Welcome to our nature pictures. WICE has a large number of nature related pictures taken during the many trips of our experts to often very remote and isolated places, that we want to share with you. The pictures are published by general themes which you can select by clicking on the picture. On the theme pages, the pictures are not yet organized, but quite a few of them are really nice. When we get around to it, we intend to write brief texts with each picture and organize them further by brief categories,, but for the moment, we can only show the views of our pictures.

But we have far more than pictures alone: lists of all birds and all animals of the world by country, great tools for nature resources management, free software, etc. etc. Check our navigation bar at the left and or site map





Our favourite jungle, the Cuyabeno National Park in Ecuador;


National parks and other protected areas



Autumn colours

Mushrooms and other fungi

Good and bad examples of interpretation and visitor management in protected areas



Beautiful skies

All wild animals except of the next two categories


Insects and other arthropods

Wild plants


How photographers take their pictures

People and nature

Snow and ice

Water management

Rocks and erosion

Natural resources and protected areas management