gives you the links to the countries of North America, as well as to the list of the birds of North America, North of the Mexican border. 

Click on the different countries of North America and it will take you to the relevant birdlist. There will be Check lists of the birds by state and by province for Canada, Mexico and the USA. Our lists of birds of North America have the latest available information, coded for presence status and abundance as defined in our birdlist coding system, built up from the states and provinces of North America to the nationwide and continental lists of North America.


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  Abundance Codes


Distribution range deducted from map, not actual record.


Present, abundance not determined.


Within its range, varying from common to occasional


Rare, wandered outside of its normal range but still may be expected from time to time. Between 10 - 100 records.


Vagrant, accidental, species far out of its normal distribution range. >10 records.


Introduced species.


Not verified.




Extinct in country

Status of Permanence Codes


Resident, present  year around.


Nests in the area but absent during part of the year.


Migrant, non-breeding. May spend a short period or the entire winter.


Wintering; stays in the area, while its primary nesting range is elsewhere.


National endemic.


National bird.


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