulet

Tyranneau souris


Phoenicircus carnifex

Guianan Red-Cotinga

Cotinga ouette


Phylloscartes virescens

Olive-green Tyrannulet

Tyranneau verdâtre


Pipra aureola

Crimson-hooded Manakin

Manakin auréole


Pipra erythrocephala

Golden-headed Manakin

Manakin à tête d'or


Pipra pipra

White-crowned Manakin

Manakin à tête blanche


Piprites chloris

Wing-barred Piprites

Piprite verdin


Pitangus sulphuratus

Great Kiskadee

Tyran quiquivi


Platyrinchus coronatus

Golden-crowned Spadebill

Platyrhynque à tête d'or


Platyrinchus mystaceus

White-throated Spadebill

Platyrhynque à moustaches


Platyrinchus platyrhynchos

White-crested Spadebill

Platyrhynque à cimier blanc


Platyrinchus saturatus

Cinnamon-crested Spadebill

Platyrhynque à cimier orange


Polystictus pectoralis

Bearded Tachuri

Tyranneau barbu


Procnias alba

White Bellbird

Araponga blanc


Querula purpurata

Purple-throated Fruitcrow

Coracine noire


Ramphotrigon ruficauda

Rufous-tailed Flatbill

Platyrhynque à queue rousse


Rhynchocyclus olivaceus

Olivaceous Flatbill

Platyrhynque olivâtre


Rhytipterna immunda

Pale-bellied Mourner

Aulia à ventre pâle


Rhytipterna simplex

Greyish Mourner

Aulia grisâtre


Rupicola rupicola

Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock

Coq-de-roche orange


Schiffornis turdinus

Thrush-like Schiffornis

Antriade turdoïde


Sirystes sibilator


Tyran siffleur


Sublegatus arenarum

Northern Scrub-Flycatcher

Tyranneau des palétuviers


Sublegatus obscurior

Amazonian Scrub-Flycatcher

Tyranneau ombré


Tityra cayana

Black-tailed Tityra

Tityre gris


Tityra inquisitor

Black-crowned Tityra

Tityre à tête noire


Tityra semifasciata

Masked Tityra

Tityre masqué


Todirostrum cinereum

Common Tody-Flycatcher

Todirostre familier


Todirostrum fumifrons

Smoky-fronted Tody-Flycatcher

Todirostre à front gris


Todirostrum maculatum

Spotted Tody-Flycatcher

Todirostre tacheté


Todirostrum pictum

Painted Tody-Flycatcher

Todirostre peint


Todirostrum sylvia

Slate-headed Tody-Flycatcher

Todirostre de Desmarest


Tolmomyias assimilis

Yellow-margined Flycatcher

Platyrhynque à miroir


Tolmomyias flaviventris

Yellow-breasted Flycatcher

Platyrhynque à poitrine jaune


Tolmomyias poliocephalus

Grey-crowned Flycatcher

Platyrhynque poliocéphale


Tolmomyias sulphurescens

Yellow-olive Flycatcher

Platyrhynque jaune-olive


Tyranneutes virescens

Tiny Tyrant-Manakin

Manakin minuscule


Tyrannopsis sulphurea

Sulphury Flycatcher

Tyran des palmiers


Tyrannulus elatus

Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet

Tyranneau roitelet


Tyrannus albogularis

White-throated Kingbird

Tyran à gorge blanche


Tyrannus dominicensis

Grey Kingbird

Tyran gris


Tyrannus melancholicus

Tropical Kingbird

Tyran mélancolique


Tyrannus savana

Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Tyran des savanes


Xenopipo atronitens

Black Manakin

Manakin noir


Xipholena punicea

Pompadour Cotinga

Cotinga pompadour


Zimmerius gracilipes

Slender-footed Tyrannulet

Tyranneau à petits pieds


Cercomacra cinerascens

Grey Antbird

Grisin ardoisé


Cercomacra nigrescens

Blackish Antbird

Grisin noirâtre


Cercomacra tyrannina

Dusky Antbird

Grisin sombre


Cymbilaimus lineatus

Fasciated Antshrike

Batara fascié


Formicivora grisea

White-fringed Antwren

Grisin de Cayenne


Frederickena viridis

Black-throated Antshrike

Batara à gorge noire


Gymnopithys bicolor

Bicolored Antbird

Fourmilier bicolore


Gymnopithys leucaspis

White-cheeked Antbird

Fourmilier à joues blanches


Herpsilochmus stictocephalus

Todd's Antwren

Grisin de Todd


Herpsilochmus sticturus

Spot-tailed Antwren

Grisin givré


Hylophylax naevia

Spot-backed Antbird

Fourmilier tacheté


Hylophylax poecilinota

Scale-backed Antbird

Fourmilier zébré


Hylophylax punctulata

Dot-backed Antbird

Fourmilier perlé


Hypocnemis cantator

Warbling Antbird

Alapi carillonneur


Hypocnemoides melanopogon

Black-chinned Antbird

Alapi à menton noir


Microrhopias quixensis

Dot-winged Antwren

Grisin étoilé


Myrmeciza atrothorax

Black-throated Antbird

Alapi de Buffon


Myrmeciza longipes

White-bellied Antbird

Alapi à ventre blanc


Myrmeciza ruficauda

Scalloped Antbird

Alapi barbu


Myrmoborus melanurus

Black-tailed Antbird

Alapi à queue noire


Myrmotherula axillaris

White-flanked Antwren

Myrmidon à flancs blancs


Myrmotherula behni

Plain-winged Antwren

Myrmidon de Behn


Myrmotherula brachyura

Pygmy Antwren

Myrmidon pygmée


Myrmotherula gutturalis

Brown-bellied Antwren

Myrmidon à ventre brun


Myrmotherula longipennis

Long-winged Antwren

Myrmidon longipenne


Myrmotherula menetriesii

Grey Antwren

Myrmidon gris


Myrmotherula surinamensis

Streaked Antwren

Myrmidon du Surinam


Percnostola leucostigma

Spot-winged Antbird

Alapi ponctué


Percnostola rufifrons

Black-headed Antbird

Alapi à tête noire


Pithys albifrons

White-plumed Antbird

Fourmilier manikup


Pygiptila stellaris

Spot-winged Antshrike

Batara étoilé


Rhegmatorhina hoffmannsi

White-breasted Antbird

Fourmilier à poitrine blanche


Sakesphorus canadensis

Black-crested Antshrike

Batara huppé


Sclateria naevia

Silvered Antbird

Alapi paludicole


Taraba major

Great Antshrike

Grand Batara


Terenura spodioptila

Ash-winged Antwren

Grisin spodioptile


Thamnomanes ardesiacus

Dusky-throated Antshrike

Batara saturnin


Thamnomanes caesius

Cinereous Antshrike

Batara cendré


Thamnophilus amazonicus

Amazonian Antshrike

Batara d'Amazonie


Thamnophilus doliatus

Barred Antshrike

Batara rayé


Thamnophilus murinus

Mouse-colored Antshrike

Batara souris


Thamnophilus nigrocinereus

Blackish-grey Antshrike

Batara demi-deuil


Thamnophilus punctatus

Eastern Slaty-Antshrike

Batara tacheté


Automolus infuscatus

Olive-backed Foliage-gleaner

Anabate olivâtre


Automolus ochrolaemus

Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner

Anabate à gorge fauve


Automolus rubiginosus

Ruddy Foliage-gleaner

Anabate rubigineux


Automolus rufipileatus

Chestnut-crowned Foliage-gleaner

Anabate à couronne rousse


Campylorhamphus procurvoides

Curve-billed Scythebill

Grimpar à bec courbe


Certhiaxis cinnamomea

Yellow-chinned Spinetail

Synallaxe à gorge jaune


Cranioleuca gutturata

Speckled Spinetail

Synallaxe ponctué


Deconychura longicauda

Long-tailed Woodcreeper

Grimpar à longue queue


Deconychura stictolaema

Spot-throated Woodcreeper

Grimpar à gorge tachetée


Dendrexetastes rufigula

Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper

Grimpar à collier


Dendrocincla fuliginosa

Plain-brown Woodcreeper

Grimpar enfumé


Dendrocincla merula

White-chinned Woodcreeper

Grimpar à menton blanc


Dendrocolaptes certhia

Barred Woodcreeper

Grimpar barré


Dendrocolaptes picumnus

Black-banded Woodcreeper

Grimpar varié


Glyphorynchus spirurus

Wedge-billed Woodcreeper

Grimpar bec-en-coin


Hylexetastes perrotii

Red-billed Woodcreeper

Grimpar de Perrot


Lepidocolaptes albolineatus

Lineated Woodcreeper

Grimpar lancéolé


Nasica longirostris

Long-billed Woodcreeper

Grimpar nasican


Philydor erythrocercus

Rufous-rumped Foliage-gleaner

Anabate à croupion roux


Philydor pyrrhodes

Cinnamon-rumped Foliage-gleaner

Anabate flamboyant


Philydor ruficaudatus

Rufous-tailed Foliage-gleaner

Anabate rougequeue


Sclerurus caudacutus

Black-tailed Leaftosser

Sclérure des ombres


Sclerurus mexicanus

Tawny-throated Leaftosser

Sclérure à gorge rousse


Sclerurus rufigularis

Short-billed Leaftosser

Sclérure à bec court


Sittasomus griseicapillus

Olivaceous Woodcreeper

Grimpar fauvette


Synallaxis albescens

Pale-breasted Spinetail

Synallaxe albane


Synallaxis frontalis

Sooty-fronted Spinetail

Synallaxe à front sombre


Synallaxis gujanensis

Plain-crowned Spinetail

Synallaxe de Cayenne


Synallaxis macconnelli

MacConnell's Spinetail

Synallaxe de McConnell


Synallaxis propinqua

White-bellied Spinetail

Synallaxe à ventre blanc


Synallaxis rutilans

Ruddy Spinetail

Synallaxe ardent


Xenops milleri

Rufous-tailed Xenops

Sittine à queue rousse


Xenops minutus

Plain Xenops

Sittine brune


Xenops tenuirostris

Slender-billed Xenops

Sittine des rameaux


Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus

Strong-billed Woodcreeper

Grimpar géant


Xiphorhynchus guttatus

Buff-throated Woodcreeper

Grimpar des cabosses


Xiphorhynchus obsoletus

Striped Woodcreeper

Grimpar strié


Xiphorhynchus pardalotus

Chestnut-rumped Woodcreeper

Grimpar flambé


Xiphorhynchus picus

Straight-billed Woodcreeper

Grimpar talapiot


Xiphorhynchus susurrans

Cocoa Woodcreeper


Formicarius analis

Black-faced Antthrush

Tétéma coq-de-bois


Formicarius colma

Rufous-capped Antthrush

Tétéma colma


Grallaria varia

Variegated Antpitta

Grallaire roi


Hylopezus macularius

Spotted Antpitta

Grallaire tachetée


Myrmothera campanisona

Thrush-like Antpitta

Grallaire grand-beffroi


Conopophaga aurita

Chestnut-belted Gnateater

Conophage à oreilles blanches


Cyclarhis gujanensis

Rufous-browed Peppershrike

Sourciroux mélodieux


Hylophilus muscicapinus

Buff-cheeked Greenlet

Viréon fardé


Hylophilus ochraceiceps

Tawny-crowned Greenlet

Viréon à calotte rousse


Hylophilus pectoralis

Ashy-headed Greenlet

Viréon à tête cendrée


Hylophilus semicinereus

Grey-chested Greenlet

Viréon à gorge grise


Hylophilus thoracicus

Rio de Janeiro Greenlet

Viréon à plastron


Vireo altiloquus

Black-whiskered Vireo

Viréo à moustaches


Vireolanius leucotis

Slaty-capped Shrike-Vireo

Smaragdan oreillard


Cyanocorax cayanus

Cayenne Jay

Geai de Cayenne


Catharus fuscescens


Grive fauve


Turdus albicollis

White-necked Thrush

Merle à col blanc


Turdus fumigatus

Cocoa Thrush

Merle cacao


Turdus leucomelas

Pale-breasted Thrush

Merle leucomèle


Turdus nudigenis

Yellow-eyed Thrush

Merle à lunettes


Mimus gilvus

Tropical Mockingbird

Moqueur des savanes


Cyphorhinus aradus

Musician Wren

Troglodyte arada


Donacobius atricapillus

Black-capped Donacobius

Troglodyte à miroir


Henicorhina leucosticta

White-breasted Wood-Wren

Troglodyte à poitrine blanche


Microbates cinereiventris

Tawny-faced Gnatwren

Microbate cendré


Microcerculus bambla

Wing-banded Wren

Troglodyte bambla


Polioptila guianensis

Guianan Gnatcatcher

Gobemoucheron guyanais


Polioptila plumbea

Tropical Gnatcatcher

Gobemoucheron tropical


Ramphocaenus melanurus

Long-billed Gnatwren

Microbate à long bec


Thryothorus coraya

Coraya Wren

Troglodyte coraya


Thryothorus leucotis

Buff-breasted Wren

Troglodyte à face pâle


Troglodytes aedon

House Wren

Troglodyte familier


Atticora fasciata

White-banded Swallow

Hirondelle à ceinture blanche


Atticora melanoleuca

Black-collared Swallow

Hirondelle des torrents


Hirundo rustica

Barn Swallow

Hirondelle rustique


Neochelidon tibialis

White-thighed Swallow

Hirondelle à cuisses blanches


Notiochelidon cyanoleuca

Blue-and-white Swallow

Hirondelle bleu et blanc


Progne chalybea

Grey-breasted Martin

Hirondelle chalybée


Progne tapera

Brown-chested Martin

Hirondelle tapère


Riparia riparia

Sand Martin

Hirondelle de rivage


Stelgidopteryx ruficollis

Southern Rough-winged Swallow

Hirondelle à gorge rousse


Tachycineta albiventer

White-winged Swallow

Hirondelle à ailes blanches


Tachycineta bicolor

Tree Swallow

Hirondelle bicolore


Anthus lutescens

Yellowish Pipit

Pipit jaunâtre


Agelaius icterocephalus

Yellow-hooded Blackbird

Carouge à capuchon


Agelaius ruficapillus

Chestnut-capped Blackbird

Carouge à calotte rousse


Ammodramus humeralis

Grassland Sparrow

Bruant des savanes


Arremon taciturnus

Pectoral Sparrow

Tohi silencieux


Basileuterus rivularis

Neotropical River Warbler

Paruline des rives


Cacicus cela

Yellow-rumped Cacique

Cassique cul-jaune


Cacicus haemorrhous

Red-rumped Cacique

Cassique cul-rouge


Caryothraustes canadensis

Yellow-green Grosbeak

Cardinal flavert


Chlorophanes spiza

Green Honeycreeper

Guit-guit émeraude


Cissopis leveriana

Magpie Tanager

Tangara pillurion


Coereba flaveola


Sucrier à ventre jaune


Conirostrum bicolor

Bicolored Conebill

Conirostre bicolore


Conirostrum speciosum

Chestnut-vented Conebill

Conirostre cul-roux


Coryphospingus pileatus

Pileated Finch

Araguira gris


Cyanerpes caeruleus

Purple Honeycreeper

Guit-guit céruléen


Cyanerpes cyaneus

Red-legged Honeycreeper

Guit-guit saï


Cyanicterus cyanicterus

Blue-backed Tanager

Tangara cyanictère


Cyanocompsa cyanoides

Blue-black Grosbeak

Évêque bleu-noir


Cypsnagra hirundinacea

White-rumped Tanager

Tangara hirundinacé


Dacnis cayana

Blue Dacnis

Dacnis bleu


Dacnis lineata

Black-faced Dacnis

Dacnis à coiffe bleue


Dendroica petechia

Yellow Warbler

Paruline jaune


Dendroica striata

Blackpoll Warbler

Paruline rayée


Dolichonyx oryzivorus


Goglu des prés


Emberizoides herbicola

Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch

Grand Tardivole


Eucometis penicillata

Grey-headed Tanager

Tangara à tête grise


Euphonia cayennensis

Golden-sided Euphonia

Organiste nègre


Euphonia chlorotica

Purple-throated Euphonia

Organiste chlorotique


Euphonia chrysopasta

White-lored Euphonia

Organiste fardé


Euphonia cyanocephala

Golden-rumped Euphonia

Organiste doré


Euphonia finschi

Finsch's Euphonia

Organiste de Finsch


Euphonia minuta

White-vented Euphonia

Organiste cul-blanc


Euphonia plumbea

Plumbeous Euphonia

Organiste plombé


Euphonia violacea

Violaceous Euphonia

Organiste téïté


Geothlypis aequinoctialis

Masked Yellowthroat

Paruline équatoriale


Granatellus pelzelni

Rose-breasted Chat

Paruline de Pelzeln


Gymnomystax mexicanus

Oriole Blackbird

Carouge loriot


Hemithraupis flavicollis

Yellow-backed Tanager

Tangara à dos jaune


Hemithraupis guira

Guira Tanager

Tangara guira


Icterus cayanensis

Epaulet Oriole

Oriole à épaulettes


Icterus chrysocephalus

Moriche Oriole

Oriole moriche


Icterus nigrogularis

Yellow Oriole

Oriole jaune


Lamprospiza melanoleuca

Red-billed Pied Tanager

Tangara noir et blanc


Lanio fulvus

Fulvous Shrike-Tanager

Tangara mordoré


Molothrus bonariensis

Shiny Cowbird

Vacher luisant


Molothrus oryzivora

Giant Cowbird

Vacher géant


Nemosia pileata

Hooded Tanager

Tangara coiffe-noire


Oryzoborus angolensis

Lesser Seed-Finch

Sporophile curio


Oryzoborus crassirostris

Large-billed Seed-Finch

Sporophile crassirostre


Oryzoborus maximiliani

Great-billed Seed-Finch

Sporophile de Maximilien


Paroaria gularis

Red-capped Cardinal

Paroare rougecap


Parula pitiayumi

Tropical Parula

Paruline à joues noires


Periporphyrus erythromelas

Red-and-black Grosbeak

Cardinal érythromèle


Pheucticus ludovicianus

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Cardinal à poitrine rose


Piranga flava

Hepatic Tanager

Tangara orangé


Piranga rubra

Summer Tanager

Tangara vermillon


Psarocolius decumanus

Crested Oropendola

Cassique huppé


Psarocolius viridis

Green Oropendola

Cassique vert


Quiscalus lugubris

Carib Grackle

Quiscale merle


Ramphocelus carbo

Silver-beaked Tanager

Tangara à bec d'argent


Saltator coerulescens

Greyish Saltator

Saltator gris


Saltator grossus

Slate-colored Grosbeak

Cardinal ardoisé


Saltator maximus

Buff-throated Saltator

Saltator des grands-bois


Schistochlamys melanopis

Black-faced Tanager

Tangara à camail


Seiurus noveboracensis

Northern Waterthrush

Paruline des ruisseaux


Setophaga ruticilla

American Redstart

Paruline flamboyante


Sicalis flaveola

Saffron Finch

Sicale bouton-d'or


Sporophila americana

Wing-barred Seedeater

Sporophile variable


Sporophila bouvronides

Lesson's Seedeater

Sporophile faux-bouvron


Sporophila castaneiventris

Chestnut-bellied Seedeater

Sporophile à ventre châtain


Sporophila lineola

Lined Seedeater

Sporophile bouveron


Sporophila minuta

Ruddy-breasted Seedeater

Sporophile petit-louis


Sporophila plumbea

Plumbeous Seedeater

Sporophile gris-de-plomb


Sturnella magna

Eastern Meadowlark

Sturnelle des prés


Sturnella militaris

Pampas Meadowlark

Sturnelle des pampas


Tachyphonus cristatus

Flame-crested Tanager

Tangara à huppe ignée


Tachyphonus luctuosus

White-shouldered Tanager

Tangara à épaulettes blanches


Tachyphonus phoenicius

Red-shouldered Tanager

Tangara à galons rouges


Tachyphonus rufus

White-lined Tanager

Tangara à galons blancs


Tachyphonus surinamus

Fulvous-crested Tanager

Tangara à crête fauve


Tangara cayana

Burnished-buff Tanager

Calliste passevert


Tangara chilensis

Paradise Tanager

Calliste septicolore


Tangara gyrola

Bay-headed Tanager

Calliste rouverdin


Tangara mexicana

Turquoise Tanager

Calliste diable-enrhumé


Tangara punctata

Spotted Tanager

Calliste syacou


Tangara varia

Dotted Tanager

Calliste tacheté


Tangara velia

Opal-rumped Tanager

Calliste varié


Tersina viridis

Swallow Tanager

Tersine hirondelle


Thraupis episcopus

Blue-grey Tanager

Tangara évêque


Thraupis palmarum

Palm Tanager

Tangara des palmiers


Vermivora peregrina

Tennessee Warbler

Paruline obscure


Volatinia jacarina

Blue-black Grassquit

Jacarini noir


Zonotrichia capensis

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Bruant chingolo


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