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Indians take you in their agile dug-out canoes along winding rivers.


Start your Cuyabeno journey on Ecuador's most scenic wide Amazon tributary, the Aguarico River. Spend 3 nights in the Cofan Lodge, exploring the lower Cuyabeno and Zábalo Rivers.



Price: $ 499

 4 days

Children learning about the rainforest.


The Cuyabeno Loop explores the breathtaking scenery of lower Cuyabeno and Zábalo Rivers and the Cuyabeno Lake. Watch the amazing birds and wildlife. Pass 2 nights with the amazing Cofan Indians in the Cofan Lodge and enjoy 2 nights of comfort in the famous Cuyabeno Lodge.

Price: $ 799

5 days


Birdwatching by visitors of the Amazon in Ecuador


The Lagarto Cocha Expedition on hidden creeks and lakes is the best Amazon journey in Ecuador! Discover Indian tribes in Ecuador, Monkeys, Sloths, Dolphins. No other Amazon rainforest in any of the Amazon-Andean countries can match the wildlife viewing of Cuyabeno and it is far better than Yasuní!


Price: $ 1099

7 days

excursion on Lake Cuyabeno


The Cuyabeno Lake Program explores all the wild places surrounding the Cuyabeno Lake. Bonsai-shaped Macrolobia trees with the whispering of the mysterious prehistoric Hoatzin birds and the noisy Blue and Yellow Macaws. Our Cuyabeno Lodge is on the best location, because we were the first and chose the best location on a seasonal island in the Cuyabeno Lake itself.

Price: from $ 410

4 - 5 days


Alpacas in Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve are the domesticated form of the vicuñas.


Our Northern Andes Tour lets you get a taste of some of the best Andean National Parks, visiting the highest groves in the world: the Polylepis trees, the highest mountain in the world calculated from the center of the Earth, the Chimborazo with Vecuñas and Lamas, the highest active volcano in the world, the Cotopaxi.



Price: from $1149

5 days

San Rafael Falls


Our National Parks Tours take you on a fantastic journey along the best possible sample of Andean and coastal parks. They have been designed to complement Galapagos and/or Amazon cruises. They can start from different places, particularly Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. While the full program lasts 9 days, it is possible to make a limited selection of parks, like the 6 days' "Andes and Coast" module.

Price: $ 1999

9 days


Bartelome Island at Galapagos National Park


We have a fabulous selection of Galapagos programs, including cruises, island hopping, scuba diving or relaxing on one of the many different hotels varying from modest inns to deluxe resorts.



Price: from $ 550

from 3 days

Inca wall in Cusco.


A fabulous program for visiting the most famous cultural highlights Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. At the same time it serves as the Lima hub for the Peru National Parks Tour. This module is an extension to our National Parks Tour Ecuador and/or Galapagos National Park and/or Amazon Cruises.

Price: $ 1199

7 days

Continuation of the current page theme

Birds of India

Birds of India coded for abundance, breeding, migration, wintering, endemic, rare, etc.; 2000 pages on birds, nature, birdwatching, where to go birding, birds and nature pictures, nature conservation, equipment, bird feeding, etc. Welcome to the bird list of India.

India is home to an impressive number of species of birds that vary from residents, that stay all year around, to breeding birds, that spend a good part of the growing season in India to raise their young, migrants who pass through India with the seasons, to wintering birds who like to spend a good part of the winter in India to escape colder conditions up north. While many species of birds are relatively common as they are part of the ecosystems of the state, it is always a thrill to stumble upon a rare bird or vagrant, that does not really form part of any the India ecosystems. Maybe it got lost during its travels between its summer and winter residence or it got displaced by bad weather.

Among the species of the Check list of the birds of India you can find  waterfowl and wading birds, a large suite of song birds, raptors, game birds, swifts and nighthawks, etc., many of which occupy several ecosystems simultaneously, as they fly to and from forests, meadows, shorelines of waters, cities and and urban green spaces. At Birdlist, we have developed a coding system that can help you predict when you may expect a certain species, with a code for seasonality, such as resident, nesting, wintering, etc. A code for abundance will give you a clue on the likelihood that you may actually see a certain species of bird. As we progressed with the coding, we realized that there should be a differentiation in the coding for "common", such as less common, common and very common birds. However, this would require reliable quantative data, which for most states, are not revealed by the commission of bird records. We hope to provide those in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the current Check list of the birds of India.








Casuarius casuarius

Southern Cassowary


Casuarius bennetti

Dwarf Cassowary


Casuarius unappendiculatus

Northern Cassowary


Aepypodius arfakianus

Wattled Brush-turkey


Aepypodius bruijnii

Bruijn's Brush-turkey or Waigeo B.T.


Talegalla cuvieri

Red-billed Brush-turkey


Talegalla fuscirostris

Black-billed Brush-turkey


Talegalla jobiensis

Brown-collared Brush-turkey


Macrocephalon maleo



Megapodius cumingii

Tabon Scrubfowl or Philippine S.F.


Megapodius bernsteinii

Sula Scrubfowl


Megapodius reinwardt

Orange-footed Scrubfowl


Megapodius freycinet

Dusky Scrubfowl


Megapodius affinis

New Guinea Scrubfowl


Megapodius wallacei

Moluccan Scrubfowl


Rhizothera longirostris

Long-billed Partridge


Melanoperdix nigra

Black Partridge


Coturnix ypsilophora

Brown Quail


Coturnix adansonii

Blue Quail


Anurophasis monorthonyx

Snow Mountain Quail


Arborophila orientalis

Grey-breasted Partridge


Arborophila javanica

Chestnut-bellied Partridge


Arborophila hyperythra

Red-breasted Partridge


Arborophila rubrirostris

Red-billed Partridge


Arborophila charltonii

Chestnut-necklaced Partridge


Caloperdix oculea

Ferruginous Partridge


Haematortyx sanguiniceps

Crimson-headed Partridge


Rollulus rouloul

Crested Partridge


Gallus gallus

Red Junglefowl


Gallus varius

Green Junglefowl


Lophura hoogerwerfi

Sumatran or Hoogerwerf's Pheasant


Lophura inornata

Salvadori's Pheasant


Lophura erythrophthalma

Crestless Fireback


Lophura ignita

Crested Fireback


Lophura bulweri

Bulwer's Pheasant


Polyplectron chalcurum

Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant


Polyplectron schleiermacheri

Bornean Peacock-Pheasant


Argusianus argus

Great Argus


Pavo muticus

Green Peafowl


Anseranas semipalmata

Magpie Goose


Dendrocygna guttata

Spotted Whistling-Duck


Dendrocygna eytoni

Plumed Whistling-Duck


Dendrocygna arcuata

Wandering Whistling-Duck


Dendrocygna javanica

Lesser Whistling-Duck


Cygnus olor

Mute Swan


Tadorna radjah

White Headed or Radjah Shelduck


Cairina scutulata

White-winged Duck


Nettapus pulchellus

Green Pygmy-goose


Nettapus coromandelianus

Cotton Pygmy-goose


Anas specularioides

Crested Duck


Anas penelope

Eurasian Wigeon


Anas superciliosa

Pacific Black Duck


Anas gibberifrons

Sunda Teal


Anas gracilis

Grey Teal


Anas acuta

Northern Pintail


Anas querquedula



Aythya australis

Hardhead or Australian Pochard


Aythya fuligula

Tufted Duck


Turnix sylvatica

Small Buttonquail


Turnix maculosa

Red-backed Buttonquail


Turnix suscitator

Barred Buttonquail


Turnix everetti

Sumba Buttonquail


Indicator archipelagicus

Malaysian Honeyguide


Picumnus innominatus

Speckled Piculet


Sasia abnormis

Rufous Piculet


Dendrocopos temminckii

Sulawesi Woodpecker


Dendrocopos moluccensis

Sunda or Brown-capped Woodpecker


Dendrocopos canicapillus

Grey-capped Woodpecker


Dendrocopos macei

Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker


Celeus brachyurus

Rufous Woodpecker


Dryocopus javensis

White-bellied Woodpecker


Picus mineaceus

Banded Woodpecker


Picus chlorolophus

Lesser Yellownape


Picus puniceus

Crimson-winged Woodpecker


Picus flavinucha

Greater Yellownape


Picus mentalis

Checker-throated Woodpecker


Picus vittatus

Laced Woodpecker


Picus canus

Grey-faced or headed Woodpecker


Dinopium rafflesii

Olive-backed Woodpecker


Dinopium javanense

Common Flameback or Goldenback


Chrysocolaptes lucidus

Greater Flameback


Blythipicus rubiginosus

Maroon Woodpecker


Reinwardtipicus validus

Orange-backed Woodpecker


Meiglyptes tristis

Buff-rumped Woodpecker


Meiglyptes tukki

Buff-necked Woodpecker


Hemicircus concretus

Grey-and-buff Woodpecker


Mulleripicus fulvus

Ashy Woodpecker


Mulleripicus pulverulentus

Great Slaty Woodpecker


Psilopogon pyrolophus

Fire-tufted Barbet


Megalaima lineata

Lineated Barbet


Megalaima corvina

Brown-throated Barbet


Megalaima chrysopogon

Gold-whiskered Barbet


Megalaima rafflesii

Red-crowned Barbet


Megalaima mystacophanos

Red-throated Barbet


Megalaima javensis

Black-banded Barbet


Megalaima oorti

Black-browed Barbet or Muller's Barbet or Chinese Barbet


Megalaima monticola

Mountain Barbet


Megalaima henricii

Yellow-crowned Barbet


Megalaima armillaris

Orange- or Flame-fronted Barbet


Megalaima pulcherrima

Golden-naped Barbet


Megalaima australis

Blue-eared Barbet


Megalaima eximia

Bornean or Bornean Barbet


Megalaima haemacephala

Coppersmith Barbet


Calorhamphus fuliginosus

Brown Barbet


Anthracoceros albirostris

Oriental or Asian Pied-Hornbill


Anthracoceros malayanus

Black Hornbill


Buceros rhinoceros

Rhinoceros Hornbill


Buceros bicornis

Great Hornbill


Buceros vigil

Helmeted Hornbill


Anorrhinus galeritus

Bushy-crested Hornbill


Penelopides exarhatus

Sulawesi Hornbill


Aceros comatus

White or Wihu-crowned Hornbill


Aceros corrugatus

Wrinkled Hornbill


Aceros cassidix

Knobbed or Red-knobbed Hornbill


Aceros undulatus

Wreathed Hornbill


Aceros everetti

Sumba Hornbill


Aceros subruficollis

Plain-pouched Hornbill


Aceros plicatus

Blyth's Hornbill


Upupa epops

Eurasian or Common Hoopoe


Harpactes reinwardtii

Blue-tailed Trogon


Harpactes kasumba

Red-naped Trogon


Harpactes diardii

Diard's Trogon


Harpactes whiteheadi

Whitehead's Trogon


Harpactes orrhophaeus

Cinnamon-rumped Trogon


Harpactes duvaucelii

Scarlet-rumped Trogon


Harpactes oreskios

Orange-breasted Trogon


Harpactes erythrocephalus

Red-headed Trogon


Coracias temminckii

Purple-winged Roller


Eurystomus orientalis

Dollarbird or Common Dollarbird


Eurystomus azureus

Purple Roller or Purple Dollarbird


Alcedo atthis

Common Kingfisher


Alcedo meninting

Blue-eared Kingfisher


Alcedo azurea

Azure Kingfisher


Alcedo euryzona

Blue-banded Kingfisher


Alcedo coerulescens

Small Blue Kingfisher


Alcedo pusilla

Little Kingfisher


Ceyx lepidus

Variable Kingfisher


Ceyx erithacus

Black-backed Kingfisher


Ceyx rufidorsa

Rufous-backed Kingfisher


Ceyx fallax

Sulawesi Kingfisher


Lacedo pulchella

Banded Kingfisher


Dacelo leachii

Blue-winged Kookaburra


Dacelo tyro

Spangled Kookaburra


Dacelo gaudichaud

Rufous-bellied Kookaburra


Clytoceyx rex

Shovel-billed Kookaburra


Cittura cyanotis

Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher


Pelargopsis capensis

Stork-billed Kingfisher


Pelargopsis melanorhyncha

Black-billed Kingfisher


Halcyon coromanda

Ruddy Kingfisher


Halcyon smyrnensis

White-throated Kingfisher


Halcyon pileata

Black-capped Kingfisher


Halcyon cyanoventris

Javan Kingfisher


Todirhamphus nigrocyaneus

Blue-black Kingfisher


Todirhamphus diops

Blue-and-white Kingfisher


Todirhamphus lazuli

Lazuli Kingfisher


Todirhamphus macleayii

Forest Kingfisher


Todirhamphus funebris

Sombre Kingfisher


Todirhamphus chloris

Collared Kingfisher


Todirhamphus saurophaga

Beach Kingfisher


Todirhamphus australasia

Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher


Todirhamphus sanctus

Sacred Kingfisher


Caridonax fulgidus

White-rumped Kingfisher


Melidora macrorrhina

Hook-billed Kingfisher


Actenoides concretus

Rufous-collared Kingfisher


Actenoides monachus

Green-backed Kingfisher


Actenoides princeps

Scaly or Scaly-breasted Kingfisher


Syma torotoro

Yellow-billed Kingfisher


Syma megarhyncha

Mountain Kingfisher


Tanysiptera hydrocharis

Little Paradise-Kingfisher


Tanysiptera galatea

Common Paradise-Kingfisher


Tanysiptera ellioti

Kofiau Paradise-Kingfisher


Tanysiptera riedelii

Biak Paradise-Kingfisher


Tanysiptera carolinae

Numfor Paradise-Kingfisher


Tanysiptera nympha

Red-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher


Tanysiptera sylvia

Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher


Nyctyornis amictus

Red-bearded Bee-eater


Meropogon forsteni

Purple-bearded Bee-eater


Merops viridis

Blue-throated Bee-eater


Merops philippinus

Blue-tailed Bee-eater


Merops ornatus

Rainbow Bee-eater


Merops leschenaulti

Chestnut-headed Bee-eater


Clamator coromandus

Chestnut-winged Cuckoo


Cuculus crassirostris

Sulawesi Hawk-Cuckoo


Cuculus sparverioides

Large Hawk-Cuckoo


Cuculus vagans

Moustached Hawk-Cuckoo


Cuculus fugax

Hodgson's Hawk-Cuckoo


Cuculus micropterus

Indian Cuckoo


Cuculus canorus

Common Cuckoo


Cuculus saturatus

Oriental Cuckoo


Cuculus pallidus

Pallid Cuckoo


Cacomantis sonneratii

Banded Bay Cuckoo


Cacomantis merulinus

Plaintive Cuckoo


Cacomantis sepulcralis

Rusty-breasted Cuckoo


Cacomantis variolosus

Brush Cuckoo


Cacomantis castaneiventris

Chestnut-breasted Cuckoo


Cacomantis heinrichi

Moluccan Cuckoo


Cacomantis flabelliformis

Fan-tailed Cuckoo


Rhamphomantis megarhynchus

Long-billed Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx minutillus

Little Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx russatus

Gould's Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx rufomerus

Green-cheeked Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx crassirostris

Pied Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx lucidus

Shining Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx basalis

Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx ruficollis

Rufous-throated Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx meyeri

White-eared Bronze-Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx maculatus

Asian Emerald Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus

Violet Cuckoo


Chrysococcyx osculans

Black-eared Cuckoo


Caliechthrus leucolophus

White-crowned Koel


Surniculus lugubris

Drongo Cuckoo


Microdynamis parva

Dwarf Koel


Eudynamys scolopacea

Asian Koel


Eudynamys melanorhyncha

Black-billed Koel


Eudynamys cyanocephala

Australian Koel


Scythrops novaehollandiae

Channel-billed Cuckoo


Phaenicophaeus diardi

Black-bellied Malkoha


Phaenicophaeus sumatranus

Chestnut-bellied Malkoha


Phaenicophaeus tristis

Green-billed Malkoha


Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus

Raffles's Malkoha


Phaenicophaeus javanicus

Red-billed Malkoha


Phaenicophaeus calyorhynchus

Yellow-billed Malkoha


Phaenicophaeus curvirostris

Chestnut-breasted Malkoha


Carpococcyx radiceus

Sunda Ground-Cuckoo


Centropus goliath

Goliath or Gouam Coucal


Centropus menbeki

Greater Black Coucal


Centropus phasianinus

Pheasant Coucal


Centropus spilopterus

Kai Coucal


Centropus bernsteini

Lesser Black Coucal


Centropus chalybeus

Biak Coucal


Centropus rectunguis

Short-toed Coucal


Centropus sinensis

Greater Coucal


Centropus nigrorufus

Javan or Sunda Coucal


Centropus bengalensis

Lesser Coucal


Centropus celebensis

Bay Coucal


Chalcopsitta atra

Black Lory


Chalcopsitta duivenbodei

Brown Lory


Chalcopsitta sintillata

Yellow-streaked Lory


Eos histrio

Red-and-blue Lory


Eos squamata

Violet-necked Lory


Eos bornea

Red Lory or Mollucan Red Lory


Eos reticulata

Blue-streaked Lory


Eos cyanogenia

Biak Red Lory or Black-winged Lory


Eos semilarvata

Blue-eared Lory


Pseudeos fuscata

Dusky Lory


Trichoglossus ornatus

Ornate Lorikeet


Trichoglossus haematodus

Rainbow Lorikeet


Trichoglossus euteles

Olive-headed Lorikeet


Trichoglossus flavoviridis

Yellow-and-green Lorikeet


Psitteuteles iris

Iris Lorikeet


Psitteuteles goldiei

Goldie's Lorikeet


Lorius garrulus

Chattering Lory


Lorius domicella

Purple-naped Lory


Lorius lory

Black-capped Lory


Charmosyna toxopei

Blue-fronted Lorikeet


Charmosyna multistriata

Striated Lorikeet


Charmosyna wilhelminae

Pygmy Lorikeet


Charmosyna rubronotata

Red-fronted Lorikeet


Charmosyna placentis

Red-flanked Lorikeet


Charmosyna pulchella

Fairy Lorikeet


Charmosyna josefinae

Josephine's Lorikeet


Charmosyna papou

Papuan Lorikeet


Oreopsittacus arfaki

Plum-faced Lorikeet


Neopsittacus musschenbroekii

Yellow-billed Lorikeet


Neopsittacus pullicauda

Orange-billed Lorikeet


Probosciger aterrimus

Palm Cockatoo


Cacatua sulphurea

Yellow-crested Cockatoo


Cacatua galerita

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo


Cacatua moluccensis

Salmon-crested Cockatoo


Cacatua alba

White Cockatoo


Cacatua goffini

Tanimbar Cockatoo


Cacatua sanguinea

Little Corella


Micropsitta keiensis

Yellow-capped Pygmy-Parrot


Micropsitta geelvinkiana

Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot


Micropsitta pusio

Buff-faced Pygmy-Parrot


Micropsitta bruijnii

Red-breasted Pygmy-Parrot


Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii

Orange-breasted Fig-Parrot


Cyclopsitta diophthalma

Double-eyed Fig-Parrot


Psittaculirostris desmarestii

Large Fig-Parrot


Psittaculirostris edwardsii

Edwards's Fig-Parrot


Psittaculirostris salvadorii

Salvadori's Fig-Parrot


Psittinus cyanurus

Blue-rumped Parrot


Psittacella brehmii

Brehm's Tiger-Parrot


Psittacella picta

Painted Tiger-Parrot


Psittacella modesta

Modest Tiger-Parrot


Psittacella madaraszi

Madarasz's Tiger-Parrot


Geoffroyus geoffroyi

Red-cheeked Parrot


Geoffroyus simplex

Blue-collared Parrot


Prioniturus flavicans

Yellowish-breasted Racquet-tail


Prioniturus platurus

Golden-mantled Racquet-tail


Prioniturus mada

Buru Racquet-tail


Tanygnathus megalorynchos

Great-billed Parrot


Tanygnathus lucionensis

Blue-naped Parrot


Tanygnathus sumatranus

Blue-backed Parrot


Tanygnathus gramineus

Black-lored Parrot


Eclectus roratus

Eclectus Parrot


Psittrichas fulgidus

Pesquet's Parrot


Alisterus amboinensis

Moluccan King-Parrot


Alisterus chloropterus

Papuan King-Parrot


Aprosmictus jonquillaceus

Olive-shouldered Parrot


Aprosmictus erythropterus

Red-winged Parrot


Loriculus galgulus

Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot


Loriculus stigmatus

Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot


Loriculus amabilis

Moluccan Hanging-Parrot


Loriculus catamene

Sangihe Hanging-Parrot


Loriculus aurantiifrons

Orange-fronted or Papuan Hanging-Parrot


Loriculus exilis

Red-billed Hanging-Parrot


Loriculus pusillus

Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrot


Loriculus flosculus

Wallace's Hanging-Parrot


Psittacula alexandri

Red-breasted Parakeet


Psittacula longicauda

Long-tailed Parakeet


Hydrochous gigas

Waterfall Swift


Collocalia esculenta

Glossy or White Bellied Swiflet Swiftlet


Collocalia infuscata

Moluccan Swiftlet


Collocalia hirundinacea

Mountain Swiftlet


Collocalia brevirostris

Himalayan Swiftlet


Collocalia vulcanorum

Volcano Swiftlet


Collocalia nuditarsus

Bare-legged Swiftlet


Collocalia salangana

Mossy-nest Swiftlet


Collocalia vanikorensis

Uniform Swiftlet


Collocalia maxima

Black-nest Swiftlet


Collocalia fuciphaga

Edible-nest Swiftlet


Collocalia germani

German's Swiftlet


Collocalia papuensis

Papuan or Three-toed Swiftlet


Mearnsia novaeguineae

Papuan Needletail


Rhaphidura leucopygialis

Silver-rumped Spinetail or Swift


Rhaphidura sabini

Sabine's Spinetail


Hirundapus caudacutus

White-throated Needletail


Hirundapus cochinchinensis

Silver-backed Needletail


Hirundapus giganteus

Brown-backed Needletail


Hirundapus celebensis

Purple Needletail


Cypsiurus balasiensis

Asian Palm-Swift


Apus pacificus

Fork-tailed Swift


Apus affinis

Little Swift


Hemiprocne longipennis

Grey-rumped Treeswift


Hemiprocne mystacea

Moustached Treeswift


Hemiprocne comata

Whiskered Treeswift


Tyto tenebricosa

Greater Sooty-Owl


Tyto inexspectata

Minahassa Masked-Owl


Tyto nigrobrunnea

Taliabu Masked-Owl


Tyto sororcula

Lesser Masked-Owl


Tyto novaehollandiae

Australian Masked-Owl


Tyto rosenbergii

Sulawesi Owl


Tyto alba

Barn Owl


Tyto capensis

African Grass-Owl or Eastern Grass-Owl


Phodilus badius

Oriental Bay-Owl


Otus sagittatus

White-fronted Scops-Owl


Otus rufescens

Reddish Scops-Owl


Otus spilocephalus

Mountain Scops-Owl


Otus umbra

Simeulue Scops-Owl


Otus angelinae

Javan Scops-Owl


Otus manadensis

Sulawesi Scops-Owl


Otus magicus

Moluccan Scops-Owl


Otus brookii

Rajah Scops-Owl


Otus bakkamoena

Collared Scops-Owl


Otus mentawi

Mentawai Scops-Owl


Otus silvicola

Wallace's Scops-Owl


Bubo sumatranus

Barred Eagle-Owl


Ketupa ketupu

Buffy Fish-Owl


Strix seloputo

Spotted Wood-Owl


Strix leptogrammica

Brown Wood-Owl


Glaucidium brodiei

Collared Owlet


Glaucidium castanopterum

Javan Owlet


Ninox rufa

Rufous Owl


Ninox connivens

Barking Owl


Ninox rudolfi

Sumba Boobook


Ninox novaeseelandiae



Ninox scutulata

Brown Boobook or Hawk-Owl


Ninox ochracea

Ochre-bellied Boobook or Hawk-Owl


Ninox squamipila

Moluccan Hawk-Owl


Ninox theomacha

Papuan Boobook or Jungle Hawk-Owl


Ninox punctulata

Speckled Hawk-Owl


Uroglaux dimorpha

Papuan Hawk-Owl


Aegotheles crinifrons

Moluccan or Long-whiskered Owlet-Nightjar


Aegotheles insignis

Feline Owlet-Nightjar


Aegotheles bennettii

Barred Owlet-Nightjar


Aegotheles wallacii

Wallace's Owlet-Nightjar


Aegotheles archboldi

Archbold's Owlet-Nightjar


Aegotheles albertisii

Mountain Owlet-Nightjar


Podargus papuensis

Papuan Frogmouth


Podargus ocellatus

Marbled Frogmouth


Batrachostomus auritus

Large Frogmouth


Batrachostomus harterti

Dulit Frogmouth


Batrachostomus stellatus

Gould's Frogmouth


Batrachostomus poliolophus

Pale-headed or Short-tailed Frogmouth


Batrachostomus javensis

Javan Frogmouth


Batrachostomus cornutus

Sunda Frogmouth


Eurostopodus argus

Spotted Eared-Nightjar or Nightjar


Eurostopodus mystacalis

White-throated Eared-Nightjar


Eurostopodus diabolicus

Satanic Eared-Nightjar or Diabolical Nightjar


Eurostopodus papuensis

Papuan Eared-Nightjar or Nightjar


Eurostopodus archboldi

Mountain Eared-Nightjar or Nightjar


Eurostopodus temminckii

Malaysian Eared-Nightjar


Eurostopodus macrotis

Great Eared-Nightjar


Caprimulgus indicus

Grey Nightjar


Caprimulgus macrurus

Large-tailed Nightjar


Caprimulgus celebensis

Sulawesi Nightjar


Caprimulgus affinis

Savanna Nightjar


Caprimulgus concretus

Bonaparte's Nightjar


Caprimulgus pulchellus

Salvadori's Nightjar


Columba livia

Rock Pigeon


Columba argentina

Silvery Wood-Pigeon or Pigeon


Columba vitiensis

Metallic Pigeon


Streptopelia chinensis

Spotted Dove


Macropygia unchall

Barred Cuckoo-Dove


Macropygia amboinensis

Slender-billed Cuckoo-Dove


Macropygia ruficeps

Little Cuckoo-Dove


Macropygia nigrirostris

Black-billed Cuckoo-Dove


Reinwardtoena reinwardtsi

Great Cuckoo-Dove


Turacoena manadensis

White-faced Cuckoo-Dove or Sulawesi Black Pigeon


Turacoena modesta

Timor Black Pigeon or Black Cuckoo-Dove


Chalcophaps indica

Emerald Dove


Chalcophaps stephani

Stephan's Dove


Henicophaps albifrons

New Guinea Bronzewing


Geopelia striata

Zebra Dove


Geopelia maugeus

Barred Dove


Geopelia placida

Peaceful Dove


Geopelia humeralis

Bar-shouldered Dove


Caloenas nicobarica

Nicobar Pigeon


Gallicolumba rufigula

Cinnamon Ground-Dove


Gallicolumba tristigmata

Sulawesi Ground-Dove


Gallicolumba jobiensis

White-bibbed Ground-Dove


Gallicolumba beccarii

Bronze Ground-Dove


Gallicolumba hoedtii

Wetar Ground-Dove


Trugon terrestris

Thick-billed Ground-Pigeon


Otidiphaps nobilis

Pheasant Pigeon


Treron fulvicollis

Cinnamon-headed Green-Pigeon


Treron olax

Little Green-Pigeon


Treron vernans

Pink-necked Green-Pigeon


Treron bicincta

Orange-breasted Green-Pigeon


Treron pompadora

Pompadour Green-Pigeon


Treron curvirostra

Thick-billed Green-Pigeon


Treron griseicauda

Grey-cheeked Green-Pigeon


Treron floris

Flores Green-Pigeon


Treron teysmannii

Sumba Green-Pigeon


Treron psittacea

Timor Green-Pigeon


Treron capellei

Large Green-Pigeon


Treron oxyura

Sumatran Green-Pigeon or Sunda Pin-Tailed Pigeon


Treron sphenura

Wedge-tailed Green-Pigeon or Pigeon


Ptilinopus porphyreus

Pink-headed Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus cinctus

Black-backed Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus dohertyi

Red-naped Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus fischeri

Red-eared Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus jambu

Jambu Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus subgularis

Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus bernsteinii

Scarlet-breasted Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus magnificus

Wompoo Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus perlatus

Pink-spotted Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus ornatus

Ornate Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus aurantiifrons

Orange-fronted Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus wallacii

Wallace's Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus superbus

Superb Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus monacha

Blue-capped Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus coronulatus

Coroneted Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus pulchellus

Beautiful Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus regina

Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus rivoli

White-bibbed Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus solomonensis

Yellow-bibbed Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus viridis

Claret-breasted Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus hyogastra

Grey-headed Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus granulifrons

Carunculated Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus iozonus

Orange-bellied Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus naina

Dwarf Fruit-Dove


Ptilinopus melanospila

Black-naped Fruit-Dove


Ducula forsteni

White-bellied Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula radiata

Grey-headed Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula aenea

Green Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula perspicillata

White-eyed Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula concinna

Elegant or Blue Tailed Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula myristicivora

Spice Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula rosacea

Pink-headed Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula pickeringii

Grey Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula basilica

Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula rufigaster

Purple-tailed Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula chalconota

Shining or Rufescent Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula pinon

Pinon Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula mullerii

Collared Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula zoeae

Banded or Zoe's Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula badia

Mountain Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula lacernulata

Dark-backed Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula cineracea

Timor Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula bicolor

Pied Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula luctuosa

White Imperial-Pigeon


Ducula spilorrhoa

Torresian Imperial-Pigeon


Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa

Sombre Pigeon


Gymnophaps albertisii

Papuan Mountain-Pigeon


Gymnophaps mada

Long-tailed Mountain-Pigeon


Goura cristata

Western Crowned-Pigeon


Goura victoria

Victoria Crowned-Pigeon


Goura scheepmakeri

Southern Crowned-Pigeon


Ardeotis australis

Australian Bustard


Grus rubicunda



Heliopais personata

Masked Finfoot


Rallina rubra

Chestnut Forest-Rail


Rallina leucospila

White-striped Forest-Rail


Rallina forbesi

Forbes's Forest-Rail


Rallina mayri

Mayr's Forest-Rail


Rallina tricolor

Red-necked Crake


Rallina fasciata

Red-legged Crake


Rallina eurizonoides

Slaty-legged Crake


Gallirallus torquatus

Barred Rail


Gallirallus philippensis

Buff-banded Rail


Gallirallus striatus

Slaty-breasted Rail


Lewinia pectoralis

Lewin's Rail


Aramidopsis plateni

Snoring Rail


Gymnocrex rosenbergii

Blue or Bald-faced Rail


Gymnocrex plumbeiventris

Bare-eyed Rail


Amaurornis olivaceus

Common Bush-hen or Bush-hen


Amaurornis isabellinus

Isabelline Waterhen or Bush-hen


Amaurornis phoenicurus

White-breasted Waterhen


Porzana parva

Little Crake


Porzana pusilla

Baillon's Crake


Porzana fusca

Ruddy-breasted Crake


Porzana paykullii

Band-bellied or Band bewed Crake


Porzana tabuensis

Spotless Crake


Porzana cinerea

White-browed Crake


Eulabeornis castaneoventris

Chestnut Rail


Habroptila wallacii

Invisible Rail


Megacrex inepta

New Guinea Flightless Rail


Gallicrex cinerea



Porphyrio porphyrio

Purple Swamphen


Gallinula chloropus

Common Moorhen


Gallinula tenebrosa

Dusky Moorhen


Fulica atra

Common Coot


Scolopax rusticola

Eurasian Woodcock


Scolopax saturata

Rufous or Horsefield's Woodcock


Scolopax celebensis

Sulawesi Woodcock


Scolopax rochussenii

Moluccan Woodcock


Gallinago hardwickii

Latham's Snipe


Gallinago stenura

Pintail Snipe


Gallinago megala

Swinhoe's Snipe


Gallinago gallinago

Common Snipe


Limosa limosa

Black-tailed Godwit


Limosa lapponica

Bar-tailed Godwit


Numenius minutus

Little Curlew


Numenius phaeopus



Numenius arquata

Eurasian Curlew


Numenius madagascariensis

Far Eastern Curlew


Tringa erythropus

Spotted Redshank


Tringa totanus

Common Redshank


Tringa stagnatilis

Marsh Sandpiper


Tringa nebularia

Common Greenshank


Tringa guttifer

Nordmann's Greenshank


Tringa flavipes

Lesser Yellowlegs


Tringa ochropus

Green Sandpiper


Tringa glareola

Wood Sandpiper


Tringa cinerea

Terek Sandpiper


Tringa hypoleucos

Common Sandpiper


Tringa brevipes

Grey-tailed Tattler


Tringa incana

Wandering Tattler


Arenaria interpres

Ruddy Turnstone


Limnodromus scolopaceus

Long-billed Dowitcher


Limnodromus semipalmatus

Asian Dowitcher


Calidris tenuirostris

Great Knot


Calidris canutus

Red Knot


Calidris alba



Calidris ruficollis

Rufous- or Red-necked Stint


Calidris temminckii

Temminck's Stint


Calidris subminuta

Long-toed Stint


Calidris acuminata

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper


Calidris ferruginea

Curlew Sandpiper


Limicola falcinellus

Broad-billed Sandpiper


Philomachus pugnax



Phalaropus lobatus

Red-necked Phalarope


Rostratula benghalensis

Greater Painted-snipe


Irediparra gallinacea

Comb-crested Jacana


Hydrophasianus chirurgus

Pheasant-tailed Jacana


Metopidius indicus

Bronze-winged Jacana


Burhinus giganteus

Beach Thick-knee


Haematopus longirostris

Pied Oystercatcher


Himantopus leucocephalus

White-headed Stilt


Pluvialis fulva

Pacific Golden-Plover


Pluvialis squatarola

Grey Plover


Charadrius placidus

Long-billed Plover


Charadrius dubius

Little Ringed Plover


Charadrius alexandrinus

Kentish Plover


Charadrius ruficapillus

Red-capped Plover


Charadrius peronii

Malaysian Plover


Charadrius javanicus

Javan Plover


Charadrius mongolus

Mongolian Plover


Charadrius leschenaultii

Greater Sand Plover


Charadrius veredus

Oriental Plover


Erythrogonys cinctus

Red-kneed Dotterel


Vanellus macropterus

Javanese or Javen Lapwing


Vanellus miles

Masked Lapwing


Vanellus cinereus

Grey-headed Lapwing


Vanellus indicus

Red-wattled Lapwing or Plover


Glareola maldivarum

Oriental Pratincole


Stiltia isabella

Australian Pratincole


Catharacta maccormicki

South Polar Skua


Stercorarius pomarinus

Pomarine Jaeger


Stercorarius parasiticus

Parasitic or Artic Jaeger


Stercorarius longicaudus

Long-tailed Jaeger


Larus brunnicephalus

Brown-headed Gull


Larus novaehollandiae

Silver Gull


Larus ridibundus

Common Black-headed Gull


Gelochelidon nilotica

Gull-billed Tern


Sterna caspia

Caspian Tern


Sterna bengalensis

Lesser Crested-Tern


Sterna bergii

Great Crested-Tern


Sterna bernsteini

Chinese Crested-Tern


Sterna dougallii

Roseate Tern


Sterna sumatrana

Black-naped Tern


Sterna hirundo

Common Tern


Sterna saundersii

Saunders's Tern


Sterna lunata

Grey-backed Tern


Sterna fuscata

Sooty Tern


Chlidonias hybridus

Whiskered Tern


Chlidonias leucopterus

White-winged Tern


Anous stolidus

Brown Noddy


Anous minutus

Black Noddy


Gygis alba

Common White-Tern


Pandion haliaetus



Aviceda jerdoni

Jerdon's Baza


Aviceda subcristata

Pacific Baza


Aviceda leuphotes

Black Baza


Henicopernis longicauda

Long-tailed Honey-buzzard or Longtailed Buzzerd


Pernis ptilorhyncus

Oriental Honey-buzzard


Pernis celebensis

Barred Honey-buzzard


Macheiramphus alcinus

Bat Hawk


Elanus caeruleus

Black-winged / Black-Shouldered Kite


Milvus migrans

Black Kite


Haliastur indus

Brahminy Kite


Haliaeetus leucogaster

White-bellied Fish- / Sea-Eagle


Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus

Grey-headed Fish-Eagle


Circaetus gallicus

Short-toed Snake-Eagle or Short-toed-Eagle


Spilornis cheela

Crested Serpent-Eagle


Spilornis rufipectus

Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle


Circus aeruginosus

Western or Eurasian Marsh-Harrier


Circus approximans

Swamp Harrier


Circus assimilis

Spotted Harrier


Circus melanoleucos

Pied Harrier


Accipiter trivirgatus

Crested Goshawk


Accipiter griseiceps

Sulawesi Goshawk


Accipiter badius



Accipiter soloensis

Chinese Goshawk or Sparrowhawk


Accipiter trinotatus

Spot-tailed Goshawk


Accipiter novaehollandiae

Grey Goshawk


Accipiter fasciatus

Brown Goshawk


Accipiter melanochlamys

Black-mantled Goshawk


Accipiter henicogrammus

Moluccan Goshawk


Accipiter poliocephalus

Grey-headed Goshawk


Accipiter gularis

Japanese Sparrowhawk


Accipiter virgatus



Accipiter nanus

Small Sparrowhawk


Accipiter erythrauchen

Rufous-necked Sparrowhawk


Accipiter cirrocephalus

Collared Sparrowhawk


Accipiter rhodogaster

Vinous-breasted Sparrowhawk


Accipiter meyerianus

Meyer's Goshawk


Erythrotriorchis buergersi

Chestnut-shouldered Goshawk


Megatriorchis doriae

Doria's Goshawk


Butastur liventer

Rufous-winged Buzzard


Butastur indicus

Grey-faced Buzzard


Buteo buteo

Common Buzzard


Harpyopsis novaeguineae

New Guinea Eagle


Ictinaetus malayensis

Black Eagle


Aquila clanga

Greater Spotted Eagle or Spotted Eagle


Aquila gurneyi

Gurney's Eagle


Aquila audax

Wedge-tailed Eagle


Hieraaetus fasciatus

Bonelli's Eagle


Hieraaetus pennatus

Booted Eagle


Hieraaetus morphnoides

Little Eagle


Spizaetus cirrhatus

Changeable Hawk-Eagle


Spizaetus alboniger

Blyth's Hawk-Eagle


Spizaetus bartelsi

Javan Hawk-Eagle


Spizaetus lanceolatus

Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle


Spizaetus nanus

Wallace's Hawk-Eagle


Microhierax fringillarius

Black-thighed Falconet


Falco berigora

Brown Falcon


Falco tinnunculus

Common or Eurasian Kestrel


Falco moluccensis

Spotted Kestrel


Falco cenchroides

Australian Kestrel


Falco subbuteo

Eurasian Hobby


Falco severus

Oriental Hobby


Falco longipennis

Australian Hobby


Falco peregrinus

Peregrine Falcon


Tachybaptus ruficollis

Little Grebe


Tachybaptus novaehollandiae

Australasian Grebe


Podiceps cristatus

Great Crested Grebe


Phaethon rubricauda

Red-tailed Tropicbird


Phaethon lepturus

White-tailed Tropicbird


Papasula abbotti

Abbott's Booby


Sula dactylatra

Masked Booby


Sula sula

Red-footed Booby


Sula leucogaster

Brown Booby


Anhinga melanogaster

Oriental Darter / Darter


Anhinga novaehollandiae

Australian Darter


Phalacrocorax niger

Little Cormorant


Phalacrocorax melanoleucos

Little Pied Cormorant


Phalacrocorax sulcirostris

Little Black Cormorant


Phalacrocorax carbo

Great Cormorant


Egretta novaehollandiae

White-faced Heron


Egretta garzetta

Little Egret


Egretta eulophotes

Chinese Egret or Swinhoe's Egret


Egretta sacra

Pacific Reef-Egret


Ardea cinerea

Grey Heron


Ardea pacifica

Pacific Heron


Ardea sumatrana

Great-billed Heron


Ardea purpurea

Purple Heron


Ardea picata

Pied Heron


Casmerodius albus

Great Egret


Mesophoyx intermedia

Intermediate Egret


Bubulcus ibis

Cattle Egret


Ardeola bacchus

Chinese Pond-Heron


Ardeola speciosa

Javan Pond-Heron


Butorides striatus

Striated / Little Heron


Nycticorax nycticorax

Black-crowned Night-Heron


Nycticorax caledonicus

Rufous Night-Heron


Gorsachius goisagi

Japanese Night-Heron


Gorsachius melanolophus

Malayan Night-Heron


Zonerodius heliosylus

Forest Bittern


Ixobrychus sinensis

Yellow Bittern


Ixobrychus eurhythmus

Schrenck's / Von Schrenk's Bittern


Ixobrychus cinnamomeus

Cinnamon Bittern


Dupetor flavicollis

Black Bittern


Plegadis falcinellus

Glossy Ibis


Threskiornis melanocephalus

Black-headed Ibis


Threskiornis molucca

Australian Ibis


Threskiornis spinicollis

Straw-necked Ibis


Pseudibis papillosa

Red-naped Ibis or Black Ibis


Pseudibis davisoni

White-shouldered Ibis


Platalea regia

Royal Spoonbill


Platalea minor

Black-faced Spoonbill


Pelecanus onocrotalus

Great White Pelican


Pelecanus philippensis

Spot-billed Pelican


Pelecanus conspicillatus

Australian Pelican


Mycteria cinerea

Milky Stork


Ciconia episcopus

Woolly-necked Stork


Ciconia stormi

Storm's Stork


Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus

Black-necked Stork


Leptoptilos javanicus

Lesser Adjutant


Fregata minor

Great Frigatebird


Fregata ariel

Lesser Frigatebird


Fregata andrewsi

Christmas Island Frigatebird


Daption capense

Cape Petrel


Pterodroma rostrata

Tahiti Petrel


Pterodroma phaeopygia

Galapagos Petrel


Pterodroma baraui

Barau's Petrel


Pachyptila desolata

Antarctic Prion


Bulweria bulwerii

Bulwer's Petrel


Bulweria fallax

Jouanin's Petrel


Calonectris leucomelas

Streaked Shearwater


Puffinus pacificus

Wedge-tailed Shearwater


Puffinus carneipes

Flesh-footed Shearwater


Oceanites oceanicus

Wilson's Storm-Petrel


Pelagodroma marina

White-faced Storm-Petrel


Oceanodroma monorhis

Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel


Oceanodroma matsudairae

Matsudaira's Storm-Petrel


Pitta schneideri

Schneider's Pitta


Pitta caerulea

Giant Pitta


Pitta guajana

Banded Pitta


Pitta baudii

Blue-headed Pitta


Pitta sordida

Hooded Pitta


Pitta maxima

Ivory-breasted Pitta


Pitta erythrogaster

Red-bellied Pitta


Pitta dohertyi

Sula Pitta


Pitta arcuata

Blue-banded Pitta


Pitta granatina

Garnet Pitta


Pitta venusta

Black-crowned Pitta


Pitta nympha

Fairy Pitta


Pitta moluccensis

Blue-winged Pitta


Pitta megarhyncha

Mangrove Pitta


Pitta elegans

Elegant Pitta


Pitta versicolor

Noisy Pitta


Corydon sumatranus

Dusky Broadbill


Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos

Black-and-red Broadbill


Eurylaimus javanicus

Banded Broadbill


Eurylaimus ochromalus

Black-and-yellow Broadbill


Serilophus lunatus

Silver-breasted Broadbill


Psarisomus dalhousiae

Long-tailed Broadbill


Calyptomena viridis

Green Broadbill


Calyptomena hosii

Hose's Broadbill


Acropternis orthonyx

Ocellated Tapaculo


Atrichornis clamosus

Noisy Scrub-bird


Ailuroedus buccoides

White-eared Catbird


Ailuroedus dentirostris

Tooth-billed Catbird


Archboldia sanfordi

Sanford's Bowerbird


Amblyornis inornatus

Vogelkop Bowerbird


Amblyornis subalaris

Streaked Bowerbird


Prionodura newtoniana

Golden Bowerbird


Chlamydera nuchalis

Great Bowerbird


Chlamydera lauterbachi

Yellow-breasted Bowerbird


Chlamydera cerviniventris

Fawn-breasted Bowerbird


Clytomyias insignis

Orange-crowned Fairywren


Sipodotus wallacii

Wallace's Fairywren


Malurus campbelli

Campbell's Fairywren


Malurus coronatus

Purple-crowned Fairywren


Amytornis housei

Black Grasswren


Myzomela albigula

White-chinned Myzomela


Myzomela eques

Red-throated Myzomela


Myzomela obscura

Dusky Myzomela


Myzomela cruentata

Red Myzomela


Myzomela pulchella

Olive-yellow Myzomela


Myzomela adolphinae

Mountain Myzomela


Myzomela dammermani

Sumba Myzomela


Myzomela erythromelas

Black-bellied Myzomela


Myzomela vulnerata

Red-rumped Myzomela


Certhionyx variegatus

Pied Honeyeater


Timeliopsis fulvigula

Olive Straightbill


Timeliopsis griseigula

Tawny Straightbill


Stresemannia bougainvillei

Bougainville Honeyeater


Glycichaera fallax

Green-backed Honeyeater


Lichmera lombokia

Scaly-crowned Honeyeater


Lichmera limbata

Indonesian Honeyeater


Lichmera incana

Dark-brown Honeyeater


Lichmera squamata

White-tufted Honeyeater


Lichmera alboauricularis

Silver-eared Honeyeater


Lichmera deningeri

Buru Honeyeater


Lichmera monticola

Seram Honeyeater


Lichmera flavicans

Yellow-eared Honeyeater


Trichodere cockerelli

White-streaked Honeyeater


Meliphaga montana

Forest Honeyeater


Meliphaga mimikae

Mottle-breasted Honeyeater


Meliphaga orientalis

Hill-forest Honeyeater


Meliphaga albonotata

Scrub Honeyeater


Meliphaga aruensis

Puff-backed Honeyeater


Meliphaga vicina

Tagula Honeyeater


Meliphaga notata

Yellow-spotted Honeyeater


Meliphaga albilineata

White-lined Honeyeater


Foulehaio carunculata

Wattled Honeyeater


Lichenostomus subfrenatus

Black-throated Honeyeater


Lichenostomus chrysops

Yellow-faced Honeyeater


Lichenostomus penicillatus

White-plumed Honeyeater


Xanthotis flaviventer

Tawny-breasted Honeyeater


Xanthotis provocator

Kadavu Honeyeater


Melithreptus affinis

Black-headed Honeyeater


Notiomystis cincta



Pycnopygius ixoides

Plain Honeyeater


Pycnopygius cinereus

Marbled Honeyeater


Pycnopygius stictocephalus

Streak-headed Honeyeater


Melitograis gilolensis

White-streaked Friarbird


Philemon meyeri

Meyer's Friarbird


Philemon kisserensis

Grey Friarbird


Philemon brassi

Brass's Friarbird


Philemon citreogularis

Little Friarbird


Philemon fuscicapillus

Dusky Friarbird


Philemon moluccensis

Black-faced Friarbird


Philemon subcorniculatus

Grey-necked Friarbird


Philemon buceroides

Helmeted Friarbird


Philemon argenticeps

Silver-crowned Friarbird


Philemon diemenensis

New Caledonian Friarbird


Ptiloprora plumbea

Leaden Honeyeater


Ptiloprora meekiana

Olive-streaked Honeyeater


Ptiloprora erythropleura

Rufous-sided Honeyeater


Ptiloprora guisei

Rufous-backed Honeyeater


Ptiloprora perstriata

Black-backed Honeyeater


Melidectes whitemanensis

Bismarck Melidectes


Melidectes princeps

Long-bearded Melidectes


Melidectes ochromelas

Cinnamon-browed Melidectes


Melidectes leucostephes

Vogelkop Melidectes


Melidectes belfordi

Belford's Melidectes


Melidectes foersteri

Huon Melidectes


Melidectes sclateri

San Cristobal Melidectes


Melipotes gymnops

Arfak Honeyeater


Melipotes ater

Spangled Honeyeater


Myza celebensis

Dark-eared Myza


Phylidonyris melanops

Tawny-crowned Honeyeater


Plectorhyncha lanceolata

Striped Honeyeater


Acanthorhynchus superciliosus

Western Spinebill


Oreoscopus gutturalis



Crateroscelis murina

Rusty Mouse-warbler


Crateroscelis nigrorufa

Bicolored Mouse-warbler


Sericornis keri

Atherton Scrubwren


Sericornis virgatus

Perplexing Scrubwren


Sericornis magnirostris

Large-billed Scrubwren


Sericornis rufescens

Vogelkop Scrubwren


Sericornis perspicillatus

Buff-faced Scrubwren


Sericornis arfakianus

Grey-green Scrubwren


Sericornis papuensis

Papuan Scrubwren


Hylacola cautus

Shy Hylacola


Smicrornis brevirostris



Gerygone cinerea

Mountain Gerygone


Gerygone chloronotus

Green-backed Gerygone


Gerygone olivacea

White-throated Gerygone


Gerygone chrysogaster

Yellow-bellied Gerygone


Gerygone tenebrosa

Dusky Gerygone


Gerygone sulphurea

Golden-bellied Gerygone


Gerygone inornata

Plain Gerygone


Gerygone dorsalis

Rufous-sided Gerygone


Gerygone ruficollis

Brown-breasted Gerygone


Aphelocephala nigricincta

Banded Whiteface


Amalocichla sclateriana

Greater Ground-robin


Amalocichla incerta

Lesser Ground-robin


Microeca fascinans



Microeca hemixantha

Golden-bellied Flyrobin


Microeca flavigaster

Lemon-bellied Flyrobin


Microeca griseoceps

Yellow-legged Flyrobin


Microeca flavovirescens

Olive Flyrobin


Microeca papuana

Canary Flyrobin


Eugerygone rubra

Garnet Robin


Petroica bivittata

Alpine Robin


Melanodryas vittata

Dusky Robin


Eopsaltria georgiana

White-breasted Robin


Eopsaltria pulverulenta

Mangrove Robin


Poecilodryas brachyura

Black-chinned Robin


Poecilodryas superciliosa

White-browed Robin


Poecilodryas placens

Olive-yellow Robin


Poecilodryas albonotata

Black-throated Robin


Peneothello sigillatus

White-winged Robin


Peneothello cryptoleucus

Smoky Robin


Peneothello cyanus

Blue-grey Robin


Peneothello bimaculatus

White-rumped Robin


Heteromyias cinereifrons

Grey-headed Robin


Pachycephalopsis hattamensis

Green-backed Robin


Pachycephalopsis poliosoma

White-eyed Robin


Drymodes brunneopygia

Southern Scrub-Robin


Chloropsis palawanensis

Yellow-throated Leafbird


Chloropsis sonnerati

Greater Green Leafbird


Chloropsis cyanopogon

Lesser Green Leafbird


Chloropsis cochinchinensis

Blue-winged Leafbird


Chloropsis hardwickii

Orange-bellied Leafbird


Chloropsis venusta

Blue-masked Leafbird


Orthonyx spaldingii



Pomatostomus isidorei

New Guinea Babbler


Pomatostomus ruficeps

Chestnut-crowned Babbler


Lanius isabellinus

Rufous-tailed Shrike


Lanius vittatus

Bay-backed Shrike


Hylophilus decurtatus

Lesser Greenlet


Cinclosoma cinnamomeum

Cinnamon Quail-thrush


Cinclosoma ajax

Painted Quail-thrush


Ptilorrhoa leucosticta

Spotted Jewel-babbler


Ptilorrhoa caerulescens

Blue Jewel-babbler


Ptilorrhoa castanonota

Chestnut-backed Jewel-babbler


Eupetes macrocerus

Malaysian Rail-babbler


Daphoenositta chrysoptera

Varied Sittella


Oreoica gutturalis

Crested Bellbird


Rhagologus leucostigma

Mottled Whistler


Pachycare flavogrisea



Hylocitrea bonensis

Olive-flanked Whistler


Coracornis raveni

Maroon-backed Whistler


Pachycephala inornata

Gilbert's Whistler


Pachycephala homeyeri

White-vented Whistler


Pachycephala phaionotus

Island Whistler


Pachycephala hyperythra

Rusty Whistler


Pachycephala modesta

Brown-backed Whistler


Pachycephala hypoxantha

Bornean Whistler


Pachycephala philippinensis

Yellow-bellied Whistler


Pachycephala meyeri

Vogelkop Whistler


Pachycephala griseiceps

Grey-headed Whistler


Pachycephala simplex

Brown Whistler


Pachycephala orpheus

Fawn-breasted Whistler


Pachycephala pectoralis

Golden Whistler


Pachycephala soror

Sclater's Whistler


Pachycephala lorentzi

Lorentz's Whistler


Pachycephala jacquinoti

Tongan Whistler


Pachycephala schlegelii

Regent Whistler


Pachycephala implicata

Hooded Whistler


Pachycephala aurea

Golden-backed Whistler


Pachycephala griseonota

Drab Whistler


Pachycephala arctitorquis

Wallacean Whistler


Pachycephala monacha

Black-headed Whistler


Colluricincla umbrina

Sooty Shrike-thrush


Colluricincla woodwardi

Sandstone Shrike-thrush


Colluricincla tenebrosa



Pitohui kirhocephalus

Variable Pitohui


Pitohui dichrous

Hooded Pitohui


Pitohui incertus

White-bellied Pitohui


Pitohui ferrugineus

Rusty Pitohui


Pitohui cristatus

Crested Pitohui


Pitohui nigrescens

Black Pitohui


Turnagra capensis



Platylophus galericulatus

Crested Jay


Platysmurus leucopterus

Black Magpie


Urocissa whiteheadi

White-winged Magpie


Cissa chinensis

Common Green Magpie or Green Magpie


Cissa hypoleuca

Yellow-breasted Magpie or Indochinese Green Magpie


Dendrocitta formosae

Grey Treepie


Dendrocitta bayleyi

Andaman Treepie


Crypsirina temia

Racket-tailed Treepie


Corvus dauuricus

Daurian Jackdaw


Corvus moneduloides

New Caledonian Crow


Corvus enca

Slender-billed Crow


Corvus typicus

Piping Crow


Corvus unicolor

Banggai Crow


Corvus kubaryi

Mariana Crow


Corvus woodfordi

White-billed Crow


Corvus fuscicapillus

Brown-headed Crow


Corvus corone

Carrion Crow


Corvus levaillantii

Jungle Crow


Corvus crassirostris

Thick-billed Raven


Melampitta lugubris

Lesser Melampitta


Melampitta gigantea

Greater Melampitta


Loboparadisea sericea

Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise


Cnemophilus macgregorii

Crested Bird-of-paradise


Cnemophilus loriae

Loria's Bird-of-paradise


Macgregoria pulchra

Macgregor's Bird-of-paradise


Lycocorax pyrrhopterus



Manucodia atra

Glossy-mantled Manucode


Manucodia comrii

Curl-crested Manucode


Manucodia jobiensis

Jobi Manucode


Manucodia keraudrenii

Trumpet Manucode


Semioptera wallacii



Paradigalla carunculata

Long-tailed Paradigalla


Paradigalla brevicauda

Short-tailed Paradigalla


Epimachus fastuosus

Black Sicklebill


Epimachus meyeri

Brown Sicklebill


Epimachus albertisii

Black-billed Sicklebill


Epimachus bruijnii

Pale-billed Sicklebill


Lophorina superba

Superb Bird-of-paradise


Parotia sefilata

Western Parotia


Parotia wahnesi

Wahnes's Parotia


Ptiloris paradiseus

Paradise Riflebird


Cicinnurus magnificus

Magnificent Bird-of-paradise


Cicinnurus respublica

Wilson's Bird-of-paradise


Cicinnurus regius

King Bird-of-paradise


Astrapia nigra

Arfak Astrapia


Astrapia rothschildi

Huon Astrapia


Pteridophora alberti

King-of-Saxony Bird-of-paradise


Seleucidis melanoleuca

Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise


Paradisaea rubra

Red Bird-of-paradise


Paradisaea minor

Lesser Bird-of-paradise


Paradisaea rudolphi

Blue Bird-of-paradise


Cracticus torquatus

Grey Butcherbird


Cracticus nigrogularis

Pied Butcherbird


Cracticus quoyi

Black Butcherbird


Artamus fuscus

Ashy Woodswallow


Artamus leucorynchus

White-breasted Woodswallow


Artamus monachus

Ivory-backed Woodswallow


Artamus superciliosus

White-browed Woodswallow


Artamus minor

Little Woodswallow


Pityriasis gymnocephala

Bornean Bristlehead


Peltops blainvillii

Lowland Peltops


Peltops montanus

Mountain Peltops


Oriolus melanotis

Olive-brown Oriole


Oriolus bouroensis

Black-eared Oriole


Oriolus forsteni

Grey-collared Oriole


Oriolus phaeochromus

Dusky-brown Oriole


Oriolus szalayi

Brown Oriole


Oriolus sagittatus

Olive-backed Oriole


Oriolus flavocinctus

Green Oriole


Oriolus auratus

African Golden-Oriole


Oriolus nigripennis

Black-winged Oriole


Oriolus xanthornus

Black-hooded Oriole


Oriolus hosii

Black Oriole


Oriolus mellianus

Silver Oriole


Sphecotheres hypoleucus

Wetar Figbird


Coracina maxima

Ground Cuckooshrike


Coracina macei

Large Cuckooshrike


Coracina javensis

Javan Cuckooshrike or Malaysian


Coracina schistacea

Slaty Cuckooshrike


Coracina personata

Wallacean Cuckooshrike


Coracina atriceps

Moluccan Cuckooshrike


Coracina caledonica

Melanesian Cuckooshrike


Coracina novaehollandiae

Black-faced Cuckooshrike


Coracina caeruleogrisea

Stout-billed Cuckooshrike


Coracina temminckii

Cerulean Cuckooshrike


Coracina striata

Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike


Coracina bicolor

Pied Cuckooshrike


Coracina lineata

Yellow-eyed Cuckooshrike


Coracina boyeri

Boyer's Cuckooshrike


Coracina leucopygia

White-rumped Cuckooshrike


Coracina papuensis

White-bellied Cuckooshrike


Coracina longicauda

Hooded Cuckooshrike


Coracina parvula

Halmahera Cuckooshrike


Coracina coerulescens

Blackish Cuckooshrike


Coracina tenuirostris

Slender-billed or Common Cicadabird


Coracina dohertyi

Sumba or Sunda Cicadabird


Coracina sula

Sula Cicadabird


Coracina mindanensis

Black-bibbed Cicadabird


Coracina morio

Sulawesi Cicadabird


Coracina ceramensis

Pale Cicadabird


Coracina incerta

Black-shouldered Cicadabird


Coracina schisticeps

Grey-headed Cuckooshrike


Coracina melas

New Guinea or Black Cuckooshrike


Coracina melaschistos

Black-winged Cuckooshrike


Coracina melanoptera

Black-headed Cuckooshrike


Lalage melanoleuca

Black-and-white Triller


Lalage nigra

Pied Triller


Lalage leucopygialis

White-rumped or Sulawesi Triller


Lalage tricolor

White-winged Triller


Lalage moesta

White-browed Triller


Lalage atrovirens

Black-browed Triller


Pericrocotus cantonensis

Brown-rumped or Swinhoe's Minivet


Pericrocotus divaricatus

Ashy Minivet


Pericrocotus tegimae

Ryukyu Minivet


Pericrocotus cinnamomeus

Small Minivet


Pericrocotus igneus

Fiery Minivet


Pericrocotus erythropygius

White-bellied Minivet


Pericrocotus solaris

Grey-chinned Minivet


Pericrocotus brevirostris

Short-billed Minivet


Pericrocotus miniatus

Sunda Minivet


Pericrocotus flammeus

Scarlet Minivet


Hemipus picatus

Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike or Bar-winged Hemipus


Rhipidura cyaniceps

Blue-headed Fantail


Rhipidura nigrocinnamomea

Black-and-cinnamon Fantail


Rhipidura albicollis

White-throated Fantail


Rhipidura aureola

White-browed Fantail


Rhipidura javanica

Pied Fantail


Rhipidura perlata

Spotted Fantail


Rhipidura leucophrys



Rhipidura diluta

Brown-capped Fantail


Rhipidura rufiventris

Northern Fantail


Rhipidura cockerelli

White-winged Fantail


Rhipidura threnothorax

Sooty Thicket-Fantail


Rhipidura maculipectus

Black Thicket-Fantail


Rhipidura leucothorax

White-bellied Thicket-Fantail


Rhipidura atra

Black Fantail


Rhipidura hyperythra

Chestnut-bellied Fantail


Rhipidura albolimbata

Friendly Fantail


Rhipidura nebulosa

Samoan Fantail


Rhipidura brachyrhyncha

Dimorphic Fantail


Rhipidura teysmanni

Rusty-bellied Fantail


Rhipidura superflua

Tawny-backed Fantail


Rhipidura dedemi

Streaky-breasted Fantail


Rhipidura lepida

Palau Fantail


Rhipidura kubaryi

Pohnpei Fantail


Rhipidura semirubra

Manus Fantail


Dicrurus waldenii

Mayotte Drongo


Dicrurus macrocercus

Black Drongo


Dicrurus caerulescens

White-bellied Drongo


Dicrurus annectans

Crow-billed Drongo


Dicrurus aeneus

Bronzed Drongo


Dicrurus remifer

Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo


Dicrurus hottentottus

Hair-crested or Spangled Drongo


Dicrurus sumatranus

Sumatran Drongo


Dicrurus montanus

Sulawesi Drongo


Dicrurus balicassius



Dicrurus andamanensis

Andaman Drongo


Hypothymis coelestis

Celestial Monarch


Hypothymis azurea

Black-naped Monarch


Terpsiphone bourbonnensis

Mascarene Paradise-Flycatcher


Terpsiphone paradisi

Asian Paradise-Flycatcher


Terpsiphone atrocaudata

Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher


Metabolus rugensis

Truk Monarch


Monarcha axillaris

Black Monarch


Monarcha rubiensis

Rufous Monarch


Monarcha cinerascens

Island Monarch


Monarcha frater

Black-winged Monarch


Monarcha richardsii

White-capped Monarch


Monarcha leucotis

White-eared Monarch


Monarcha guttulus

Spot-winged Monarch


Monarcha mundus

Black-bibbed Monarch


Monarcha trivirgatus

Spectacled Monarch


Monarcha sacerdotum

Flores Monarch


Monarcha everetti

White-tipped Monarch


Monarcha loricatus

Black-tipped Monarch


Monarcha boanensis

Black-chinned Monarch


Monarcha leucurus

White-tailed Monarch


Monarcha julianae

Black-backed Monarch


Monarcha manadensis

Hooded Monarch


Monarcha takatsukasae

Tinian Monarch


Monarcha chrysomela

Golden Monarch


Arses telescophthalmus

Frilled Monarch


Myiagra pluto

Pohnpei Flycatcher


Myiagra atra

Biak Flycatcher


Myiagra galeata

Dark-grey Flycatcher


Myiagra azureocapilla

Blue-crested Flycatcher


Myiagra ruficollis

Broad-billed Flycatcher


Myiagra cyanoleuca

Satin Flycatcher


Myiagra inquieta

Restless Flycatcher


Lamprolia victoriae



Machaerirhynchus flaviventer

Yellow-breasted Boatbill


Machaerirhynchus nigripectus

Black-breasted Boatbill


Grallina cyanoleuca



Grallina bruijni



Aegithina nigrolutea

White-tailed Iora


Aegithina viridissima

Green Iora


Platysteira concreta

Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye


Philentoma pyrhopterum

Rufous-winged Philentoma


Philentoma velatum

Maroon-breasted Philentoma


Monticola rufiventris

Chestnut-bellied Rock-Thrush


Monticola solitarius

Blue Rock-Thrush


Myophonus blighi

Sri Lanka or Ceylon Whistling-Thrush


Myophonus melanurus

Shiny Whistling-Thrush


Myophonus horsfieldii

Malabar Whistling-Thrush


Myophonus caeruleus

Blue Whistling-Thrush


Myophonus insularis

Formosan Whistling-Thrush


Geomalia heinrichi



Zoothera schistacea

Slaty-backed Thrush


Zoothera dumasi

Moluccan Thrush


Zoothera interpres

Chestnut-capped Thrush


Zoothera erythronota

Red-backed Thrush


Zoothera cinerea

Ashy Thrush


Zoothera peronii

Orange-banded Thrush


Zoothera everetti

Everett's Thrush


Zoothera sibirica

Siberian Thrush


Zoothera spiloptera

Spot-winged Thrush


Zoothera dixoni

Long-tailed Thrush


Zoothera dauma

Scaly Thrush


Zoothera horsfieldii

Horsfield's Thrush


Zoothera lunulata

Olive-tailed Thrush


Zoothera terrestris

Bonin Thrush


Turdus merula

Eurasian Blackbird


Turdus feae

Grey-sided Thrush


Turdus rufitorques

Rufous-collared Robin


Brachypteryx major

White-bellied Shortwing


Brachypteryx leucophrys

Lesser Shortwing


Brachypteryx montana

White-browed Shortwing


Sigelus silens

Fiscal Flycatcher


Rhinomyias addita

Streaky-breasted Jungle-Flycatcher


Rhinomyias brunneata

Brown-chested Jungle-Flycatcher


Rhinomyias olivacea

Fulvous-chested Jungle-Flycatcher


Rhinomyias umbratilis

Grey-chested Jungle-Flycatcher


Rhinomyias ruficauda

Rufous-tailed Jungle-Flycatcher


Muscicapa gambagae

Gambaga Flycatcher


Muscicapa griseisticta

Grey-streaked Flycatcher


Muscicapa sibirica

Dark-sided Flycatcher


Muscicapa dauurica

Asian Brown Flycatcher


Muscicapa randi

Ashy-breasted Flycatcher


Muscicapa muttui

Brown-breasted Flycatcher


Ficedula semitorquata

Semicollared Flycatcher


Ficedula zanthopygia

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher


Ficedula narcissina

Narcissus Flycatcher or Green-backed Flycatcher


Ficedula mugimaki

Mugimaki Flycatcher


Ficedula parva

Red-breasted /-throated Flycatcher


Ficedula monileger

White-gorgeted Flycatcher


Ficedula solitaris

Rufous-browed Flycatcher


Ficedula hyperythra

Snowy-browed Flycatcher


Ficedula dumetoria

Rufous-chested Flycatcher


Ficedula rufigula

Rufous-throated Flycatcher


Ficedula basilanica

Little Slaty Flycatcher


Ficedula henrici

Damar Flycatcher


Ficedula crypta

Cryptic Flycatcher


Ficedula bonthaina

Lompobattang Flycatcher


Ficedula nigrorufa

Black-and-rufous Flycatcher


Ficedula timorensis

Black-banded Flycatcher


Cyanoptila cyanomelana

Blue-and-white Flycatcher


Eumyias thalassina

Verditer Flycatcher


Eumyias sordida

Dull-blue Flycatcher


Eumyias albicaudata

Nilgiri Flycatcher


Eumyias indigo

Indigo Flycatcher


Niltava grandis

Large Niltava


Niltava sundara

Rufous-bellied Niltava


Niltava sumatrana

Rufous-vented Niltava


Niltava vivida

Vivid Niltava


Cyornis sanfordi

Matinan Flycatcher


Cyornis hoevelli

Blue-fronted Flycatcher


Cyornis hyacinthinus

Timor Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis concretus

White-tailed Flycatcher


Cyornis poliogenys

Pale-chinned Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis rubeculoides

Blue-throated Flycatcher


Cyornis banyumas

Hill Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis lemprieri

Palawan Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis superbus

Bornean Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis caerulatus

Large-billed Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis turcosus

Malaysian Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis tickelliae

Tickell's Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis rufigaster

Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher


Cyornis omissus

Sulawesi Blue-Flycatcher


Muscicapella hodgsoni

Pygmy Blue-Flycatcher


Culicicapa ceylonensis

Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher


Luscinia brunnea

Indian Blue Robin


Luscinia cyane

Siberian Blue Robin


Copsychus albospecularis

Madagascar Magpie-Robin


Copsychus saularis

Oriental Magpie-Robin


Copsychus malabaricus

White-rumped Shama


Copsychus cebuensis

Black Shama


Trichixos pyrropyga

Rufous-tailed Shama


Myiomela leucura

White-tailed Robin


Enicurus scouleri

Little Forktail


Enicurus velatus

Sunda Forktail


Enicurus ruficapillus

Chestnut-naped Forktail


Enicurus schistaceus

Slaty-backed Forktail


Cochoa viridis

Green Cochoa


Cochoa beccarii

Sumatran Cochoa


Saxicola dacotiae

Canary Islands Chat


Saxicola torquata

Common Stonechat


Saxicola leucura

White-tailed Stonechat


Saxicola caprata

Pied Bushchat


Saxicola ferrea

Grey Bushchat


Aplonis opaca

Micronesian Starling


Aplonis crassa

Tanimbar Starling


Aplonis dichroa

San Cristobal Starling


Aplonis mysolensis

Moluccan Starling


Aplonis minor

Short-tailed Starling


Aplonis panayensis

Asian Glossy Starling


Aplonis metallica

Metallic Starling


Aplonis magna

Long-tailed Starling


Sturnus sericeus

Red-billed Starling


Sturnus sturninus

Purple-backed Starling


Sturnus philippensis

Chestnut-cheeked Starling


Sturnus cineraceus

White-cheeked Starling


Sturnus burmannicus

Vinous-breasted Starling


Sturnus melanopterus

Black-winged Starling


Leucopsar rothschildi

Bali Myna


Acridotheres tristis

Common Myna


Acridotheres grandis

White-vented Myna


Acridotheres cinereus

Pale-bellied Myna or Javan Myna


Ampeliceps coronatus

Golden-crested Myna


Mino anais

Golden Myna


Mino dumontii

Yellow-faced Myna


Basilornis celebensis

Sulawesi Myna


Basilornis galeatus

Helmeted Myna


Basilornis miranda

Apo Myna


Streptocitta albicollis

White-necked Myna


Gracula ptilogenys

Sri Lanka or Ceylon Myna


Gracula religiosa

Hill Myna


Enodes erythrophris

Fiery-browed Myna


Sitta tephronota

Eastern Rock-Nuthatch


Sitta frontalis

Velvet-fronted Nuthatch


Sitta oenochlamys

Sulphur-billed Nuthatch


Sitta azurea

Blue Nuthatch


Parus afer

Grey Tit


Parus major

Great Tit


Psaltriparus minimus

Bushtit or Common Bushtit


Cheramoeca leucosternus

White-backed Swallow


Riparia riparia

Sand Martin


Hirundo concolor

Dusky Crag-Martin


Hirundo domicola

Hill Swallow


Hirundo tahitica

Pacific Swallow


Hirundo senegalensis

Mosque Swallow


Hirundo domicella

West African Swallow


Hirundo striolata

Striated Swallow


Hirundo rufocollaris

Chestnut-collared Swallow


Hirundo fluvicola

Streak-throated Swallow


Delichon urbica

Northern House-Martin


Delichon dasypus

Asian or Asian House-Martin


Spizixos semitorques

Collared Finchbill


Pycnonotus zeylanicus

Straw-headed Bulbul


Pycnonotus striatus

Striated Bulbul


Pycnonotus leucogrammicus

Cream-striped Bulbul


Pycnonotus tympanistrigus

Spot-necked Bulbul


Pycnonotus melanoleucos

Black-and-white Bulbul


Pycnonotus priocephalus

Grey-headed Bulbul


Pycnonotus atriceps

Black-headed Bulbul


Pycnonotus melanicterus

Black-crested Bulbul


Pycnonotus squamatus

Scaly-breasted Bulbul


Pycnonotus cyaniventris

Grey-bellied Bulbul


Pycnonotus cafer

Red-vented Bulbul


Pycnonotus aurigaster

Sooty-headed Bulbul


Pycnonotus eutilotus

Puff-backed Bulbul


Pycnonotus urostictus

Yellow-wattled Bulbul


Pycnonotus penicillatus

Yellow-eared Bulbul


Pycnonotus flavescens

Flavescent Bulbul


Pycnonotus luteolus

White-browed Bulbul


Pycnonotus goiavier

Yellow-vented Bulbul


Pycnonotus plumosus

Olive-winged Bulbul


Pycnonotus blanfordi

Streak-eared Bulbul


Pycnonotus simplex

Cream-vented Bulbul


Pycnonotus brunneus

Red-eyed Bulbul


Pycnonotus erythropthalmos

Spectacled Bulbul


Calyptocichla serina

Golden Greenbul


Criniger ndussumensis

White-bearded Bulbul


Alophoixus finschii

Finsch's or Findils Bulbul


Alophoixus pallidus

Puff-throated Bulbul


Alophoixus ochraceus

Ochraceous Bulbul


Alophoixus bres

Grey-cheeked Bulbul


Alophoixus phaeocephalus

Yellow-bellied Bulbul


Alophoixus affinis

Golden Bulbul


Setornis criniger

Hook-billed Bulbul


Tricholestes criniger

Hairy-backed Bulbul


Iole propinqua

Grey-eyed Bulbul


Iole olivacea

Buff-vented Bulbul


Ixos everetti

Yellowish Bulbul


Ixos malaccensis

Common streaked or Streaked Bulbul


Hypsipetes mcclellandii

Mountain Bulbul


Neolestes torquatus

Black-collared Bulbul


Cisticola incanus

Socotra Cisticola


Cisticola juncidis

Zitting Cisticola


Cisticola ayresii

Wing-snapping Cisticola


Cisticola exilis

Golden- or Bright-headed Cisticola


Prinia criniger

Striated Prinia


Prinia polychroa

Brown Prinia


Prinia atrogularis

Hill Prinia


Prinia sylvatica

Jungle Prinia


Prinia familiaris

Bar-winged Prinia


Prinia flaviventris

Yellow-bellied Prinia


Prinia somalica

Pale Prinia


Prinia inornata

Plain Prinia


Zosterops erythropleurus

Chestnut-flanked White-eye


Zosterops palpebrosus

Oriental White-eye


Zosterops meyeni

Lowland White-eye


Zosterops semperi

Caroline Islands White-eye


Zosterops atricapillus

Black-capped White-eye


Zosterops everetti

Everett's White-eye


Zosterops nigrorum

Golden-yellow White-eye


Zosterops natalis

Christmas Island White-eye


Zosterops flavus

Javan White-eye


Zosterops chloris

Lemon-bellied White-eye


Zosterops citrinellus

Ashy-bellied White-eye


Zosterops grayi

Pearl-bellied White-eye


Zosterops uropygialis

Golden-bellied White-eye


Zosterops consobrinorum

Pale-bellied White-eye


Zosterops anomalus

Lemon-throated White-eye


Zosterops wallacei

Yellow-spectacled White-eye


Zosterops atrifrons

Black-crowned White-eye


Zosterops hypoxanthus

Black-headed White-eye


Zosterops mysorensis

Biak White-eye


Zosterops fuscicapillus

Capped White-eye


Zosterops buruensis

Buru Yellow White-eye


Zosterops kuehni

Ambon Yellow White-eye


Cleptornis marchei

Golden White-eye


Tephrozosterops stalkeri

Bicolored White-eye


Madanga ruficollis

Rufous-throated White-eye


Lophozosterops javanicus

Javan Grey-throated White-eye


Lophozosterops goodfellowi

Black-masked White-eye