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Indians take you in their agile dug-out canoes along winding rivers.


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Children learning about the rainforest.


The Cuyabeno Loop explores the breathtaking scenery of lower Cuyabeno and Zábalo Rivers and the Cuyabeno Lake. Watch the amazing birds and wildlife. Pass 2 nights with the amazing Cofan Indians in the Cofan Lodge and enjoy 2 nights of comfort in the famous Cuyabeno Lodge.

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Birdwatching by visitors of the Amazon in Ecuador


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excursion on Lake Cuyabeno


The Cuyabeno Lake Program explores all the wild places surrounding the Cuyabeno Lake. Bonsai-shaped Macrolobia trees with the whispering of the mysterious prehistoric Hoatzin birds and the noisy Blue and Yellow Macaws. Our Cuyabeno Lodge is on the best location, because we were the first and chose the best location on a seasonal island in the Cuyabeno Lake itself.

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Alpacas in Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve are the domesticated form of the vicuñas.


Our Northern Andes Tour lets you get a taste of some of the best Andean National Parks, visiting the highest groves in the world: the Polylepis trees, the highest mountain in the world calculated from the center of the Earth, the Chimborazo with Vecuñas and Lamas, the highest active volcano in the world, the Cotopaxi.



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San Rafael Falls


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Bartelome Island at Galapagos National Park


We have a fabulous selection of Galapagos programs, including cruises, island hopping, scuba diving or relaxing on one of the many different hotels varying from modest inns to deluxe resorts.



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Inca wall in Cusco.


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Continuation of the current page theme

Birds of Uruguay

Birds of Uruguay coded for abundance, breeding, migration, wintering, endemic, rare, etc.; 2000 pages on birds, nature, birdwatching, where to go birding, birds and nature pictures, nature conservation, equipment, bird feeding, etc. Welcome to the bird list of Uruguay.

Uruguay is home to an impressive number of species of birds that vary from residents, that stay all year around, to breeding birds, that spend a good part of the growing season in Uruguay to raise their young, migrants who pass through Uruguay with the seasons, to wintering birds who like to spend a good part of the winter in Uruguay to escape colder conditions up north. While many species of birds are relatively common as they are part of the ecosystems of the state, it is always a thrill to stumble upon a rare bird or vagrant, that does not really form part of any the Uruguay ecosystems. Maybe it got lost during its travels between its summer and winter residence or it got displaced by bad weather.

Among the species of the Check list of the birds of Uruguay you can find  waterfowl and wading birds, a large suite of song birds, raptors, game birds, swifts and nighthawks, etc., many of which occupy several ecosystems simultaneously, as they fly to and from forests, meadows, shorelines of waters, cities and and urban green spaces. At Birdlist, we have developed a coding system that can help you predict when you may expect a certain species, with a code for seasonality, such as resident, nesting, wintering, etc. A code for abundance will give you a clue on the likelihood that you may actually see a certain species of bird. As we progressed with the coding, we realized that there should be a differentiation in the coding for "common", such as less common, common and very common birds. However, this would require reliable quantative data, which for most states, are not revealed by the commission of bird records. We hope to provide those in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the current Check list of the birds of Uruguay.








Rhea americana

Greater Rhea

?nd?( Arg, Uru), Piyo ( Bolivia)


Nothura maculosa

Spotted Nothura

Inamb?chico com?


Rhynchotus rufescens

Red-winged Tinamou

Tinam?Alirrojo,Inamb?colorado (Arg, Bo),


Penelope obscura

Dusky-legged Guan

Pava Oscura,Pava de monte com?


Chauna torquata

Southern Screamer

Chaj?Comun(Arg, Uy, Bo), Tapacar? (Bo), Chaha(Py)


Dendrocygna autumnalis

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

Sirir?vientre negro (Arg), Suirir?Piquirrojo, Pijije com? (Cr), Chirir? Pinta, Piche (HN)


Dendrocygna bicolor

Fulvous Whistling-Duck

Sirir?colorado (Arg), Suirir? Bicolor, Pijije canelo (Cr), Chirir? Bicolor, Piche amarillo (HN)


Dendrocygna viduata

White-faced Whistling-Duck

Sirir?pampa (Arg), Suirir? Cariblanco, Pijije cariblanco (Cr)


Amazonetta brasiliensis

Brazilian Teal

Pato cutir?(Arg, Bo), Pato Brasile?


Anas bahamensis

White-cheeked Pintail

Pato gargantilla (Arg, Bo, Uy)


Anas cyanoptera

Cinnamon Teal

Pato colorado (Arg), Cerceta Colorada, Cerceta cata? (Cr)


Anas discors

Blue-winged Teal

Pato media luna (Arg, Bo), Cerceta Aliazul, Yaguasa aliazul (HN)


Anas flavirostris

Speckled Teal

Pato barcino (Arg, Uy, Bo)


Anas georgica

Yellow-billed Pintail

Pato maicero (Arg,Bo)


Anas platalea

Red Shoveler

Pato cuchara (Arg, Bo, Cl)


Anas sibilatrix

Chiloe Wigeon

Pato ovejero (Arg, Bo, Uy), Silb? Overo


Anas versicolor

Silver Teal

Pato capuchino (Arg, Cl, Uy, Bo)


Cairina moschata

Muscovy Duck

Pato real (Arg, Bo), Pato Criollo, Pato real o negro (HN)


Callonetta leucophrys

Ringed Teal

Pato de collar (Arg, Uy, Bo), Pato Acollarado


Coscoroba coscoroba

Coscoroba Swan

Cisne Coscoroba (Arg)


Cygnus melanocorypha

Black-necked Swan

Cisne de cuello negro (Arg, Cl, Uy)


Heteronetta atricapilla

Black-headed Duck

Pato cabeza negra (Arg, Bo, Uy), Pato Rinconero


Netta peposaca

Rosy-billed Pochard

Pato picazo (Arg, Bo, Uy), Pato negro (Cl)


Nomonyx dominica

Masked Duck

Pato fierro (Arg), Malvas? Enmascarada, Pato enmascarado (Cr)


Oxyura vittata

Lake Duck

Pato zambullidor chico (Arg), Malvas? Argentina


Campephilus leucopogon

Cream-backed Woodpecker

Carpintero negro de dorso blanco (Arg)


Colaptes campestris

Campo Flicker

Carpintero campestre (Arg, Bo)


Colaptes melanochloros

Green-barred Woodpecker

Carpintero real (Arg)


Melanerpes candidus

White Woodpecker

Carpintero blanco (Arg, Uy, Bo)


Picoides mixtus

Checkered Woodpecker

Carpintero bataraz chico (Arg)


Picumnus nebulosus

Mottled Piculet

Carpinterito pardo (Arg)


Veniliornis spilogaster

White-spotted Woodpecker

Carpintero oliv?eo manchado (Arg)


Chloroceryle amazona

Amazon Kingfisher

Mart? pescador mediano/Amaz?ico (Arg), Mart? pescador amaz?ico (Cr), Mart?-pescador amazona (HN)


Chloroceryle americana

Green Kingfisher

Mart? pescador chico/Verde (Arg), Mart? pescador verde (Cr)


Megaceryle torquata

Ringed Kingfisher

Mart? pescador grande (Arg)


Coccyzus cinereus

Ash-colored Cuckoo

Cuclillo chico (Arg), Cuclillo Ceniciento


Coccyzus erythropthalmus

Black-billed Cuckoo

Cuclillo de ojo colorado, Cuclillo Piquinegro, Mart?-pescador amazona (HN)


Coccyzus melacoryphus

Dark-billed Cuckoo

Cuclillo canela (Arg, Bo), Cuclillo Canela


Piaya cayana

Squirrel Cuckoo

Tingaz?(Arg, Bo), Cuco ardilla Com?, Paj?o le? (HN)


Crotophaga ani

Smooth-billed Ani

An?chihco (Arg), Garrapatero An? Garrapatero piquiliso (Cr), Tiju? pico liso (HN)


Crotophaga major

Greater Ani

An?grande (Arg, Bo), Garrapatero Mayor


Guira guira

Guira Cuckoo

Pirincho (Arg, Bo), Pirincho


Tapera naevia

Striped Cuckoo

Cresp? (Arg, Bo, Uy), Cuclillo Cresp?, Cuclillo listado (Cr), Cucu rayado (HN)


Aratinga acuticaudata

Blue-crowned Parakeet

Calancate (Arg,Bo), Aratinga Cabeciazul


Aratinga leucophthalmus

White-eyed Parakeet

Loro de ala roja (Arg), Aratinga Ojiblanca


Cyanoliseus patagonus

Burrowing Parakeet

Loro barranquero (Arg, Uy), Loro Barranquero


Myiopsitta monachus

Monk Parakeet

Cotorra (Arg), Cotorra Argentina, Perico Monje


Pyrrhura frontalis

Maroon-bellied Parakeet

Chiripep?de cabeza verde (Arg), Cotorra Chiripep?/span>


Chlorostilbon aureoventris

Glittering-bellied Emerald

Picaflor verde com?


Heliomaster furcifer

Blue-tufted Starthroat

Picaflor de barbijo, Colibr?de Barbijo


Hylocharis chrysura

Gilded Hummingbird

Picaflor bronceado, Zafiro Bronceado


Leucochloris albicollis

White-throated Hummingbird

Picaflor garganta blanca (Arg, Uy)


Melanotrochilus fuscus

Black Jacobin

Picaflor negro (Arg, Uy), Colibr? Negro


Tyto alba

Barn Owl

Lechuza de campanario (Arg, Bo), Lechuza Com?, Lechuza ratonera (Cr), Lechuza (HN)


Aegolius harrisii

Buff-fronted Owl

Lechucita canela (Arg, Uy), Mochuelo Canela


Asio flammeus

Short-eared Owl

Lechuz? de campo (Arg), B?o Campestre, Lechuza campestre (Cr)


Bubo virginianus

Great Horned Owl

?curut?(Arg, Uy, Bo), Buho grande (Cr), B?o Cornudo Americano, Estiquir? (HN)


Glaucidium brasilianum

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Cabur?chico (Arg, Bo), Mochuelo Cabur? Mochuelo com? (Cr), Buhito cuatro ojos (HN)


Otus atricapillus

Variable Screech-Owl

Alicucu grande (Arg)


Otus choliba

Tropical Screech-Owl

Alicucu com? (Arg), Lechucita neotropical (Cr)


Pseudoscops clamator

Striped Owl

Lechuz? orejudo (Arg, Bo), Buho rayado (HN)


Speotyto cunicularia

Burrowing Owl

Lechucita de las viscacheras (Arg, Bo)


Caprimulgus longirostris

Band-winged Nightjar

Atajacaminos com?, Chotacabras Coliblanco


Caprimulgus parvulus

Little Nightjar

Atajacaminos/Chotacabras chico (Arg, Bo)


Chordeiles minor

Common Nighthawk

A?pero (Arg, Uy), A?pero migratorio/Yanqui (Bo), A?pero zumb? (Cr), Pucuyo com? (HN)


Hydropsalis brasiliana

Scissor-tailed Nightjar

Atajacaminos coludo chico, Chotacabras Tijereta


Nyctidromus albicollis


Atajacaminos de collar blanco (Arg), Tapacaminos com? (Cr), Pucuyo coliblanco (HN)


Podager nacunda

Nacunda Nighthawk

?cund?(Arg), A?pero ?cund?/span>


Columba cayennensis

Pale-vented Pigeon

Paloma colorada (Arg, Bo), Paloma Colorada, Azulona (HN)


Columba livia

Rock Dove

Paloma dom?tica (Arg), Paloma Brav?, Paloma de castilla (HN)


Columba maculosa

Spot-winged Pigeon

Paloma manchada (Arg, Bo), Paloma Moteada


Columba picazuro

Picazuro Pigeon

Paloma picazuro (Arg), Paloma Picazur?/span>


Columbina picui

Picui Ground-Dove

Torcacita (Arg), Columbina Picu?/span>


Columbina talpacoti

Ruddy Ground-Dove

Palomita colorada (Arg,Bo), Tortolita rojiza (Cr), Turquita rojiza (HN)


Leptotila verreauxi

White-tipped Dove

Yerut?com?, Paloma Montaraz Com?, Paloma coliblanca (Cr)


Zenaida auriculata

Eared Dove

Torcaza (Arg), Zenaida Torcaza


Eurypyga helias


Tigana, Garza del sol (Cr), P?aro del sol (HN)


Aramus guarauna


Carau (Arg), Carao (Uy, Bo), Carrao, Margarita (HN)


Heliornis fulica


Ipequ?(Arg, Bo), Avesol Americano, Pato cantil (Cr), P?aro del sol patas lobuladas (HN)


Cariama cristata

Red-legged Seriema

Chu? de patas rojas (Arg, Uy), Chu? Patirroja


Aramides cajanea

Grey-necked Wood-Rail

Cotara Chiricote (Arg, Py, Bo, Uy), Rasc? cuelligr?, Gallineta cuello gris (HN)


Aramides ypecaha

Giant Wood-Rail

Cotara Ipaca?(Arg)m,


Coturnicops notatus

Speckled Rail

Burrito enano (Arg), Polluela de Darwin(Esp)


Fulica armillata

Red-gartered Coot

Gallareta ligas rojas (Arg), Focha de Ligas


Fulica leucoptera

White-winged Coot

Gallareta chica (Arg), Focha Aliblanca


Fulica rufifrons

Red-fronted Coot

Galleretadeescudeterojo(Arg), Focha Frentirroja


Gallinula chloropus

Common Moorhen

Pollona negra (Arg), Gallineta Com?, Gallareta frentirroja (Cr), Polla com? de agua (HN)


Gallinula melanops

Spot-flanked Gallinule

Pollona pintada (Arg), Gallineta Pintada


Laterallus leucopyrrhus

Red-and-white Crake

Burrito colorado (Arg), Polluela Rojiblanca


Laterallus melanophaius

Rufous-sided Crake

Burrito com? (Arg), Polluela Burrito(Esp)


Pardirallus maculatus

Spotted Rail

Gallineta overa (Arg, Uy), Rasc? Overo, Rasc? moteado (Cr)


Pardirallus sanguinolentus

Plumbeous Rail

Gallineta com? (Arg, Bo), Rasc? Gallineta


Porphyrio martinicus

Purple Gallinule

Pollona azul (Arg), Calamoncillo Americano, Gallareta morada (Cr)


Porzana flaviventer

Yellow-breasted Crake

Burrito amarillo (Arg), Polluela P?ida, Polluela pechiamarilla (Cr)


Porzana spiloptera

Dot-winged Crake

Burrito negruzco (Arg), Polluela Overa


Thinocorus rumicivorus

Least Seedsnipe

Agachona chica (Arg)(Esp)


Bartramia longicauda

Upland Sandpiper

Batit?(Arg, Cl, Uy, Bo), Correlimos Batit? Pradero (Cr), Playero colilarga (HN)


Calidris alba


Playerito blanco (Arg), Correlimos Trid?tilo, Playero arenero (Cr), Alzacolita arenera (HN)


Calidris bairdii

Baird's Sandpiper

Playerito unicolor (Arg), Correlimos de Baird


Calidris canutus

Red Knot

Correlimos Gordo, Correlimos grande (Cr)


Calidris fuscicollis

White-rumped Sandpiper

Playerito rabadilla blanca (Arg), Correlimos lomiblanco (Cr), Correlimos Culiblanco, Alzacolita rabadilla blanca (HN)


Calidris melanotos

Pectoral Sandpiper

Playerito pectoral (Arg), Correlimos Pectoral, Correlimos pechirrayado (Cr), Alzacolita pectoral (HN)


Calidris minutilla

Least Sandpiper

Playero enano (Cl), Correlimos Menudillo, Alzacolita chica (HN)


Gallinago andina

Puna Snipe

Becacina real (Bo)


Gallinago gallinago

Common Snipe

Agachadiza Com?, Becacina com? (Cr)


Gallinago paraguaiae

South American Snipe

Becasina com? (Arg, Uy), Agachadiza Suramericana


Limosa haemastica

Hudsonian Godwit

Becasa de mar (Arg), Aguja Caf? Aguja lomiblanca


Numenius borealis

Eskimo Curlew

Playero esquimal (Arg), Zarapito Esquimal


Phalaropus tricolor

Wilson's Phalarope

Falaropo com? (Arg), Falaropo Tricolor


Tringa flavipes

Lesser Yellowlegs

Archibebe Patigualdo Chico, Patiamarillo menor (Cr), Playero menor de patas amarillas (HN)


Tringa melanoleuca

Greater Yellowlegs

Archibebe Patigualdo grande, Patiamarillo mayor (Cr), Playero mayor de patas amarillas (HN)


Tringa solitaria

Solitary Sandpiper

Pitotoy solitario (Arg, Cl), Andarr?s Solitario, Playero solitario (HN)


Tryngites subruficollis

Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Playerito canela (Arg), Correlimos Canelo, Praderito pechianteado (Cr), Alzacolita pechiclaro (HN)


Rostratula semicollaris

American Painted-snipe

Aguatero (Arg), Aguatero Americano


Jacana jacana

Wattled Jacana

Jacana (Arg, Cl, Uy), Jacana Suramericana, Jacana sure? (Cr)


Chionis alba

Snowy Sheathbill

Paloma ant?tica (Arg, Cl), Picovaina de Malvinas


Charadrius collaris

Collared Plover

Chorlito de collar (Arg), Chorlitejo de Azara(Esp), Playero collarejo (HN)


Charadrius falklandicus

Two-banded Plover

Chorlito doble collar (Arg), Chorlitejo Malvinero


Charadrius modestus

Rufous-chested Plover

Chorlo pecho canela (Arg), Chorlito Chileno


Charadrius semipalmatus

Semipalmated Plover

Chorlito palmado (Arg), Chorlitejo Semipalmeado, Chorlito Semipalmeado, Playero semipalmeado (HN)


Haematopus palliatus

American Oystercatcher

Ostrero com? (Arg), Ostrero americano (Cr), cazaostras (HN)


Himantopus himantopus

Black-winged Stilt

Playerito zancudo (Arg), Correlimos Zancol?


Himantopus mexicanus

Black-necked Stilt

Tero real (Arg, Uy), cig??ela cuellinegro (Cr), Soldadito (HN)


Oreopholus ruficollis

Tawny-throated Dotterel

Chorlo cabez? (Arg), Chorlito Cabez?


Pluvialis dominica

American Golden-Plover

Chorlito Dorado Americano, Chorlito dorado menor (Cr)


Pluvialis squatarola

Grey Plover

Chorlo ?tico (Arg, Cl), Chorlito Gris, Playero panza negra (HN)


Vanellus chilensis

Southern Lapwing

Tero com? (Arg, Uy, Bo), Avefr? Tero


Catharacta skua

Great Skua

Esc? com? (Arg), P?alo Grande


Larus belcheri

Band-tailed Gull

Gaviota cangrejera (Arg), Gaviota Sime?


Larus cirrocephalus

Grey-headed Gull

Gaviota capucho gris (Arg), Gaviota Cabecigr?


Larus dominicanus

Kelp Gull

Gaviota cocinera (Arg, Uy), Gaviota Cocinera


Larus maculipennis

Brown-hooded Gull

Gaviota capucho caf?(Arg, Uy), Gaviota Cahuil


Larus scoresbii

Dolphin Gull

Gaviota gris (Arg), Gaviota Patagona


Phaetusa simplex

Large-billed Tern

At?(Arg, Uy), Charr? Picudo


Rynchops niger

Black Skimmer

Rayador (Arg, Uy, Cl, Bo), Rayador Americano, Rayador negro (Cr), Rayadora (HN)


Stercorarius longicaudus

Long-tailed Jaeger

Salteador coludo (Arg), P?alo Rabero, P?alo colilargo (Cr)


Stercorarius parasiticus

Parasitic Jaeger

Salteador chico (Arg, Cl), P?alo Par?ito, Gaviota paras?ica (HN)


Stercorarius pomarinus

Pomarine Jaeger

Salteador grande (Arg), P?alo Pomarino


Sterna antillarum

Least Tern

Gaviot? chico boreal (Arg), Charrancito Americano, Charr? chico (Cr),


Sterna fuscata

Sooty Tern

Gaviot? apizarrado (Cl), Charr? Sombr?, Gaviota golondrina oscura (HN)


Sterna hirundinacea

South American Tern

Gaviot?/Charr? sudamericano (Arg, Cl),


Sterna hirundo

Common Tern

Gaviot? golondrina (Arg), Charr? Com?, Gaviota golondrina com? (HN)


Sterna maxima

Royal Tern

Gaviot? real (Arg, Uy), Charr? Real, Pagaza real (Cr), Gaviota golondrina real (HN)


Sterna nilotica

Gull-billed Tern

Gaviot? pico grueso (Arg), Pagaza Piconegra, Charr? piquinegro (cr), Charr? Piquigordo


Sterna paradisaea

Arctic Tern

Gaviot? ?tico (Arg, Uy, Cl), Charr? ?tico


Sterna sandvicensis

Sandwich Tern

Gaviot? pico negro (Arg), Charr? Patinegro, Pagaza puntiamarilla (Cr), Gaviota golondrina sandwiche (HN)


Sterna superciliaris

Yellow-billed Tern

Gaviot? chico com? (Arg), Charrancito Amaz?ico


Sterna trudeaui

Snowy-crowned Tern

Gaviot? lagunero (Arg), Charr? Coroniblanco


Sterna vittata

Antarctic Tern

Gaviot?/Charr? ant?tico (Arg, Cl, Uy),


Accipiter bicolor

Bicolored Hawk

Esparvero variado (Arg), Gavil? Bicolor(Esp)


Accipiter striatus

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Esparvero Com? (Arg), Gavil? Americano(Esp), Gavil? pajarero (Cr)


Buteo albicaudatus

White-tailed Hawk

Aguilucho alas largas (Arg), Busardo Coliblanco, Gavil? coliblanco (Cr), Gavil? coliblanco (HN)


Buteo magnirostris

Roadside Hawk

Taguat?com? (Arg), Busardo Caminero(Esp), Gavil? chapulinero (Cr), Gavil? collar negro (HN)


Buteo polyosoma

Red-backed Hawk

Aguilucho com? (Arg, Bo), Busardo Dorsirrojo


Buteogallus meridionalis

Savanna Hawk

Aguilucho colorado (Arg), Busardo Sabanero(Esp)


Buteogallus urubitinga

Great Black-Hawk

Aguila negra (Arg, Uy, Bo),Busardo-negroUrubitinga, Gavilan negro mayor (Cr)


Circus buffoni

Long-winged Harrier

Aguilucho Planeador (Arg)


Circus cinereus

Cinereous Harrier

Aguilucho Ceniciento (Arg)


Elanoides forficatus

Swallow-tailed Kite

Milano tijereta, Elanio tijereta (Cr), Gavil? tijerrilla (HN)


Elanus leucurus

White-tailed Kite

Elanio Maromero, Milano hombros negros (HN)


Geranoaetus melanoleucus

Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle

Aguila mora (Arg, Uy, Bo), ?uila Mora(Esp)


Geranospiza caerulescens

Crane Hawk

Gavil? patas largas (Arg), Azor Zanc?(Esp), Gavil? ranero (Cr)


Harpyhaliaetus coronatus

Crowned Eagle

Aguila coronada (Arg, Bo), ?uila de Azara


Pandion haliaetus


Aguila Pescadora


Parabuteo unicinctus

Harris's Hawk

Gavil? mixto (Arg, Uy, Bo), Busardo Mixto(esp), Gavil? alicasta? (Cr), Gavil? alirufa (HN)


Rostrhamus sociabilis

Snail Kite

Caracolero Com?, Elanio caracolero (Cr), Milano caracolero (HN)


Caracara plancus

Southern Caracara

Carancho (Arg, Bo), Caracara Carancho, Quebrantahuesos (HN)


Falco femoralis

Aplomado Falcon

Halc? plomizo (Arg), Halc? Aleto(Esp), Halc? aplomado (Cr)


Falco peregrinus

Peregrine Falcon

Halc? peregrino(Arg, Bo, Uy, Cl), Halc? peregrino


Falco sparverius

American Kestrel

Halconcito colorado (Arg, Bo), Cern?alo Americano, Lis lis (HN)


Milvago chimachima

Yellow-headed Caracara

Chimachima (Arg, Bo, Uy), Caracara Chimachima, Caracara cabecigualdo (Cr)


Milvago chimango

Chimango Caracara

Chimango (Arg, Bo, Uy), Caracara Chimango


Podiceps major

Great Grebe

Mac?grande (Arg, Uy, Bo), Somormujo Macach?


Podilymbus podiceps

Pied-billed Grebe

Maca de pico grueso, Zampull? Picogrueso, zambullidor Piquipinto (Cr), zambullidor pico rayado (HN)


Rollandia rolland

White-tufted Grebe

Mac?com? (Arg, Uy, Bo)


Anhinga anhinga


Aninga (Arg), Aninga Americana, Pato aguja (Cr)


Sula leucogaster @

Brown Booby

Piquero pardo (Arg, Uy), Piquero Pardo, Piqueero moreno (Cr), Bobo caf?(HN)


Phalacrocorax brasilianus

Neotropic Cormorant

Bigu?(Arg, Bo), Cormor? Neotropical


Ardea alba

Great Egret

Garza blanca (Arg, Bo), Garz? blanco (HN)


Ardea cocoi

Cocoi Heron

Garza mora (Arg, Bo, Uy), Garza Cuca


Botaurus pinnatus

Pinnated Bittern

Mirasol grande (Arg, Bo, Uy), Avetoro Mirasol, Avetoro neotropical (Cr), Avetoro coroninegra (HN)


Bubulcus ibis

Cattle Egret

Garcilla bueyera (Arg, Bo), Garcita bueyera (HN)


Butorides striatus

Striated Heron

Garcita Verdosa, Garcilla verde (Cr)


Egretta caerulea

Little Blue Heron

Garza/Garceta azul (Uy, Cl), Pato aguja (HN)


Egretta thula

Snowy Egret

Garcita blanca (Arg, Bo), Garceta nivosa (Cr), Garza nevada (HN)


Ixobrychus involucris

Stripe-backed Bittern

Avetorillo Listado


Nycticorax nycticorax

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Garza bruja (Arg, Uy), Martinete Com?, Martinete coroninegro, Garza nocturna corona negra (HN)


Syrigma sibilatrix

Whistling Heron

Chifl? (Arg,Bo), Garza Chiflona


Tigrisoma lineatum

Rufescent Tiger-Heron

Hoc?colorado (Arg,Bo), Avetigre Colorada, Garza- tigre de selva (Cr), Ajoque rojizo (HN)


Phoenicopterus chilensis

Chilean Flamingo

Flamenco austral (Arg), Flamenco Chileno


Ajaia ajaja

Roseate Spoonbill

Esp?ula rosada (Arg, Uy), Flamenco (HN)


Phimosus infuscatus

Whispering Ibis

Cuervillo cara pelada (Arg), Ibis Afeitado


Plegadis chihi

White-faced Ibis

Cuervillo de Ca?da (Arg, Bo), Morito Cariblanco, Ibis cariblanco (Cr)


Theristicus caudatus

Buff-necked Ibis

Bandurria com? (Arg, Bo)


Cathartes aura

Turkey Vulture

Oripopo cabeza colorada, Zopilote cabecirrojo (Cr), Aura Cabecirroja, Cute (HN)


Cathartes burrovianus

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture

Oripopo cabeza amarilla menor, Zopilote cabecigualdo (Cr)


Ciconia maguari

Maguari Stork

Cig?? americana (Arg, Bo), Cig?? Maguari


Coragyps atratus

Black Vulture

Oripopo cabeza negra, Zopilote negro (Cr), Flamenco (HN)


Jabiru mycteria


Yabir?(Arg, Bo), Jabir? Americano, jabir?(Cr)


Mycteria americana

Wood Stork

Tuyuy?(Arg, Bo), T?talo Americano, Cigue?n (Cr),


Fregata magnificens

Magnificent Frigatebird

Ave fragata (Arg, Cl), Rabihorcado Magn?ico, Rabihorcado magno (Cr), Fregata magnifica, Fragata o tijerilla (HN)


Aphrodroma brevirostris

Kerguelen Petrel

Petrel pizarra (Arg)


Calonectris diomedea

Cory's Shearwater

Pardela grande (Arg), Pardela Cenicienta


Daption capense

Cape Petrel

Petrel damero (Arg), Petrel Damero


Diomedea epomophora

Royal Albatross

Albatros real ( Arg, Uy, Cl)


Fregetta tropica

Black-bellied Storm-Petrel

Pai? vientre negro (Arg), Pa?o Ventrinegro


Fulmarus glacialoides

Southern Fulmar

Petrel plateado (Arg, Cl), Fulmar Austral


Macronectes giganteus

Antarctic Giant-Petrel

Petrel gigante com?, Abanto-marino Ant?tico


Oceanites oceanicus

Wilson's Storm-Petrel

Pai? com? (Arg), Pa?o de Wilson, Pai? de Wilson (Cr)


Pachyptila belcheri

Slender-billed Prion

Prion pico fino (Arg), Pato-petrel Picofino


Pachyptila desolata

Antarctic Prion

Prion pico grande (Arg), Pato-petrel Ant?tico


Pelagodroma marina

White-faced Storm-Petrel

Pai? cara blanca (Arg), Pa?o Pechialbo


Procellaria aequinoctialis

White-chinned Petrel

Petrel barba blanca (Arg), Pardela Gorgiblanca


Procellaria cinerea

Grey Petrel

Petrel ceniciento (Arg), Pardela gris


Puffinus gravis

Great Shearwater

Pardela cabeza negra (Arg), Pardela Capirotada


Puffinus griseus

Sooty Shearwater

Pardela oscura (Arg), Pardela Sombr?, Pardela sombr? (Cr), Pardela gris (HN)


Puffinus puffinus

Manx Shearwater

Pardela boreal (Arg), Pardela Pichoneta


Thalassarche melanophris

Black-browed Albatross

Albatros ceja negra, Albatros Ojeroso


Alectrurus risora

Strange-tailed Tyrant

Yetap?de collar (Arg)


Camptostoma obsoletum

Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet

Piojito silb? (Arg), Mosquerito silbador (Cr)


Elaenia albiceps

White-crested Elaenia

Fiof? silb? (Arg)


Elaenia parvirostris

Small-billed Elaenia

Fiof? pico corto (Arg)


Elaenia spectabilis

Large Elaenia

Fiof? grande (Arg)


Empidonomus varius

Variegated Flycatcher

Tuquito chorreado (Arg)


Euscarthmus meloryphus

Tawny-crowned Pygmy-Tyrant

Barullero (Arg)


Fluvicola pica

Pied Water-Tyrant

Viudita blanca (Arg)


Griseotyrannus aurantioatrocristatus

Crowned Slaty Flycatcher

Tuquito gris (Arg)


Hirundinea ferruginea

Cliff Flycatcher

Birro casta? (Arg)


Hymenops perspicillatus

Spectacled Tyrant

Pico de plata (Arg, Bo)


Knipolegus cyanirostris

Blue-billed Black-Tyrant


Knipolegus lophotes

Crested Black-Tyrant

Viudita negra de copete (Uy)


Lathrotriccus euleri

Euler's Flycatcher

Mosqueta parda (Arg)


Lessonia rufa

Patagonian Negrito

Sobrepuesto (Arg), Negrito (Bo, Uy)


Machetornis rixosus

Cattle Tyrant

Picabuey (Arg)


Myiarchus swainsoni

Swainson's Flycatcher

Burlisto pico canela (Arg)


Myiodynastes maculatus

Streaked Flycatcher

Benteveo rayado (Arg, Bo, Uy), Mosquero listado (Cr), Chilero rayado (HN)


Myiophobus fasciatus

Bran-colored Flycatcher

Mosqueta chorreada (Arg), Mosquerito pechirrayado (Cr)


Pachyramphus polychopterus

White-winged Becard

Anamb?com? (Arg, Uy), Cabez? aliblanco (Cr)


Pachyramphus viridis

Green-backed Becard

Anamb?verdoso (Arg, Bo)


Phylloscartes ventralis

Mottle-cheeked Tyrannulet

Mosqueta com? (Arg)


Phytotoma rutila

White-tipped Plantcutter

Cortarramas (Arg, Bo)


Pitangus sulphuratus

Great Kiskadee

Benteveo (Arg, Bo, Cl), Bienteveo grande (Cr), Cristofu?(HN)


Polystictus pectoralis

Bearded Tachuri

Tachur?canela (Arg)


Pseudocolopteryx flaviventris

Warbling Doradito

Doradito com? (Arg, Bo)


Pyrocephalus rubinus

Vermilion Flycatcher

Churrinche (Arg, Uy), Mosquerito rojo (HN)


Satrapa icterophrys

Yellow-browed Tyrant

Suirir?amarillo (Arg)


Serpophaga nigricans

Sooty Tyrannulet

Piojito gris (Arg, Bo)


Serpophaga subcristata

White-crested Tyrannulet

Piojito com? (Arg)


Sublegatus modestus

Southern Scrub-Flycatcher

Surir?pico corto (Arg), Mosquero gorgigr? (Cr)


Suiriri suiriri

Chaco Suiriri

Suirir?com? (Arg, Bo)


Tachuris rubrigastra

Many-colored Rush-Tyrant

Tachur?sietecolores (Arg)


Tyrannus melancholicus

Tropical Kingbird

Suirir?grande (Arg, Bo),Tirano tropical (Cr), Chilero tropical (HN)


Tyrannus savana

Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Tijereta (Arg, Bo, Uy), Tijereta sabanera (Cr), Tijereta cabecinegra (HN)


Xolmis cinerea

Grey Monjita

Monjita cenicienta (Arg)


Xolmis coronata

Black-crowned Monjita

Monjita coronada (Arg)


Xolmis dominicana

Black-and-white Monjita

Monjita dominicana (Arg)


Xolmis irupero

White Monjita

Monjita blanca (Arg, Bo)


Xolmis rufiventris

Chocolate-vented Tyrant

Chocolate (Arg)


Thamnophilus caerulescens

Variable Antshrike

Batar?o Choca com? (Arg)


Thamnophilus ruficapillus

Rufous-capped Antshrike

Batar?pardo (Arg, Bo)


Anumbius annumbi


Le?tero o A?nbi (Arg)


Asthenes baeri

Short-billed Canastero

Canastero chaque? (Arg)


Asthenes hudsoni

Hudson's Canastero

Canastero manchado pajizo (Arg)


Asthenes pyrrholeuca

Lesser Canastero

Canastero coludo (Arg, Bo)


Certhiaxis cinnamomea

Yellow-chinned Spinetail

Curuti?rojizo (Arg, Bo)


Cinclodes fuscus

Bar-winged Cinclodes

Remolinera com? (Arg)


Coryphistera alaudina

Lark-like Brushrunner

Espinero crestudo (Arg)


Cranioleuca pyrrhophia

Stripe-crowned Spinetail

Curuti?de cabeza estriada (Arg)


Cranioleuca sulphurifera

Sulphur-bearded Spinetail

Curuti?ocr?eo (Arg)


Drymornis bridgesii

Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper

Chinchero grande (Arg)


Furnarius rufus

Rufous Hornero

Hornero com? (Arg, Bo)


Geositta cunicularia

Common Miner

Caminera com? (Arg, Bo)


Lepidocolaptes angustirostris

Narrow-billed Woodcreeper

Chinchero chico (Arg)


Leptasthenura platensis

Tufted Tit-Spinetail


Limnornis curvirostris

Curve-billed Reedhaunter

Pareja de pico curvo (Arg, Uy)


Limnornis rectirostris

Straight-billed Reedhaunter

Pajera de pico recto (Arg, Uy)


Phacellodomus dorsalis

Chestnut-backed Thornbird


Phacellodomus erythrophthalmus

Red-eyed Thornbird


Phacellodomus ruber

Greater Thornbird

Espinero grande


Phacellodomus sibilatrix

Little Thornbird

Espinero chico (Arg, Uy)


Phacellodomus striaticollis

Freckle-breasted Thornbird

Espinero de pecho manchado (Arg, Bo)


Phleocryptes melanops

Wren-like Rushbird

Junquero (Arg, Uy)


Pseudoseisura lophotes

Brown Cacholote

Cacholote casta? (Arg)


Schoeniophylax phryganophila

Chotoy Spinetail

Chotoy (Arg, Uy)


Spartonoica maluroides

Bay-capped Wren-Spinetail

Canastero enano (Arg, Uy)


Synallaxis albescens

Pale-breasted Spinetail

Piju?com? de cola parda (Arg), Arquitecto g?? (Cr)


Synallaxis cinerascens

Grey-bellied Spinetail

Piju?ceniciento (Arg)


Synallaxis frontalis

Sooty-fronted Spinetail

Piju?com? de cola rojiza (Arg, Bo)


Synallaxis spixi

Chicli Spinetail



Syndactyla rufosuperciliata

Buff-browed Foliage-gleaner

Ticotico com? (Arg)


Upucerthia certhioides

Chaco Earthcreeper

Bandurrita enana (Arg)


Upucerthia dumetaria

Scale-throated Earthcreeper

Bandurrita com? (Arg, Bo)


Cyclarhis gujanensis

Rufous-browed Peppershrike

Juan chiviro (Arg, Uy, Bo), Vire? cejirrufo (Cr), Vireo cejirrufa (HN)


Vireo olivaceus

Red-eyed Vireo

Chiv?com? (Arg), Vireo Ojirrojo


Cyanocorax chrysops

Plush-crested Jay

Urraca com? (Arg, Bo)


Cyanocorax cyanomelas

Purplish Jay

Urraca morada (Arg, Bo, Uy)


Turdus amaurochalinus

Creamy-bellied Thrush

Zorzal chalchalero (Arg)


Turdus rufiventris

Rufous-bellied Thrush

Zorzal colorado (Arg)


Dumetella carolinensis

Grey Catbird

P?aro-gato ggr? (Cr), Sinsontle (HN)


Mimus saturninus

Chalk-browed Mockingbird

Calandria com? (Arg, Bo, Uy)


Mimus triurus

White-banded Mockingbird

Calandria real (Arg, Bo)


Cistothorus platensis

Sedge Wren

Ratona aperdizada (Arg), Soterrey sabanero (Cr), Colchonero sabanero (HN)


Polioptila dumicola

Masked Gnatcatcher

Tacuarita azul (Arg, Bo)


Troglodytes aedon

House Wren

Ratona com? (Arg, Bo), Soterrey cucarachero (Cr), cucarachero (HN)


Hirundo rustica

Barn Swallow

Golondrina tijerita (Arg), Golondrina Com?, Golondrina tijereta (Cr), Golondrna tijereta rojiza (HN)


Notiochelidon cyanoleuca

Blue-and-white Swallow

Golondrina barranquera (Arg), Golondrina azul y blanco (Cr)


Petrochelidon pyrrhonota

Cliff Swallow

Golondrina rabadilla canela (Arg), Golondrina Risquera, Golondrina de alcantarilla (HN)


Progne chalybea

Grey-breasted Martin

Golondrina dom?tica (Arg), Mart? pechigr? (Cr), Golondrina pechigris (HN)


Progne modesta

Southern Martin

Golondrina negra (Arg, Bo, Uy, Cl)


Progne tapera

Brown-chested Martin

Golondrina parda (Arg, Uy)


Riparia riparia

Sand Martin

Golondrina zapadora (Arg, Bo), Avi? Zapador, Golondrina ribere? (Cr)


Stelgidopteryx fucata

Tawny-headed Swallow

Golondrina cabeza rojiza (Arg)


Stelgidopteryx ruficollis

Southern Rough-winged Swallow

Golondrina ribera? (Arg), Golondrina alirrasposa sure? (Cr), Golondrina sure? (HN)


Tachycineta leucorrhoa

White-rumped Swallow

Golondrina ceja blanca (Arg)


Tachycineta meyeni

Chilean Swallow

Golondrina patag?ica (Arg, Bo)


Anthus correndera

Correndera Pipit

Cachirla com? (Arg, Bo)


Anthus furcatus

Short-billed Pipit

Cachirla u? corta (Arg, Bo)


Anthus hellmayri

Hellmayr's Pipit

Cachirla p?ida (Arg, Bo)


Anthus lutescens

Yellowish Pipit

Cachirla chica (Arg, Bo)


Passer domesticus

House Sparrow

Gorri? Com?


Agelaius flavus

Saffron-cowled Blackbird

Tordo amarillo (Arg)


Agelaius ruficapillus

Chestnut-capped Blackbird

Varillero (Arg)


Agelaius thilius

Yellow-winged Blackbird

Varillero ala amarilla (Arg)


Amblycercus holosericeus

Yellow-billed Cacique

Federal (Arg, Uy, Bo), Cacique picoplata (Cr), cacique piquiamarillo (HN)


Ammodramus humeralis

Grassland Sparrow

Cachilo ceja amarilla (Arg)


Basileuterus culicivorus

Golden-crowned Warbler

Ara?ro com? (Arg), Reinita coronidorada (Cr)


Basileuterus leucoblepharus

White-browed Warbler

Ara?ro silb? (Arg)


Cacicus chrysopterus

Golden-winged Cacique

Boyero de alas amarillas (Arg, Bo, Uy)


Cacicus solitarius

Solitary Cacique

Boyero negro (Arg, Bo)


Carduelis carduelis

European Goldfinch

Jilguero europeo (Arg), Jilguero


Carduelis chloris

European Greenfinch

Verder? (Arg, Uy), Verder? Com?


Carduelis magellanica

Hooded Siskin

Cabecitanegra com? (Arg, Bo))


Chlorospingus ophthalmicus

Common Bush-Tanager

Fruterito yungue? (Arg), Tangara de monte ojeruda (Cr), Tanagra (HN)


Coryphospingus cucullatus

Red-crested Finch

Brasita de fuego (Arg, Bo)


Cyanocompsa brissonii

Ultramarine Grosbeak

Reina mora grande (Arg)


Cyanoloxia glaucocaerulea

Indigo Grosbeak

Reina mora chica (Arg)


Donacospiza albifrons

Long-tailed Reed-Finch

Cachilo canela (Arg)


Embernagra platensis

Great Pampa-Finch

Verd? (Arg, Bo)


Geothlypis aequinoctialis

Masked Yellowthroat

Ara?ro cara negra (Arg, Bo), Antifacito sure? (Cr)


Gnorimopsar chopi

Chopi Blackbird

Chop?(Arg, Bo)


Gubernatrix cristata

Yellow Cardinal

Cardenal amarillo (Arg)


Haplospiza unicolor

Uniform Finch

Afrechero plomizo (Arg)


Icterus cayanensis

Epaulet Oriole

Boyerito (Arg)


Leistes superciliaris

White-browed Blackbird

Pecho colorado chico (Arg, Uy)


Molothrus bonariensis

Shiny Cowbird

Tordo renegrido (Arg, Bo), Tordo Lustroso


Molothrus rufoaxillaris

Screaming Cowbird

Tordo pico corto (Arg, Uy, Bo)


Oreopsar badius

Bay-winged Cowbird

Tordo m?ico (Arg, Uy)


Paroaria capitata

Yellow-billed Cardinal

Cardenilla (Arg)


Paroaria coronata

Red-crested Cardinal

Cardenal (Arg, Bo)


Parula pitiayumi

Tropical Parula

Pitiayum?(Arg, Bo, Uy), Parula tropical (Cr)


Phrygilus fruticeti

Mourning Sierra-Finch

Yal negro (Arg, Bo)


Pipraeidea melanonota

Fawn-breasted Tanager

Viuva (Arg, Uy)


Piranga flava

Hepatic Tanager

Fueguero com? (Arg, Bo), Tangara bermeja (Cr), Tanagra hep?ica (HN)


Poospiza cinerea

Cinereous Warbling-Finch

Monterita cabeza negra (Arg, Bo, Uy)


Poospiza lateralis

Red-rumped Warbling-Finch

Monterita rabadilla casta? (Arg)


Poospiza nigrorufa

Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch

Sietevestidos (Arg, Uy)


Pseudoleistes guirahuro

Yellow-rumped Marshbird

Pecho amarillo grande (Arg)


Pseudoleistes virescens

Brown-and-yellow Marshbird

Pecho amarillo chico (Arg)


Saltator aurantiirostris

Golden-billed Saltator

Pepitero de collar (Arg)


Saltator coerulescens

Greyish Saltator

Pepitero gris (Arg, Bo), Saltator gris?eo (Cr)


Saltator similis

Green-winged Saltator

Pepitero verdoso (Arg, Bo)


Saltatricula multicolor

Many-colored Chaco-Finch

Pepitero chico (Arg, Bo)


Sicalis flaveola

Saffron Finch

Jilguero com? (Arg), Pinz? Azafr?


Sicalis luteola

Grassland Yellow-Finch

Misto (Arg, Uy), Chirig? sabanero (Cr), Pinz? amarillo (HN)


Sporophila caerulescens

Double-collared Seedeater

Corbatita com? (Arg, Bo)


Sporophila collaris

Rusty-collared Seedeater

Corbatita domin?(Arg)


Sporophila hypoxantha

Tawny-bellied Seedeater

Capuchino canela (Arg)


Sporophila palustris

Marsh Seedeater

Capuchino pecho blanco (Arg)


Sporophila ruficollis

Dark-throated Seedeater

Capuchino garganta caf?(Arg)


Stephanophorus diadematus

Diademed Tanager

Frutero azul (Arg)


Sturnella militaris

Pampas Meadowlark

Pecho colorado mediano (Arg), Tordo pechirrojo (Cr)


Tachyphonus rufus

White-lined Tanager

Frutero negro (Arg), Tangara forriblanca (Cr)


Tangara preciosa

Chestnut-backed Tanager

Tangar?casta? (Arg)


Thraupis bonariensis

Blue-and-yellow Tanager

Naranjero (Arg, Bo, Uy, Cl)


Thraupis sayaca

Sayaca Tanager

Celestino (Arg)


Volatinia jacarina

Blue-black Grassquit

Volatinero (Arg), Semillerito negro azulado (Cr), Arrocerito azul-negruzco (HN)


Zonotrichia capensis

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Chingolo (Arg, Bo), Pinz? collar rojizo (HN)


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